12 thoughts on “Israeli MK Ahmed Tibi Criticizes Jesse Jackson Jr’s Participation in Aipac Junket – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I cannot figure out J-Street. They seem to be having some kind of an identity crisis. Sometimes they seem very principled; at other times they behave like they’re the Ladies’ Auxiliary to AIPAC. Schizoid . . .

    1. “Ladies auxiliary.” NICE. Exactly. Pretty hats, nice dresses, but not a word out of place. AND why? FUNDING.

      BUT ALSO: “liberal” USA’s new “style” of top-down protest movements where the soldiers never get to send listened-to messages up to the officers. J-Street does as its maximo jefe wises, whether for his own ideological reasons or those of his funders.


  2. If Richard had been making fun of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney instead of young Jesse Jackson, do you seriously think that white Zionists would be lining up to scold him for racial insensitivity?

    This is how the game works: if you support the Zionist state, anything goes. You get your money and you get defended against all attacks, no matter what you do or how stupid you are.

    If you criticize the Zionist state (and any kind of support for Palestinians equals criticism) you are bad, you are a target, and they will take you down.

    It is a scandal, an embarrassment, for any member of the Congressional Black Caucus to go to Israel and praise any aspect of that apartheid state. It is astonishing that some of these politicians, wrapping themselves in the mantle of MLK’s non violence, criticize the Palestinian resistance at the same time they ignore Israeli state violence against the Palestinians on a continuous basis.

    1. Sure, the Zionist lackeys will take down anyone supporting anything connected with the well-being of Palestinians. Obama is taking up Bibi’s work because he can’t face the consequences if he does not, not because he thinks the Zionists are right. Bit. wouldn’t it be better for America if Obama openly defied AIPAC at the very last minute? Certainly his political life would be at an end, but the body blow to AIPAC would resonant for a very long time and draw a lot of interest and attention. It would change the game. Just one of my daydreams.

  3. Funny, the MK who was part of an Arabic MK delegation who traveled to Libya to kiss the ass of the world champion of human rights, Qaddafi, is passing criticism over congress members visit to Israel.
    Those who live in a house of glass, located in Libya, should go and sit shamed in the corner.

    1. As opposed to Bibi kissing the asses of the leaders of Bulgaria & Romania in return for a no vote in the UN? Shall we compare how many dictators’ asses Bibi’s kissed compared to Tibi?? Shall we?

      The delegation was not “Arabic” but “Arab.” In English, Arabic is a language.

      1. Richard this is hasbarah 101. When ever Israel is accused of something you are quick to point out that the pro Israel crowd will pull a switch rather than answer the point. Here you are doing the same thing. Saying that Bib has kissed up to a bunch of dictators doesn’t make Tibi’s ass kissing of Gehdaffi any better.

        1. Why is it when a relatively powerless Israeli Palestinian leader does something Israeli Jews don’t like his sins are egregious. But when an infinitely more powerful Israeli Jewish leader commits sins scores of times worse the sin is less troubling?

          When Israel as a state respects its Israeli Palestinian citizens, fully empowers them & grants them equal rights to Israeli Jews then I’ll get into high dudgeon when an Ahmad Tibi goes to Tripoli. Till then, I’d rather focus on the power ball played by Israeli Jewish powerbrokers, the ones who have the real power.

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