9 thoughts on “Israeli Police Join Settler Pogrom at Anatot, 23 Israeli, Palestinian Activists Injured – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. And the purpose of this idiocy is to … improve the security of Israel? Or just annoy everyone else in the world and put Israel in an even more untenable position as a pariah state? Sorry, Richard, but this stuff just brings my sarcasm to the fore. Annoys the blazes out of me.

  2. You’re taking the effect and making it the cause. Bad logic and even worse manners.

    If the police joined in with the Anatot residents, dollars to donuts the protesters were guilty of incitement.

    All these acts of incitement do nothing but increase hatred. Your article, too, is further incitement.


    1. I agree. Yr right wing stupidity is disgusting. If someone cracked yr skull open as they did the Palestinian owner of that land they might knock some sense into it & you’d also know what it’s like to have been pummeled to within an inch of one’s life as he was by your right wing thug friends. But I doubt your brain is capable of having any sense knocked into it. You are an empty hearted brute.

  3. Zionism is not Judaism. Zionism is colonial imperialism disguised as an honorable Jewish movement. Ironically, the Zionist want to reestablish their lost land but their immoral actions will bring it’s destruction. The law of karma is not on the side of Zionist. Leave Judaism alone. Respect the Torah.

    1. The laws of “karma”….. We need to laugh ? A pro terrorist Bouddhist…. You need to consult your dalai lama…

    2. You need to believe this nonsense about Zionism not being Judaism. You might as well claim that water is not wet.

      You are correct about one thing: We MUST respect Torah and follow ALL its injunctions.

      Start by rejecting dhimmitude and removing the hostile Muslims, and those who champion and facilitate their cause, from OUR land.

      It is an inevitable scientific fact that the Temple will be built on Har Habayit. The day we begin work will be the first day of genuine peace. May that work begin swiftly and soon.

  4. Looking at the comments above, what is most shameful is the prevailing double standard among the today’s zionists. The only democracy in the Middle East is an illusion. There is an absence of understanding that a pluralistic society is an inherent element in democracy.

    Thank you Richard for your site. It’s a light in the dark.

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