22 thoughts on “Israeli Prime Minister’s Military Attache Stayed Home for Fear of Arrest in Britain – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. On the 25th December, 2008 as much of the Western world was enjoying time with their families hundreds of rockets were launched on the south of Israel. Paradoxically many people switched off completely about what was happening in the area where their saviour was born and didn’t really care about what was going on in the Holy Land. Such selective empathy is not exclusive to just one group on G-d’s good earth. The IDF had to respond. There were forty police cadets killed on that day, not 250. The little war that took place at that time was terrible. Who should decide issues of international jurisprudence and what constitutes a war crime is a difficult issue. The positive thing is that there has been some massive shifts in world views by many leaders in the region in only two and a half years. Thank G-d the political dynamic between Israel and Hamas is much better now. Things are still on a knife ege, but the guilloitine might not fall if all the parties act with maturity and decide to heed a higher authority.

    Hamas with a little more work via certain modalities may yet decide to recognize Israel. The Aaron Klein interview with Mahmoud al-Zahar last week was promising. The UN facilitated visit by Daniel Barenboim’s orchestra and his orchestra to Gaza this week was another test. The marathon that took place yesterday was also good. Ismail Haniyeh’s comment about the death of Bin Laden was a negative in this peacemaking mix. It looks like Gazans as evidenced by their leaders are going through some cognitive shifts at the moment. Personality and character evolves in an individual when the right people and conditions are present. It is possible to redeem and influence the collective consciousness of a group. The geometries of trust at the moment in the region are fascinating to behold. Tiny little shifts in stance and orientation can move mountains. Everyone is coming to the realisation that they are going to have to learn to accommodate and respect each other’s hopes, dreams and fears. G-d really does want peace to reign. Evil can be redeemed. In all darkness there is light.

    Prayers for the Middle East.

    1. Come-on. Hundreds of rockets on 25th of december 2008 towards South Israel? Pure propaganda. 250 or 40 police cadets? If it was 40 cadets does it make it a smaller crime than killing 250. What if 40 or 250 Jewish police cadets were killed in the same way Israel killed the young Palestinian police cadets? You and people like you would demand justice (= assassination) to that who ordered the attack. Still after much over halve a century Jews are demanding that plain soldiers who served on WW2’s concentration camps and now are nearly 100 years old must answer to that what they then were ordered to do. What does free an Israeli (or for fairness sake a US) soldier from their responsibility if they cause the death of innocent civilians in a war like situation. A IDF soldier shooting as a sport children and women in Gaza, or ordering assassinations of tens of civilians is in no way different than those “hero soldiers” of My Lai, Abu Ghraib, Auschwitz and Dachau.

      That your pathetic religious mumbling about the saviour and Holy Land is absurd. Palestinians in Gaza do not resist occupation, slavery and mistreatment because they are Muslims and Christians, they resist because they humans. So giving a more or less direct religious right to the decades long occupation and severe human rights violations is macabre. We all know what happened to that saviour you mention and by the way he is approved as a saviour/prophet by Christians and Muslims, but not by those who now run Israel. So in that way the saviour’s “side” was in Gaza, not in Israel. The area of Palestine/Israel is Holy for Christians, Muslims and Jews. Judaism doesn’t have a monopoly of that holiness.

      Why should Hamas recognize that style Israel you support? Would you support recognizing an extreme Christian or Muslim country where people of different faith are treated like they are treated in Israel? What if in Australia you would not get work, building permit etc simply because of your minority religion, no doubt that you would say that it is wrong. But that wrong is what is common in Israel.

      1. “Pure propaganda.”
        I read this.
        And then I read this.
        “by the way he is approved as a saviour/prophet by Christians and Muslims, but not by those who now run Israel.”
        You seem to be very angry.

        “pathetic religious mumbling”
        Also, I’m very sorry but this, I hear on the opposite side of Israel too.
        How righteous of you.

        1. An addition:
          Why wasn’t your comment surprising?
          Someone has to slag off the spiritual person, of course every religious person for you is a hypocrite. The angry atheist.
          His last few line weren’t even supposed to hurt you that much.

        2. If somebody claims that people of Gaza fired hundreds of rockets against Israel on 25. december 2008, that is pure propaganda.

          It is hypocritical to make references to “the saviour” for Christians (=Jesus) when somebody writes about the situation in Palestine/Israel in defence of Israeli “human rights policy”. Jesus doesn’t religiously mean anything to Jews (= followers of Judaism and people who now rule Israel). He means quite a lot to Christians and is also noticed and respected in Islam. The people of Gaza are Muslims and Christians. So Jesus is a saviour/prophet for them, but certainly not for Israeli Jews. Even I am not a very spiritual person, but as a Christian I suppose that if Jesus would have lived to day he would have defended Palestinians, especially those in Gaza, and condemned harshly the behaviour of the Jewish Reich. In Israel Jews (generally speaking) are not the victims, they are and have all the time been the oppressors.

          I am not angry. I am only completely fed up to read constantly comments how the bad religious Muslims try to steal the Holy Land from “the genetic race” of Jews, who are not in anyway religious. You people emphasis all the time majority religion of the Palestinian using all possible and impossible means to bring it up. You deliberately forget to mention Palestinians’ minority religion, Christianity. And to complete the absurd hypocrisy you people pretend in most contexts that Israeli Jews (= followers of Judaism) are people with no religion.

