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  1. Prime Minister Netanyahu is no fascist. He is doing a very good job as leader of the State of Israel. Glad that people have seen through this opportunistic photoshopping.

    1. I understand your distaste & wish I didn’t feel the need to display all three. But since I thought the crime involved in the hoax was so outrageous I felt it was important to convey the full nastiness of it, which included those pictures.

  2. Posting those pictures say more than anything someone can comment.
    I don’t think I’m going to respond in this blog anymore.

    1. @ Free man
      It’s not that your comments have been very constructive, anyway.
      Wonder if you’d had the same reaction if it were photos of Arafat in the same clothing.

  3. So your entire post and allegations are based on the fact that someone used the term “Citizen’s Treasury” ?

    however if you would bother checking the blog, which is available (still) using google cache, you will see that such a term isn’t even mentioned there.

    It states: “אנו, לב ליבה של העוצר האזרחי העצום ההולך ומתפשט במדינת ישראל דורשים את הבאתו לדין של מר בנימין נתניהו,”

    “we, the heart of Otzer Ezrachi… “(which is the name of the blog)
    and that can’t be mistaken for “Citizen’s Treasury” Because in Hebrew it will be spelled: “אוצר אזרחי” and not “עוצר אזרחי”
    עוצר= curfew, אוצר= Treasure / Treasury, the name of the blog and the passage you quote is Citizens Curfew and not Citizens Treasury.

    This is not the first time you provide the wrong translation to Hebrew words, seems like you got lost in translation again.

    @ Freeman, don’t be a wimp, Haaretz published the same pictures on their site. What do you want from Silverstein ?

    1. Big deal. As I noted in my correction, you yrself mistranslated the word to mean “curfew,” when in context it means “arrest.” I’ve noted my original error & corrrected it. In fact, the phrase “citizen’s arrest” makes my overall pt about the fakery of the entire enterprise even better than the phrase as I had it mistranslated. So thanks for correcting my error. You should, however be a tad less pompous in doing so & make allowance for the fact that you don’t know English well enough to fully & properly translate the word (& I concede that when translating tens of thousands of words from Hebrew for this blog I will make an error or two which I will gladly correct when told).

      1. The more you argue about Hebrew translations, the clearer it is that despite your claims, you do not speak Hebrew.
        מאסר = arrest, עוצר = curfew
        you are butchering the Hebrew language and banding it to fit your agenda.

        1. As I wrote, you need to take it up w. the charlatan who wrote the original statement, which clearly translated should be “citizen’s arrest” as there is no such phrase as “citizen’s curfew” which has real meaning in either English or Hebrew. Unlike you, when I translate I attempt to glean what the author’s original meaning was so that I don’t make him look like a fool. Since you are a fool & insufferable one at that, you clearly don’t care about making the author you translate a fool along with you.

          1. In Dimi Reider’s piece in 972mag, the phrase is translated as “civil curfew”

            The whole phrase in his piece reads:

            “‘the immense civil curfew spreading across Israel…”

            as opposed to yours which reads:

            “the immense, expanding citizen’s arrest [movement] of the State of Israel…”

            I am not making any judgement about either translation, as I do not speak Hebrew. I just wanted to share the information.

          2. You’ve merely quoted one phrase of the entire passage, which overall clearly is based on the idea that the citizens of Israel should arrest, try & judge Bibi & his government. That is why the meaning of the phrase is “citizen’s arrest” and not “curfew.” As I also wrote, it appears that the person who wrote this may either not be a native speaker or may have simply made an error. There is no other meaningful context for the translation “curfew” and the concept of a ‘civil curfew spreaking across Israel’ is meaningless.

      2. The more you argue about Hebrew translations, the clearer it is that despite your claims, you do not speak Hebrew.
        מאסר = arrest, עוצר = curfew
        you are butchering the Hebrew language and banding it to fit your agenda.
        the term can be translated to citizen halt, stop or curfew, it doesn’t mean arrest.

          1. I Think that he probably thinks of Citizen Arrest, but in any case his translation is wrong, and there is a huge leap between עוצר and מעצר

            Since the phrase citizen treasury was what he was basing his allegations on, i don’t think he has any substance.

            Displaying Bibi’s picture in SS uniforms, though done by calcalist haaretz and others, is really repulsive.

          2. Nudnik has, I’m afraid, gone the way of so many others before him. She’s written to me repetitively accusing me of having no knowledge of Hebrew. After a warning that I didn’t take such a claim lightly & a warning she repeated it. As the comment rules make clear, anyone who attempts to disseminate lies here (that is, statements they have been told are false & repeat anyway) stands the chance of losing their comment privileges as she has.

            And then after I told her she’d be banned she let loose a torrent of four ltr words & other abuse & closed by accusing me of lacking derech eretz (‘civility”). Nice.

          3. I didn’t confuse anything. Clearly if you read the Hebrew they intended the meaning “arrest” & not “curfew.” “Citizen’s Curfew” is gobbledygook in English & Hebrew. Perhaps Hubert isn’t a native Hebrew speaker & he used the wrong word. Take it up with him or whichever one of his buddies was responsible for this monstrosity.

          4. I realized above that I referenced Dimi Reider’s 972mag article on this topic without providing a link.

            He seems to have latched on to the same odd usage of the phrase in question, but the translation of it in his article appears to be “civil curfew” rather than “citizen’s arrest”.


            In any case, I hope that someone can get to the bottom of who was behind this ugliness with some conclusive proof so that those responsible can be exposed for their mendacity.

          5. If someone were to write the Hebrew equivalent of “pink underwhere” & I translated that literally into English I’d be doing a disservice to the original author & any English reader who wanted to understand the original Hebrew. That’s why I translate a source in context rather than slavishly translating the precise (& wrong) words they might’ve used. The translation has to make sense in the secondary language (in this case, English). Now, I suppose I could say that the original author made a nonsensical choice of words in the original Hebrew. But it’s clear to any reasonable person what this hoaxster author meant to say & it was “arrest” not “curfew.” Let’s have this be the end of the conversation. Too many words have been wasted on it already.

  4. Several comments:

    This is not the first time itamar shealtiel publishes false stories. The same thing happened a couple of months ago with shealtiels claims regarding ronen shuval. Obviously shaltiel has a serious reliability problem. The fact that both haaretz and activimus pulled down the story means that it doesn’t hold water.

    calcalist article


    kabir article


    1. No, you’re wrong. There was nothing wrong with his reporting on the business dealings of Shoval’s father & the fact that there was some dealing with Iran in violation of sanctions. The fact that like father, like son they each threaten libel whenever something unpalatable is written about them indicates they’ve cowed & intimidated publications which either don’t have the means to defend themselves or don’t choose to do so but do have the means (like Haaretz).

      The Calcalist story merely stated that Hubert apparently isn’t the author of the sites. But the reporter gave no convincing proof of this other than Hubert’s denial, which doesn’t satisfy me in the least. So I would continue to stand by the claim that Hubert or the current owner of the company is the likely author unless/until they present convincing evidence of who else is.

      The fact that Activismos pulled the article doens’t mean it’s wrong. It merely means they chose not to get into a libel case w. Hubert. But you may contact them & tell them the story lives here & will not be taken down unless they can prove who controls the websites & who specifically published the hoax (if it wasn’t them).

  5. Why all the fuss about a few words. The site is clearly a fraud and Richard has read these tea leaves correctly. Some far right trickster thinks they can pass off this stuff. Most people intuitively sense the falseness of the statements, the irrelevance of the photos to the issues, etc. Keep up the good work.

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