5 thoughts on “Eretz Nehederet: Im Tirzu Teaches Kindergarteners the Middle East Facts of Life – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Actually, this is a very unsuccessful satire, and it’s sad and scary, not funny. Satires work when they exaggerate reality in order to get a laugh and make their point. There is no exaggeration here: this could well be an actual scene in an Israeli school, perhaps not kindergarten but surely elementary school. I am sure many (perhaps most) Israelis would actually like to have just this kind of education for their children, starting as early as possible.

    1. Very true, but still a brilliant segment. The fact that no few people still watch it does give me a little bit of hope though.

    2. Zohar:

      What a fool!
      What circles do you live in? If you were to watch Eretz Nehederet frequently you would know that all their satire is close to the bone and is close to the extremes on both side of the political spectrum.
      Avigdor Lieberman gets the same flak as does Bibi and Abu Tir and Nasrallah.
      And as all good satire it only exaggerates a little in order that people without humour like you will not think of it as satire but rather the possible truth.

      Many\most people do not think anything like these extremes, only the extreme left will see the right wing satire as “possible”, as will the extreme right see Nasrallah acting has his satired twin.

      You fell into the trap of this satire hook line and sinker!

      1. I see it differently. The satire in this case is so potent because we like to think of children as innocent. So having the racist ideas of adults placed in the mouths of babes becomes hilarious. But I have no doubt prejudice of this sort is sucked w their mother’s milk by settlers & those on the far right.

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