8 thoughts on “Jewish Islamophobe Denies Honorary CUNY Degree to Tony Kushner – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. I have no idea what this means in the context of this post. It’s possible that Wiesenfeld is Orthodox but I don’t know this nor did any article make that point. Please be careful & document any associations you wish to claim along w. the reasons for making them.

      1. How about moderating this clown as you would if his remark substituted Kefir or turban for kippah.

  1. As disgusted as I am with the indignity Kushner was subjected to, I see the positive in this incident as well. It actually exposes the kind of pressure that came down to bear on Goldstone to get him to reverse his conclusions on Cast Lead.

    If Zionists are subjecting Jews who object to the Occupation to this kind of humiliation and injustice and good people’s careers or reputations are sullied and often obliterated in the process imagine what they have done to Palestinians over decades and magnify that indignity and injustice by 100.

    Again, although I feel bad for Kushner, this is a footnote in his biography that will hardly affect the rest of his life negatively since no one can deny his accomplishments, but this incident ironically helps to expose and confirm the injustice of the Occupation to an even wider American public and that can only be a good thing for the Palestinian struggle and the world-wide recognition IT deserves.

    1. I think Kushner wears this as a badge of honor & those who respect him will respect him even more for this indignity. It will also harm CUNY. But not idiots like Wiesenfeld, who just proceed fr outrage to outrage oblivious to the consequences & wreckage they leave behind.

  2. “If Zionists are subjecting Jews”
    Zionists are kippah wearers?
    Religious Jews are all extreme freaky Zionists? You make this assumption because the only ones who pretend to be Zionists are the extreme settlers?
    Wow, then real Zionists are doomed.

  3. With only a Knucklehead of the Year Award stacked up against a list of recognitions and honors like that for his accomplishments perhaps Cuomo should replace Wiesenfeld with Kushner on the CUNY Board instead.

    Knucklehead of the Year! he he…

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