4 thoughts on “Settlers Burn Palestinian Fields: ‘In Blood and Fire Shall Judea Rise’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Maybe things have changed, but when I spent time in Israel in the ’80s, it seemed obvious that they lived on the produce of Palestinians fields.

  2. The site of burning olive trees in the Holy Land brings tears to even the hardest person.

    This and you expect the PA to negotiate or to trust the GOI? Can the GOI not control its own people? If not the GOI, then who? Certainly this is not the work of official policy? Is no one responsible?

    “I see the parchment burning, but the letters are flying to heaven.”

    Here, even smoke will not solve the problem or make it go away.

  3. The slogan ” בדם ואש יהודה נפלה, בדם ואש יהודה תקום” did not belong and was not originated by Beytar.
    This was the slogan of “Hashomer”

    It appeared first in 1903 in a song written by Yaccov Cohen after the Kishinev pogrom named “קמנו שבנו” and was later adopted by the “Hashomer” as their slogan.

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