5 thoughts on “N.Y. State Senator Hosts Anti-Jihadi Inquisition – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Here’s wishing for the lawsuit to come out in your favour.
    As I’m sure it will.

    But don’t forget to ask for costs; there’s nothing that beats rubbing salt into a wound when the opportunity presents itself.

    1. In a suit like this one I don’t believe you can ask for your costs to be covered. Unfortunately someone filing a frivolous lawsuit on this subject is not subject to sanction. But if we win she will owe previous fees assessed by a judge in an earlier phase of the case.

  2. You raised some excellent points in this piece, Richard, not least of which is the obvious – that when the general public reads about King, they don’t realize who he is in cahoots with and they can’t really get a grasp of his motivations.

    By the same token, Terry Jones has some very strange and alarming bedfellows. Generally, it’s useful to think like a conspiracy nut and, when these losers pop up in the media, ask yourself, “who is benefitting from this?” Then look for the “dots,” and connect them.

    All of these haters have a political agenda; they’re exploiting and duping the public with inflammatory rhetoric and grandstanding, all for the sake of fulfilling a political goal.

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