3 thoughts on “Can J Street Smear and Not Pay a Price? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. To be honest, I know next to nothing about jewish-american internal politics, nor do I care.
    However I can relate, since hard leftists here in israel get the same treatment from moderate leftists, who think they can sell us off to appease the center. Shelly Yechimovich, whom I can only describe as a national socialist, is a good example.
    I hope you make them rue the day.

    I really hope you are not actually considering referring to rabbies. This will make you, how they say, a crazy person.

  2. There will be conflict between you and J Street as long as you claim to be a zionist. As long as you claim to be a zionist, J Street will see you as competition. So far, you have lacked the courage to come out of the closet as an anti-zionist. The people you cite, MAx Blumenthal, Phil Wiess, Gabirel Ash would be horrified to be called zionists. Once you can face your real identity, you will have no conflict with J Street

    1. you have lacked the courage

      Don’t you dare talk to me of “lacking courage.” When you face what I do on a daily basis then you can talk. Till then…

      As for Phil, Max and Gabriel Ash, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not them & they know it. But I haven’t noticed them demanding any anti Zionist litmus test before being associated w them. Nor have they accused me of betraying the anti Zionist cause as you & others have.

      As for facing my real identity, I embrace it. It just isn’t yours.

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