          It can fairly be said that Palestinians do not resist occupation and mistreatment because of religious reasons, they do it because they are normal human beings who do not want voluntarily give up what is and/or was theirs. For Palestinians religion has been and is a normal motivator “to collect the troops”. All tribes/nations under attack have always used the same method, they use the religion. For Israeli Jews and Jews in general religion means everything, because the religion is the only glue which binds them together. That is a fact people like you do not want to admit when we watch the conflict from this religious war angle. Well the real religious nature of Israel is becoming day after day more obvious. This Palestine/Israel conflict has always been a religious war, but not a “Muslim war”. It has from the start been a Jewish religious war, where the opponents happen to be Muslims.

          1. Jewish Reich

            That’s an absolute no-no here, SimonHurtta. Don’t go there.

            Israel/Palestine is NOT a religious war except in the eyes of the religious extremists on both sides. It IS a political war & a war over land & power.

  2. what is so important about this “article”?
    I just realized you have an agenda, and not as noble as you pretend to be.

    1. Oh lawdy, I have an agenda. Ooh, do tell. What is it? You mean that I believe that Israelis & Palestinians who may’ve committed war crimes should be accountable for their actions?? GUilty as charged.

      1. Jacob Sullum of Reason magazine has the perfect response to the “you have an agenda” accusation: Calmly smile and say, “Don’t we all.”

  3. You have provided no source for your claims & thus they are mere hearsay. Unless you provide a credible source for this information with 6 hours, this comment will be deleted. Another comment rule here: provide a credible source for any claims you make. And no, an IDF website is not considered credible. Not to mention that you’ve offered claims about the background of 10 of those murdered. What about the other 240 or so?

    I didn’t publish a list of IDF personnel. Others did that. I merely linked to it & as yet linking to another site isn’t even a crime in Israel & certainly not outside it.

    As for publishing my private information–already been done. My honorable opponents have published my home address, phone number, wife’s business name, address, phone number and my children’s names. Not to mention attempting to fraudulently access my Paypal account & engaging in click fraud to cancel my Google Adsense account. And further not to mention the fake press release they created & published claiming the FBI had arrested me. So don’t talk to me about invasions of privacy. They haven’t gotten my social security number yet, but undoubtedly you’ve just given them a new idea in their campaign of juvenile delinquency.

  4. “You have provided no source for your claims & thus they are mere hearsay. Unless you provide a credible source for this information with 6 hours, this comment will be deleted.”
    You don’t provide source for your claims either…
    You just call yourself Wikileaks and publish certain information from your ‘sources’.
    You’ve never been wrong? Or is it your views that certify you’re never wrong?

  5. @ Israeli For BDS
    “Oded sweetheart, even Hasbara did not claim that mass carnage was a targeted assassination.”

    your support for BDS blinded your eyes, no one claimed that was a targeted assassination. The claim was that they were Hamas combatants and therefore a legitimate target.

    get the cover of your eyes.

    1. Oded, alas is no longer with us due to this private e mail sent to me (this is an excerpt, what is unpublished is even worse than what is):

      Now i know that you are an asshole…and i read that the SS number of you and you wife were published.

  6. @ Oded
    “On November 1st 2010 Hamas Interior Minister gave an interview to the London-based Arab newspaper Dar al-Hayat in which he CLAIMED that 250 policemen who died in the first attack were Hamas combatants”.

    That’s NOT true, and I wonder why all your former links are in Hebrew and this one in Arabic, knowing that Richard doesn’t read Arabic, and you probably don’t either. Any strategy behind this ? By the way, this interview has already been manipulated by the Hasbara thousands of times.

    Here’s the statement by Fathi Hamad in English:
    “A senior Hamas official admitted [and not CLAIMED, as you wrote] that up to 300 fighters were killed …”

    And he’s not claiming that the 250 policemen were Hamas combatants. You’re manipulating his words, or rather lying. Hamad states that the 250 policemen were affiliated to Hamas AND other political fractions. That doesn’t make them “combatants” to anyone else but Israeli propagandists !
    Exceptionally a wikipedia-link, to show the different countings of the casualties, and footnote no. 2 links to B’Tselem’s lengthy report: 330 combatants according to B’Tselem.

    As far as I’m concerned, between the claims of the IDF, Mark Regev or some other brainwashed parrot, and B’Tselem, my choice IS made.

    According to the Geneva Convention, a combatant is a person “directly engaged in hostilities”, and even if those exactly 248 young policemen and first-aid workers did double as Hamas fighters, they could only be legally attacked when actually participating in military service. Protocol 1 of the Geneva Conventions state that for a site to be a legitimate military target, it must “make an effective contribution to military action” and that’s why the 248 policemen are NOT considered combatants, just as Israeli civilians are not considered ‘combatants’ even if they do reserve duty.

    Your Haaretz-link is based on the same flaw, and linking to Dershowitz, a pathological liar, tells more about you and your agenda than about the Hamas combatants. If I want to ‘prove’ that the moon is a green cheese, I’ll find an article to confirm it !

    1. Thanks Deir Yassin. I deleted most of Oded’s comments because he wrote a very explicit personal message that was profoundly offensive. But I think the issue of the police cadets killed is an important one. Clearly, the hasbarists have an agenda in attempting to prove that police cadets deserved what they got. I appreciate yr providing this background.

  7. I have a rule for comments that commenters may not use propaganda sources of the right or the left. And sources closely identified with the IDF or the intelligence services are definitely untrustworthy. Your terrorism-info and Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs are among the most hasbarist of the hasbaristas. Completely lacking in crediblity. Also, Dar Al Hayat is not a trustworthy source either. It has published many far-fetched stories including most recently that Hamas was moving to Qatar.

    You are now being moderated.

  8. The Hudson Institute is among the most pro-Israel hasbara sites there are in the U.S. I’ve written an expose is one of its founders here in this blog. It is NOT a credible source by any stretch.

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