5 thoughts on “Ukrainian Newspaper Identifies Abusisi Kidnap Witness, Charges Deputy Intelligence Chief With Complicity – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Given that the information is correct, and it does seem reliable, I think Abu Sisi’s detainment can be considered legal. While the validity of the charges against him can be disputed, he was arrested by an official security service (SBU), presumably after Israeli authorities presented their Ukrainian counterparts with the evidance in the case. He was then handed over to the authorities that sought him, I would imagine after an official request. As I see it, putting aside the secrecy which goes along with the accusations in the case, it would have been a similar procedure if we were dealing with a money launderer or a common thief.

    Now I agree that secrecy isn’t humane, but I don’t think you could expect intelligence agencies to wash their dirty laundry in public. Israel considers this man a terrorist (whether rightly or not isn’t relevant to my point), as such it had to take precautions. The fact is that his family did know eventually where he was kept (although not soon enough) and that he has access to legal representation.

    1. What utter nonsense. If this was done legally both government’s would be saying precisely that. The fact that Ukraine claims to know nothing & Israel says nothing as well about this aspect of this sordid mess of a case shows they’re both in it up to their eyeballs. No Israeli official has said that it presented any papers or went through any formal procedure. Your maundering hasbara is pathetic & persuades no one. Perhaps not even yrself.

      Israel considers this man a terrorist (whether rightly or not isn’t relevant to my point)

      Of course it’s not relevant to yr point because yr point is defending Mossad come what may. He had no access to legal representation during his interrogations & torture sessions. Perhaps you’d like a taste of that yrself to see how much access you’d be given to yr attorney while tied to a chair & beaten to a pulp?

      1. asking people if they would like to be tied to a chair and beaten to a pulp?????

        Richard, what ARE you thinking?

        two governments agree to work together to arrest a man, often there’s a reason.

        if the man was arrested wrongfully, that’s still not grounds for you to abuse somebody thinking that there probably was cause and that the man might have committed a crime or two.

        ease up on folks politely raising questions or offering opinions that differ with your not necessarily well-founded opinions.

        governments often do things that they do not publicized and
        have quite various reasons for not publicizing.

  2. RE: “Pravda Identifies New Witness in Abusisi Kidnapping, Charges Senior Ukrainian Intelligence Official With Orchestrating Scheme” – R.S.

    “OLDE SNARKY” SEZ: Wow! I’m glad things like that don’t ever happen here in the good, old US of A. At least, not often.

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