15 thoughts on “Court Proceedings in Rape Case Under Gag Revealed, Israeli Journalist Excoriates Timidity of Press in Combatting Secrecy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I don’t know if you know the case of Adam Shuv.But he (apparently represented by “cheaper” lawyers) was also accused in rape. his case was immediately published and after weeks that all of Israel knew that he was a dangerous,perverted rapist, The police came to the conclusion that the girl lied and he is innocent. I don’t know what he is doing today but his public name was severely damaged. As an Israeli I feel very uncomfortable when I realize that things are done behind my back under gag. In Adam Shuv’s case I feel that The police had better worked in bringing the truth rather than running to the press and damaging a career forever.

    1. He is the CEO of an Israeli social networking company. I gather he’s doing pretty well for himself despite his past travails. Adam Shuv has also spoken out in this case against the rights of the victim & on behalf of the rights of the suspect. He seems to believe that all women who allege rape are the same as the women who accused him, which is most unfortunate.

  2. As other commentators have pointed out there are plenty cases of false accusations (such as adam shuv and bar lev) to indicate that there might be sufficient justification for a gag order. Whether or not such order is indeed justified I would leave to the judgment of a professional judge and not to a blogger with no qualifications.

    However these case dos illustrate a deeper problem with Richards basic approach. Richard isn’t really familiar with the Israeli society besides the bits and pieces he collects by browsing the net. He probably never heard about the adam shuv case before it was pointed out for him. Therefore his “insights” about Israeli society are of very limited significance.

    Also I don’t get the constant harping about ISRAELI men ISRAELI males.

    The problems he describes are quit common in the entire world. So what’s the point of emphasizing the non-existent ISRAELI nature of the crime. Don’t rape cases happen in the USA france and even Sweden? (Asange)

    1. Cases of false accusations are best dealt with by the powerful resources that (Israeli) courts have in cases of perjury, false testimony, and obstruction of justice.
      Moreover, it seems to me that defamation charges are available to the party who was unjustly accused. Obviously, there is media interest in cases of false accusation (which is the reason that Adam Shuv’s case is still remembered.)

      (Bar Lev’s case was settled out of court with a public, and somewhat face-saving apology and his departure from the police force. I am not sure why you consider that outcome to be the result of a false accusation.)

      Richard seems to be familiar enough with Israeli culture to be making a significant and welcome change to it, with his valiant and persistent fight against gag orders.

      Because that’s what this is about. Not rape (which is reprehensible, and very common in Israel, where by far most women are sexually harassed).
      In this case the courts saw fit to put a gag order on the identity of the suspect (ok, cool) and then a gag order on the existence of the gag.

      The mechanism that permits this to happen is the foundation for a state’s ability to make people disappear. And *that* is worth fighting against everywehre, including the despicable ethnocracy that is Israel.

    2. Whether or not such order is indeed justified I would leave to the judgment of a professional judge and not to a blogger with no qualifications.

      Which is precisely why I quoted the bigoted opinion of the judge in this case. IN other words, you are wrong in leaving this to a judge who has ideas just as bigoted as every other Israeli male who believes the male suspect should have primacy in this case. That’s why Israelis should know about the case and there should be no gag.

      Richard isn’t really familiar with the Israeli society

      This is such tired nonsense. If you think the research I do only involves browsing the internet how do you think I learn about cases like Yoav Even whose name appears nowhere on the internet in connection to this case except here? You’re offering such utter vapid nonsense.

      As for Adam Shuv, he responded on my Facebook thread to my post & I certainly know about his case because an acquaintance of his informed me about it. Assuming makes an ‘ass of u’–ever hear that one?

      I’d say it’s your “insights” that are of not just limited, but no significance.

      Israel’s per capita incidence of rape & sexual violence is higher than most other western countries where such statstics are maintained. But you’re an Israeli man & wouldn’t know that or care, would you?

  3. Shunra-

    To the contrary.

    Having read several of Richards posts his familiarity with Israeli society seems to be exclusively associated with information he finds while browsing the net or supplied by some Israeli correspondents that he has. Such information might be sufficient for doing a school assignment but using it as a basis for giving meaningful commentary about a foreign society is simply pretentious.

    No serious scholar would work that way but after all we are not dealing with a serious scholar but with blogger with some kind of weird obsession about gag orders.

    Btw, a would like to see your source that sexual harassment is more common in Israel as compared to other countries. For instance is the level of harassment in Palestine or Iran lower or higher?

    1. Assuming you’re an Israeli, it’s amazing you find Iran and (Israeli occupied) Palestine as your comparable states, rather than, say, the US, Canada, western Europe, Australia etc..

      Or, is it?

    2. Having read several of Richards posts his familiarity with Israeli society seems to be exclusively associated with information he finds while browsing the net

      You’ve just repeated yrself & said virtually the same thing you wrote before. Before it was ignorance. Now it’s a lie. If you repeat it, you may find yrself moderated. In fact, Dena Shunra is one of a number of people who help me research the material I report and she knows the extensive level of original research both of us do for the sake of these reports. She knows the original documents I obtain, the contacts with family members of security detainees & political sources within Israel I have. She knows, in short, that you’re a liar (though she would put it more charitably than I).

      No serious scholar would work that way

      Nor would any serious scholar atttempt to pass off your juvenalia as a serious critique.

      You can see that the hasbarist meme wishes to compare Israeli women to Palestinian with the implication that Arab women are treated even worse than Israeli. With their safe, smug comfortable assumption that this is so, they are not only racist, but obviate the need to compare Israeli society to standards of western nations, which is how Israel always measures its success.

      1. Just to keep the record straight: in all of my dealings with Richard, he seems to have a very clear perception of Israeli society, including some of its arcane class/caste structure and cultural life.

    3. Hmmm when two Danish student girls were raped at a Kibbuts (Ein Gedi) there was no gag-order.



      Seems that even a video with sound recording taken from the event is not enough evidence in Israel to convince a Jewish court. May it would be in the courts of Iran or occupied Palestine? What do you think Jurban?

  4. dear Mr.Silverstein as an Israeli citizen i would like to thank you for all the information you providing us.
    you`re just approved what a lot of Israelis think of the local media,ministry of defense and politician`s figures in our so called “promised land”.
    as it seems now it`ll only get worse.our country become like a “cult” and there`s only the “consensus`s” opinion and only one voice is allowed to be heard and those who thinks different is considered traitors.
    instead of be the “only democracy in the middle east” we became another banana`s republic .

  5. RE: During a sex act, he whips out his cellphone…he explains that someone is trying to “send something” to him. – R.S.

    OLDE SNARKY SEZ: That’s taking today’s obsession with multitasking a bit too far, methinks.
    At any rate, “no” means no (much like “is” means is) and surreptitiously spiking a woman’s drink with a date rape drug (if that occurred) is a very serious no-no!
    P.S. I had always assumed the ‘gag orders’ in Israel were based upon “national security”. I wonder what criteria are considered when issuing these ‘gag orders’.

  6. In Israel if you are of the left side of the political map, if you pro-Palestinian, Ashkenazi, then court will do most to protect you. In contrast – pro-Israeli, Mizrahi have no help from court. The media in Israel is under the control of Few Families and they try to control not only what we should know and what not, but also who should be guilty and who not.

    Just for example – see what campaign took place by the same media when the Mizrahi president (and other politicians) – Moshe Katzav, Ariel Deri where suspected.

  7. Rape is something which should not be taken lightly.I used to be raped and I know how its like.I still havent yet forgiven the guy who did this.Its going to take a long time but I know it will happen in due course.

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