13 thoughts on “Palestine Spring, Bibi’s Winter of Discontent – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I listened to BB’s speech (most of it).
    Its pretty much the same 30-years-old (or even more) propaganda tactics…we are so small…so vulnerable…we want peace…but we must have better borders just so we will be able to defend ourselves…its only security…
    The of course is the 4,000 years story…it used to be 2,000 then it moved to 3,000 and now its 4,000.
    I can’t believe this material is still being recycled over and over again.

    OS (one state) solution seem like the most simple and just way forward. Shame that the criminals from the West require more ME wars for the interests of the empire. Israel will provide for that (as usual). And that has always been the game (from the days of BG up to BB).

  2. Great post! I especially liked:
    “In fact, Palestinians leaders and even some religious settlers envision a future in which Jews may live within Palestine as long as they take Palestinian citizenship and accept Palestinian sovereignty. I only wish Israel’s leaders would do the same for Palestinian refugees seeking to return to their historic homeland.”

    Just one thing. Sumeria should be Samaria.

  3. So three notables got up and gave a speech, and only one of them even mentioned that there is a military occupation taking place, one that has lasted 44 years with no end in sight.

    Which means, of course, that only one of those three notables has any credibility at all, because how can you honestly talk about this conflict WITHOUT mentioning the occupation?

    The only thing wrong with Abbas’ speech is that he was too fair to the Israel “settlers”.

    Give them their proper definition: they are IDF camp-followers and Israeli carpet-baggers.

    At least that might resonate with the American public, because regardless of their (lack of) knowledge of this conflict the American public certainly know what a carpet-bagger is….

  4. RE: “Jacob and his 12 sons roamed these same hills of Judea and Sumeria 4,000 years ago, and there’s been a continuous Jewish presence in the land ever since.” ~ Netanyahu

    MY COMMENT: Netanyahu, Lieberman & Co. were very upset by Obama’s having referred to the Holocaust, etc. as justifying Israel’s existence in his June 2009 Cairo speech. For instance, see this rant by Melanie Phillips on 6/04/09. – http://www.spectator.co.uk/melaniephillips/3670626/obama-in-cairo.thtml
    I have spent a lot of time wondering why they were so upset by Obama’s referring to the Holocaust, etc. Apparently it is because the Holocaust, etc. might well justify the existence of Israel, but they fear it does not necessarily justify Israel’s absorption of “Judea and Samaria” [a/k/a the “disputed” West Bank (f/k/a the occupied West Bank)]. Consequently, they want the “Biblical narrative” used to justify Israel’s existence because they see it as being more specific to “Judea and Samaria”.
    By referring to Israel as the ‘historic homeland’ of ‘the Jewish people’ in his recent speech to the U.N. Gen’l Assembly, Obama has – for the settlers in the West Bank and their supporters – acknowledged that “Judea and Samaria” are a legitimate part of Israel.

    1. That is interesting. It is true that some Israeli’s are outraged when the Holocaust is mentioned as a reason for the creation of the state of Israel. (But then they turn around and use the arguments themselves when it suits them.)

  5. Are we going to have your analysis of Mr. Abbas’s speach ?
    Was his depiction of the conflict and current reality so accurate.
    Do your readers know that before the last intifada there were no checkpoints and the Palestinians enjoyed a de facto free movement all over the west bank and in Israel itself ?
    The checkpoints and the wall are a protective measures after so many Israeli victims. Of course no palestinians acts of terror have been mentioned.
    Mr. Silverstein : Is the fear that the same scenario that took place in Gaza ( The territory being given to the PA and than the radicals, Hamas, take over and launch missiles towards Israel ) will repeat itself in the west bank so far fetched ?

    1. First, your comment is off topic. Stay on topic & read the comment rules.

      Second, we’ve already been over & over the issue of the Wall & it certainly is not a protective measure since any Palestinian who wants to can cross the Green Line at thousands of places (& hundreds if not thousands of Palestinians do that every day to work inside Israel) where there is no Wall.

      The Gaza issue has also been endlessly debated & others before have tried to mount the tedid argument you have. Pls. don’t repeat arguments that’ve already been beaten like a dead horse here. But mainly stay on topic. Then you won’t be diverted by all these side issues.

  6. Times have changed ?
    Wishfull thinking at best.
    Syria and Bahrain sit in the UN human rights commity, while they are busy killing and violatingevery kind ofright known to humans.
    The Sauds sit there too, while they do not allow by law any religous building other than mosques. No Church to be found in the wholecountry.
    In addition a woman isnot allowed to walkthe street alone, nor drive a car.

  7. Bibi’s speech implements his well-earned freedom of having no credibility left to lose.

    Obama’s speech seems to be advancing efforts towards a similar freedom.

  8. I am always lost when Israel invokes the deadly array of foes facing the state. What are these forces arrayed against Israel, ready to march into Israel and throw Israelis into the sea,? Is the IDF worried about the advanced weaponry of the Palestinian Air Force? Do they quake in their boots imagining the high tech of the Palestine Tank Corps? Who is going to bury Israel anyway?

    I have the impression that the settlers are encouraged to assault Palestinians and their property. Is this right?

  9. and if the Holocaust argument for Israel really strikes a nerve with the right wingers eyeing the West Bank, we would all be well-advised to repeat the argument at every instance, to make ever more of a commonplace! It’s an odd sort of defense, but might actually help.

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