7 thoughts on “CUNY Trustee Chair Confirms Kushner to Receive Honorary Degree – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wow, I didn’t expect that Haber’s email campaign would have such a prompt effect! I haven’t yet received any response to my email though 🙂

    1. Bravo for Kushner. But if I were he, I’d let CUNY know where they can put their honorary degree. Bigger awards – Nobel Prize for Lit., Oscars – have been turned down in the past. Sartre’s or Brandos, for example. Their recipients were all better off for it. At least Kushner off comes better than Finkelstein did for his tenure at De Pauw. Maybe because he didn’t have Dersh hounding him.

  2. Schmidt may have made the right call on this particular issue, but this hardly excuses his vote to table the degree in the first place, nor, much more importantly, does it excuse his continued attempts, along with the chancellor, to remake CUNY into a corporate institution. The former chair of a PRIVATE education company (Edison Learning) has no business leading a PUBLIC university. The foxes have been in the hen-house for too long. It’s time the governor and the state legislature radically re-imagined the structure of the boards of CUNY and SUNY. No more political crony appointments!

  3. My God, I find I actually agree with Monsieur Schulman on this one and shall be disappointed if Kushner accepts the “honor”. For my money, worse than Wiesenfeld – he at least is openly vile – are those CUNY others who joined him in denying Kushner that honor.

  4. Thank God for common sense and decency.

    Ok. Thank you, Yaweh.

    And whom should we thank for boors, ignoramuses, bullies and bigots?

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