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  1. I reported this on the FBI tip line. That was two days ago. They have not contacted me to see if it was being seriously reported (as opposed to a prank, drunken act, etc.). I guess they’ve got more important eggs to fry. Oh, wait! Silly me! According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the unit responsible for investigating domestic terror (and those hiding among them or rooting them on) was gutted in 2009 by Janet Napolitano. I guess those people have now been re-deployed to spy on Muslim housewives in Dearborne or are working on our own thousand mile Apartheid wall on the Mexican border.

  2. Goldberg did not edit his post to make it appear that it had made provision for the fact that the killer might’ve had different ideological motives.

    He added an update with that information – but the word “update” did not get included until later because of difficulty he had in posting the story to The Atlantic site as he was traveling. He has mentioned this in further updates to that story.

    Also, I think you have the name of his initial article wrong, unless you are making a satirical comment that went over my head. What is Muba?

  3. I posted this same information about Geller and raised the same questions about her on my blog about a week ago, as well as on Alternet.com and The Smirking Chimp. Ineresting that two other large circulation sites where i usually post refused to run it, leary of legal consequences. Richard, would like to know how i can include you on my blog list if you are not already getting it…thanks barry lando

  4. That’s not quite accurate. What Goldberg claims is that he did add the word “update” when he first appended material to the ‘Mumbai’ post that made him look more balanced/circumspect. He claims this was done right after he first posted the piece. But later in adding another paragraph to it with a further update, he claims, he accidentally deleted the label “update” on the first revision.

    There are very substantial grounds for doubting Goldberg’s story. For example, the word “updated” does not get added to the title or the web-address until about 5 hrs after he first posted it, by which time he was adding the further stray material that he did label as ‘updates’. Also, a blogger has reported seeing the expanded (pseudo-balanced) post without the word ‘update’ and without the additional updates that came hours later; there’s no room in Goldberg’s story for that eventuality.

    Goldberg could clear up how his post was altered over time by referring to The Atlantic’s logs. But so far he has declined to do so.

  5. Professor Stephen Walt (of The Israel Lobby):

    Breivik’s Warped Worldview
    Friday, July 29, 2011

    Finally, to what extent can Islamophobes like Pamela Geller or Robert Spencer be held responsible for Breivik’s act? As someone who has some personal experience with “guilt by association,” I do think we should be careful about assessing blame. None of these hawkish pundits openly advocated violence, and all have (for the most part) distanced themselves from Breivik’s act. But it is also clear that their writings consistently portrayed Islam in a crude and monolithic way and tended to depict all Muslims as part of some looming threat to core Western values. And it seems clear from Breivik’s manifesto that these writers did have a considerable impact on his worldview, even if they did not advocate the horrific response that he chose. Yet this seems to have sparked little or no self-reflection on their part, as befitting the committed ideologue.

    As you’d expect, some of their defenders have pointed out that the late Osama bin Laden also cited some writers favorably, including Noam Chomsky, Michael Scheuer, and yours truly. Bin Laden also mentioned John Perkins (author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) and Jimmy Carter’s Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. The defenders suggest that these two situations are identical and accuse those who see a link between Breivik and his Islamophobic inspirations of a double standard.

    This line of defense is pretty silly because it completely ignores conventional notions of causality. Osama bin Laden began his terrorist career over a decade before the authors he cited had even started the books to which he subsequently referred. He didn’t need to read Chomsky, Perkins, Scheuer, or me in order to develop his violently fundamentalist outlook; it was firmly in place long before I wrote one word and wholly at odds with the central views of the people to whom he referred. Indeed, I doubt he ever read my work; if he had, I wonder what he made of our defense of Israel’s right to exist, our condemnation of terrorism in general and al Qaeda in particular, and our explicit denunciations of anti-Semitism?

  6. Beginning on the front page of today’s New York Times is a long article that quite objectively details the ideology and activities of the bigot and Islamaphobe specialist, David Yerushalmi. Among much else, the piece states that “His legal clients have also drawn notoriety, among them Pamela Geller, an incendiary blogger who helped drive the fight against the Islamic community center and mosque near ground zero.” True it may be that sticks and stones can sure as hell break bones, but words of the right kind that fall upon the right ears can kill, and do.

    1. Weindeb, yes, I commented on this too. I think people are waking up finally to this insiduous threat that Geller and her ilk pose, her lawyer, David Yerushalmi who calls himself a “hasidic Jew” is just as bad as her. He is also a white supremacist, if i remember something I read, by Max Blumenthal I think,

      What amazes me, is that she claims to be supporting the USA, no American except her far right Zionist buddies supports her agenda. Even mainline Zionists do not support her, and the liberal left wing ones condemn her. She calls them “jewicidals”.

      Why isn’t this woman and her lawyer, Yerusalhmi given a one way ticket to Israel into the settlements that host her type? She can find solace with Rabbi Dov Lior or Lieberman!

      1. Why should Geller or Rubin or Phillips be dumped in Occupied Palestinian Territories? Didn’t western countries did enough damage allowing European Jews to be offloaded into Palestine?
        I propose sending her to Jewish Autonomous Oblast in far east Russia, near border with Heilongjiang province of China.

