23 thoughts on “Russian Oligarch Buys 20% Interest in Haaretz – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Why are Ofer and al-Masri called by you Israeli and Palestinian “entrepreneurs”, whereas Nevzlin is a “Russian oligarch”?

    Is Nevzlin not also an “Israeli entrepreneur”?

    Does their title change according to their political views and whether they find favour in your eyes?

    To me they all should be avoided equally and named equally as exploiters of the working class and condemned equally for using their money to gain excess of political sway.

      1. Can you back this with a shread of evidence ?
        Where is your proof of that “planning on murder” ?
        Making the world a better place indeed….

        1. You have taken issue with the “make the world a better place” description of Richard’s blog before, when he did not immediately see, and respond to some outrageous comment (comparing Netanyahu with Pol Pot, if I remember correctly).

          This time you do it because of his irritated response to a completely unsupported claim, namely that the people on the Mavi Marmara carried fire arms with them.

          Cut him some slack, will you? You CAN see that the overall issues he deals with do aim at bettering the wordl, can’t you?

        2. I do not know for how long you have been reading this blog, Free man, but I have been doing so since operation Cast Lead, and I still vividly remember something that Richard wrote on the attack on the Mavi Maramara at the time (it was June 4, 2010).

          “After reading thousands of words of reporting and eyewitness accounts and watching videos released by both sides, I’m coming to the conclusion that what happened was that the Israeli commandos initially fired stun grenades and rubber bullets from helicopters in order to disperse the crowd on board before they landed. Either some passengers interpreted this as an all out assault on the ship or they were spoiling for a fight.
          The initial group of commandos were overrun, beaten and some dragged below decks either to be used as hostages or for medical attention. I speculate that when the IDF command saw their comrades overrun on board and discovered they perhaps had been taken hostage, an automatic, instinctual blood-lust took over. They not only had to liberate their comrades at all costs, but they had to eliminate whatever threat they had faced.
          So, I don’t necessarily believe the IDF went into this planning for a massacre (though senior IDF officers were quoted in the Israeli press as saying they were prepared to use lethal force if necessary). But when events spun out of control and did not follow the scenario they’d planned, soldiers began acting on impulse and in completely disorganized fashion, which is fatal to a complicated operation such as this.
          In the end, it WAS a massacre. A massacre caused by missed cues and obliviousness on both sides as to how aggressive behavior might be viewed by the other side. Of course, the preponderance of blame is on the Israeli side both because they initiated the encounter and because they had the overwhelming advantage in lethal force.”

          Since then there have been many more witness accounts and I do not know for sure if these have changed Richard’s views, but for me this still stands out as a very lucid observation: There were “missed cues and obliviousness on both sides as to how aggressive behavior might be viewed by the other side.”

          In short: Please do not hone in on a simplified representation of what Richard stands for in this blog.

        3. That’s laughable. Many of the oligarchs are either overtly or covertly little more than glorified mafia. Of course many of them either killed or had others killed. The Russians have accused Nevzling of murder. I don’t trust the Russian legal system more than I can throw it. But I have absolutely no doubt that Nevzlin has done descpicable things in his life & that this is at least in part what he’s trying to counteract by buying into a mainstream Israeli media property. This is little more than “reputation-laundering.”

          1. Do you think the Palestinian legal and economic system is any different than that in Russia? The Palestinian gave all sorts of monopoly rights to close friends of Arafat and FATAH.
            Anyway, Shocken has good credentials as a Leftist/Progressives. Why would he sell out to a disreputable person?

          2. Why would he sell out to a disreputable person?

            Because he’s a businessman first & a political person 2nd. Yr claim that he’s a “leftist” is stretching it by a long ways.

  2. not a word as to the nature of the “german company”

    now haaretz is owned by nazi+mafia

    why not say it clear and loud?

    1. Please. Do u think a Nazi company would invest in Israel’s most lib mainstream media property?? Actually this guy is trying to defame Haaretz by making such a stupid claim. You’re so damn obvious.

  3. I don’t know and will probably never know whether Nevzlin has committed any crimes. What I know for sure is this. In the early 1990s, while most Soviet citizens, including my own family, lost all their hard-won savings in a matter of a few months, some clever guys used their connections to the nomenclatura, the apparatchiks and other corrupt officials to acquire enormous Soviet assets for next to nothing. Among them, unfortunately, was a hugely disproportionate number of Jews. Most of them were members of the Communist Party and Komsomol elites, which gave them access to power, money and good live, and an enrmous competitive edge over any self-made entrepreneur.

    To me, these guys are cold-blooded professional crooks. That any of them can earnestly believe in god or charity is either a lie or self-deception. The only one of them I respect is Khodorkovsky, who managed to lead his business to greater transparency, who dared to speak out publicly against corruption and against Putin, and who’s had to pay dearly for this.

  4. @ Richard, You didn’t publish my second comment which was, the guns in the picture are not a standard issue of the IDF.
    so that is something the “peace activists” brought with them.

    @ Elisabeth
    What do you means ” completely unsupported claim, ” ?
    i provided a line with a video of a very reputable Israeli media outlet Channel 10, which shows indisputable pictures of “peace activists” carrying guns, which are not IDF issued, which means they couldn’t get them from the IDF soldiers, which means they brought the guns with them.
    did you meat a lot of “Peace Activists” demonstrating with guns ?
    these pictures will be part of the U.N report.

    1. Your comment is completely off topic, which is why it was not published. Read the comment rules if you intend to publish another one. Off topic comments are entirely inappropriate here.

  5. RE: “Russian Oligarch Buys 20% Interest in Haaretz”

    MY COMMENT: I have always found that the best way to avoid being disappointed is to expect the very worst.

  6. All the various media proprietors and editors will need to heed a higher authority soon. Journalism is about reporting facts. Everything else is commentary and spin. There is so much spin in the media world of Israel and elsewhere it is impossible for most people to sort fact from fiction. Dizziness prevails. Of course alternative media outlets like this blog have their place for discourse and discussion on important issues.

    I like this saying about journalists…

    “I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumours and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are. If I killed them all there would be news from Hell before breakfast.”

    – William Tecumseh Sherman (1862)

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