7 thoughts on “Bibi: ‘Entire Middle East Shakes…Except Israel’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. With respect to elections, recent polls have indicated Kadima losing seats. This movement seems to have actually hit them the hardest (polls are mixed on Likud). There is virtually no chance that Livni could get elected PM any time soon. Although, things can change very quickly. I am glad to read of your posts in support of this movement. What will their efforts bring, do you think?

    1. I don’t know what J14 will bring. I’m jaded enough to have seen many such movements in the past which evaporated like a spring rain. Peace Now was one & there have been others. But I still think overall it’s an excellent development. It will open up political discussion at a time when such debate was stifiled within the country. Much needed.

  2. Why do you think that even if Kadima wins they would be able to form a coalition ?
    The won the last elections, and was unable to form a coalition, Livini doesn’t get the support of the religious groups.
    After the current financial news from the US would sink in (dow lost 510 points when i write this, a drop of 150 points after Obama’s speak – a huge vote of confidence in the president.) people in Israel would realize that increasing the national deficit isn’t the greatest idea of them all.

    The financial future of the Israeli middle class is problematic, unless everyone living in Israel would pay their fair share. At the current stage of affairs, there is 40% of the society who don’t. This is somewhat harsh, but true reality.

    1. I don’t think Kadima will win. But even if they do, it won’t matter because essentially they will be little removed from Likud.

      a huge vote of confidence in the president

      You’re revealing further ignorance of U.S. politics. A poll published three days ago showed that 82% blamed Congress (i.e. the Republicans) for the budget debacle. CONGRESS, you understand. NOT the president. You do understand there are separate branches, right. And that the Congress is not the president? And that if they blame Congress and not said president that they will hold it against the Republicans, and not Obama for the failure.

      Not that I think Obama is blameless. He was spineless & his lapse of leadership is unforgivable. But blame for this accrues much more to the right than the left.

      This is somewhat harsh, but true reality.

      The moment you claim something is “true” and “reality,” we know to believe precisely the opposite. Sad but true (for you).

      1. Since on a different thread you stated the debt is off topic, i will not divulge into it any longer… Just do yourself a favor check more then the usual leftist polls you usually check, Rasmussen shows a steady declined in the president support.

        As for your next claim, excuse me, can you refute the fact that 40% of the Israeli citizen to not contribute their fair share of the social burden ? please provide a link or two supporting your ridiculous claim.
        Those who wants to tackle social justice in Israel needs to first address that point. Because the size of the un-involved unproductive sectors is growing bigger, the secular middle class will find it became the minority in Israel in about 20 / 25 years. No social justice will be available until there would be a separation of state and church, and until everyone will be forced to contribute their fair share via military / community services. The J14 is way to PC to tackle any of the real problems.

        1. I could give a crap about the level of Obama’s support. Of course it’s gone down. POlls for sitting presidents always go down, esp. before a midterm election (again showing how little you know about U.S. politics). If you add to that that Obama hasn’t been doing his job very well lately, then a fall in support is understandable. But he’s still going to beat the pants off whichever sorry ass Repbulican has the guts to face him. As much of a disappointment as Obama is to many of us, he runs rings around those clamoring for a chance on the other side to do his job.

  3. [Comment deleted–I have warned you not to disseminate messianic claims in your comments here. It is proselytizing and even worse, it is completely off topic. Yet you continue to do so. If you do so again, you will lose your privileges.]

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