        1. I totally agree with you. Strange how someone could wish that the Palestinians should be bothered with such people.

        2. Ah yes, Birobidzhan! Just outside Khabarovsk! And as you say, next door to Heilongjiang Province, PR China! If you’re familiar with southern Minnesota/northern Iowa, you’ll feel right at home! Especially on those -30 degrees C winter mornings!

          Maybe she can develop kosher Chinese food to rival the halal variety!

      2. How is she with the Christian Zionists or other Dispensationalists? The Norwegian e-mail says that this is probably the last generation before Jesus returns, pretty standard Dispensationalist party-line.

    2. and here is that New York Times story on Pamela Geller’s lawyer (2nd link). The Huffington Post too has something today

      Is Congress Really Serious About Domestic Radicalism?
      Daphne Eviatar
      The New York Times revealed on Sunday that a Brooklyn attorney named David Yerushalmi has spearheaded the movement across the country to rid the United States of Sharia — the traditional Muslim law — notwithstanding that except in some private contracts, Sharia is irrelevant in this country.

      The Anti-Defamation League has described Yerushalmi as having a record of “anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and anti-black bigotry.”

      The Man Behind the Anti-Shariah Movement

      By ANDREA ELLIOTT Published: July 30, 2011

      In fact, it is the product of an orchestrated drive that began five years ago in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in the office of a little-known lawyer, David Yerushalmi, a 56-year-old Hasidic Jew with a history of controversial statements about race, immigration and Islam. Despite his lack of formal training in Islamic law, Mr. Yerushalmi has come to exercise a striking influence over American public discourse about Shariah.

      Working with a cadre of conservative public-policy institutes and former military and intelligence officials, Mr. Yerushalmi has written privately financed reports, filed lawsuits against the government and drafted the model legislation that recently swept through the country — all with the effect of casting Shariah as one of the greatest threats to American freedom since the cold war.

  7. Richard, read the latest post at her site. If she takes it down because she has a sudden attack of taste, or she is advised to do so by her comrades, I have screen grabs and the text as it is now.

    It is entitled: ”Summer Camp? Antisemitic Indoctrination Centre”.

    Even by her standards, what it contains is utterly horrifying. Among other things, she asks the reader to note the lack of ‘pure Norwegian’ faces in the photograph.

    Her blog is a catalogue of hate and as a European, I am seriously concerned about the kind of ideology pumped over here from your side of the pond.

    She is out of control.

  8. RE: “Pam Geller published an e-mail from an unnamed Norwegian anti- jihadi in 2007” ~ R.S.

    SPEAKING OF NARCISSISTS: Norwegian killer had plastic surgery to look more Aryan, claims intelligence chief
    ARTICLE – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2020732/Norway-shooting-Anders-Behring-Breivik-plastic-surgery-look-Aryan.html

    FROM CHRIS HEDGES, 07/26/11:

    (excerpts) The gravest threat we face from terrorism, as the killings in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik underscore, comes not from the Islamic world but the radical Christian right and the secular fundamentalists who propagate the bigoted, hateful caricatures of observant Muslims and those defined as our internal enemies….
    …Our religious and secular fundamentalists all peddle the same racist filth and intolerance that infected Breivik. This filth has poisoned and degraded our civil discourse….
    All fundamentalists worship the same gods—themselves
    …Fundamentalists have no interest in real debate, real dialogue, real intellectual thought. Fundamentalism, at its core, is about self-worship. It is about feeling holier, smarter and more powerful than everyone else. And this comes directly out of the sickness of our advertising age and its exaltation of the cult of the self. It is a product of our deep and unreflective cultural narcissism

    SOURCE – http://www.truthdig.com/report/page3/fundamentalism_kills_20110726/

  9. I find her site to be a propaganda trumpet, but i think that with respect to the Norwegian ambassador and his hypocritical views she’s right.

    You wish to tell me that there is no double standards in the views of the Norwegian ambassador to Israel ?

    “Ma’ariv asked Sevje whether in the wake of Breivik’s terrorist attack Norwegians would be more sympathetic to the victimization of innocent Israelis by Palestinian terrorists.

    Sevje said no, and explained, “We Norwegians view the occupation as the reason for terror against Israel. Many Norwegians still see the occupation as the reason for attacks against Israel. Whoever thinks this way, will not change his mind as a result of the attack in Oslo.”

    The author of the article notes:

    “So in the mind of the illiberal Norwegians [the Labour Party], terrorism is justified if the ideology behind it is considered justified.

    For them it is unacceptable for Breivik to murder Norwegian children, because his ideology is wrong. But it is acceptable for Palestinians to murder Israeli children, because their ideology is right.”

    1. Sevje didn’t say that terror attacks on Israeli civilians were justified. He argued that they were the product of occupation. These are two different arguments. Accepting that a brutal military occupation can act as a hothouse for terrorist insurgency doesn’t suddenly make terrorism OK.

  10. Seventy seven beautiful faces, 77 lives ended too soon because of hatred and bigotry. Looking at them one by one brings home the enormity of what this monster has done.

  11. Pamela Geller’s EDL Ally Called for Execution of Political and Religious Leaders

    English Defence League leader discussed killing David Cameron

    Charles Johnson
    Tue Aug 2, 2011

    Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been unstinting in their support for the English Defence League, even after their thuggish neo-Nazi connections were exposed.

    Here’s a report at the Guardian on EDL leader Alan Lake, and his online essay calling for the torture and execution of David Cameron and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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