10 thoughts on “David Yerushalmi Threatens Defamation Lawsuit – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yerushalmi is just messanic rabble who give Jews a bad name. Keep on exposing this fraud for what he really is- a bigot.

  2. So this Bigoted thug “Yerushalmi” has no problem making the life of 4 million Muslims in the States a living hell, by engaging in demagoguery collective accusations of “stealth Jihad”, and “Taqiyyah”, giving ammunition to the Lynch-Mob hordes in OC, Murfreesbro, and New York, and denyiong Muslims their rights to peaceful assembly and worship, yet this criminal bully, has a problem when he is served a raw dish of his own medicine. Like a burglar limping off to the police station, when he gets shot by the home owner, for invading the Home owner’s privacy!. Priceless!!

    Good for you, Richard for putting creatures like him in his place.

  3. Thanks Richard. I was pretty shocked by the longwinded Michael Scheurman (sp?) on the state funded TVW channel on cable today, his speech at Town Hall Seattle as if the country was under siege by islamists. Why do I hear the word “Islamo Fascism” on all the rightwing channels and never hear the word “Judeo Fascism”?

    I search my Twitter feed for the words #antigod. and #antimilitary. and #judeofascism. I feel so alone! LOL!

  4. Quoth Yerushalmi:

    the pietistic worship of the divine through […] atheistic worship or humanistic

    I suspect the intellectual rigour that went into coming up with this is indicative of what he knows about Sharia, or Islam, for that matter.

  5. Keep up the great work! Yerushalmi is not only a fraud, he is a racist, a bigot, and undemocratic. HE belongs in Gitmo!

  6. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. In fact, I learned about this character through your blog. I’m glad you are calling him out on his hateful ways. We are a global humanity, that should rejoice in diversity, not in spite of it.

  7. David Is a disgrace to Jews…jews and muslims have co-existed in harmony till worms like him muster the courage to cause violence between them…if we ban anything it should be people like David Yerushalmi…the causes of violence aganist Jews and Muslims alike…

  8. Roger Cohen has a good story about this in NYT last week…..did you see it….email me Richard, i got the clipping..re ……. David Yerushalmi (ne Beychok),

  9. .
    Louise is survived by her children from this union, Lila Beychok, David Yerushalmi, and Daniel Beychok, and her seven grandchildren: Jessica Beychok-Boyer, Olivia Beychok-Boyer, Jacob Beychok, Joshua Beychok, Shane Beychok-Boyer, Yechezkal Yerushalmi and Chana Leah Yerushalmi.

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