13 thoughts on “Israeli Bloggers Linking to Tikun Olam Threatened With Criminal Offense – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The notion that the state could or should moderate internet linking is nonsense. I would understand the claim that Israeli bloggers can be considered part of Israeli media and as such are obliged to gag orders. I don’t see the difference between linking to a foreign site and just hinting that there is a site out there that contains the information. Why is the former supposed to be a crime while the other is permissible? The mentioned article only indirectly (!) hinted on the existence of this blog. Now, every 12 yr-old child who knows how to google can find the mentioned posts, and the result is as it were if The Marker would have linked directly to the blog.

    However, I can understand the fear that such publications can wrongly smear a person’s reputation (and have substantial repercussions on his life). Google’s Hebrew (!) auto-complete algorithm does suggests “rape” as a natural completion to Even’s name, and your posts are at least fifth in line when searching Even’s name in the English website (I checked for myself). These facts, considering that he wasn’t even trialed yet, make me think that the whole deal isn’t entirely fair. Even might well be a horrible rapist, as all of these publications imply (and I think he is), but he might not. In that case he was publicly convicted before even going on trial. You yourself condemned cases like Abu-Sisi’s because insinuations by the media made him seem guilty even before the trial. What is the difference between these two cases?

  2. Richard,
    I’m not sure that publishing the accused of sexual assaults names is the right path to go.
    On one hand, this will prevent covering up and closing the issue.
    On the other hand, the mare publication of their name cause great harm to that person and often terminates his career and his way of supporting him selves and his family. Which when he is acquitted, he will never regain. Take for example the case of Mr. Shuv. He was a rising media star, he was accused, acquitted, but never got his work status back. He is gone from Israeli media.

  3. 1. If you will google Even’s name in Google.co.il you will get the exact results mentioned.
    2. You are a real keyboard hero – get on the first plane to israel and test the notion yourself, why send someone else to test your theories and pay the price ?if you’ll fly soon enough you may be able to participate in the 3rd intifada you preached.

    You are the biggest chicken i came across in my 29 years on this planet.
    a chicken who plays god who violates המלבין פני חברו ברבים
    ease your worries, you will pay the ultimate price.

    1. You are walking a very fine line. I’ve warned you now several times about violating the comment rules. Next time could be your last.

      I don’t take well to threats or wishes for my demise or misfortune befalling me.

  4. Can one user of google get “rape” and another not get it for the same search terms?

    Can Google in Israel (the s/w you invoke when you “google”) be different from the s/w you invoke in, say, USA? Could someone “twiddle” google.il to make references to ‘rape” get highlighted?

    Or might THESE SEARCHERS get “rape” highlighted because that’s what they have recently been looking for (in other searches)?

    Anyone know? I know all the nifty s/w these days (“nifty”: leave the driving to us, we know you better than you know yourself, etc.) pays attention to what people have recently looked up, etc., the pages they’ve clicked.

    1. No, I think Google.com (U.S. version) serves different results than google.il.co, the Israeli version of Google, even if you do Hebrew language searches in Google.com. I bet if you use Google Israel you’d get similar results to what Marker got.

      As for yr questions: it is illegal to do the things the lawyer claims only for an Israeli (whether common citizen, blogger or journalist) living inside Israel. Anyone outside does not fall under Israeli jurisdiction prob. including an Israeli living in the U.S. In fact such a person HAS linked to my blog & proudly so he tells me. But he’s not in Israel. Of course, if lawyer Revia is right, on this person’s return to Israel he could be prosecuted for what he did, though I’d think it would be incredibly difficult to make a case that the State of Israel has jurisdiction over an Israeli outside Israel for a matter like this.

  5. It is “illegal for a journalist in Israel to break the gag, but it is a criminal act to LINK to any form of media anywhere in the world which breaks the gag.”

    Question [1]. [WHICH ACTOR] Illegal for anyone to POST to the internet a reference (LINK) to [etc] or only illegal for a journalist to do so?

    Question [2]. [WHICH ACT] What if the reference is NOT A LINK but mere text, like “abc dot com”?

    Question [3]. [WHICH ACT-2] Is it illegal for Google to publish such a LINK?

    Question [4]. [WHICH ACTOR-2] Is it illegal for Joe Schnook, an Israeli citizen presently living in NYC to put up such a LINK on his USA Blog?

    Question [5]. [WHAT’S THE GAG SAY?] Does the “gag order” prohibit all persons in the universe from doing an act? All persons who are Israeli citizens? Merely all Israeli journalists?

    Question [6]. [IS THE GAG ORDER PUBLIC?] How should an American, acting in the USA, putting a LINK up on his USA BLOG, know whether or not he has been ordered by the Israeli government, or court, or third-rank administrative aide, not to do that?

    1. I understand the supposed illegality of links so far exists only in the opinion of Chaim Ravia; it hasn’t been tested in court in any way, shape, or form.
      That said, it goes without saying that Israeli law has no force outside Israel, at the very least with non-citizens. The Israeli govt has no business ordering a non-citizen outside the country to do or not to do anything at all.

      The next question asked of the attorney by the reporters is another doozy: is there anything that can be done to prevent the Google search engine from violating gag orders.

      That one really takes the cake. It’s one thing for a lawyer to air a legal opinion, dubious as it may be, but quite another for journalists to ask the government to please be more like China and prevent them from doing their jobs.

  6. RE: “In the age of the internet if you cannot link you cannot live.” – R.S.

    AS ONE OF THE ‘FOUNDING FATHERS’ SAID: “Give me Hyperlinks, or give me Death!”

  7. Google adapts to what it thinks you (or your IP) usually search for. (This can tell you a lot about colleagues and other household members!)

    So, googling from a journalist’s desk may produce very different results from the same search terms from a professor’s desk. Especially if a headline word like “rape” is involved.

    Google also adapts to what others have recently been searching for in the user’s locality. It is an intelligent, learning search engine, not a mere electronic card index.
    If that’s what you want, try “Bing!”

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