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  1. Hate to be a fly in the ointment
    But quite a few times in recent times the Jews slavery in Egypt story has been debunked.
    It remains part of the Bible myth that has as yet to be certified.
    There are indeed mentions of Jews in Egypt but not to the extent of the Bible. Further there is considerable archeological proof that the pyramids were not built by either slaves nor Jews.
    I feel the wrath of Khan is about to hit me, but it’s time to call a spade a spade and I refuse to be part of the Borg.
    Resistance is not futile.

    1. Nessim – and this is the only part of the Bible you don’t think is true? If you believed the Bible to be a historical book you would be dati.

      Hardly any of the Bible up to about the time of Elijah has any “proof” whatsoever. That’s what religion is all about – belief in the unprovable.
      Probably about half the population of the world believes the story of the exodus from Egypt and other Bible stories (i.e. all those who believe in the Old and New testaments and the Koran). So what?

      It has no practical meaning today except for the anecdote told from the first Camp David meeting when Begin jocularly remarked that Egypt should compensate for the Jewish slave labour, to which Sadaat quipped that the Jews should return the spoils to Egypt which they took with them to the wilderness….

    1. Ah, so you’re claiming the bomb was the work of the Islamic Brotherhood or anyone supporting the Egyptian Revolution? I can’t believe your unbelievable ignorance. THe bombing has no connection whatsoever to either one. Your friends in the Egyptian Muhabarat even claim it was the work of radical Gaza Islamists affiliated w. Al Qaeda. There goes yr theory unless you’re going to claim that Gazan Islamists will take over Egypt somehow. Precision is always a good thing. You should try it sometime. Yr arguments would be a lot more convincing.

  2. RE: “Bibi Netanyahu is shreying about the Muslim Brotherhood in terms redolent of Al Qaeda.” – R.S.
    SEE: Nobody mentions the Jewish Brotherhood ~ by Yossi Gurvitz, +972 Magazine, 02/05/11

    (excerpts) While Israelis pay plenty of attention to the fear of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, they steadfastly ignore the rise of the Jewish brotherhood in their own country…
    …Like the Muslim Brotherhood, whose basic assumption is that the first process towards a return to the glory days is cleansing society of non-Islamic elements, the Jewish Brotherhood always claimed that non-Jews ought to be removed from Jewish society. In this, they enjoyed wide support from most of Israeli Jewish society, which was always racist to the bone (a vast majority of Orthodox Jews in Israel consider a family member marrying a non-Jew to be a blot on the family’s honor). This process reached new peaks during the last few years.
    …About a year ago, some hitherto unknown group in Safed started demanding (Hebrew) employers sign their non-Jewish workers to a pledge to keep the “laws of the Sons of Noah” – i.e. recognize their subservience to Jewish law. By no accident, Safed is the town of Shmuel Eliyahu. The initiative spread to other towns. Then came Eliyahu’s ruling, forbidding renting apartments to non-Jews, which led to the “Rabbis’ Letter,” signed by more than 300 Israeli rabbis…

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://972mag.com/nobody-mentions-the-jewish-brotherhood/

  3. There is a saying in that region.
    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”
    To think that Coptic Christians and Muslims are buddy buddy is just a tad delusional.
    It is well documented that the Muslims have been attacking the Coptic Christians for quite some time.
    If they appear to be coming along side of each other for any reason it is to see Mubarak go down, once that common cause is over it will be business as usual.

    1. There is a saying in this blog: “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” You know nothing about Egypt. Which Muslims have been attacking Copts? Members of the Muslim Brotherhood? Who says?

      I don’t mind people writing comments here who disagree w. me. But writing based on such abject ignorance is embarrassing.

        1. Once again, you’re provided no proof that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind these attacks, which is what I specifically asked you & others repeating this stupid theme to do. Any terrorist can commit such an act. Does that mean that this terrorist or the movement he represents will take over the gov’t of Egypt? No. So stop w. this nonsense. Terrorists commit similar acts in the US & elsehwere. Does this mean they’re going to create Islamist states in the places where they perpetrate these acts? C’mon. Get real. Stop wasting our time. If you want to peddle such nonsense by all means. But not here.

        2. # Shmuel)
          This is the way you work intellectually in Israel ?
          You state ‘here’s some links to articles concerning Muslims attacks on Copts in Egypt”, and you come up with 6 links of whom 2 don’t work and three of the others are about the same attack, the one in Alexandria.
          So if I come up with 50 links on the same Israeli Jew attacking a Palestinian, that makes it 50 attacks ?

          1. Deir Yassin: If you had a basic computer background you’d realise that a link not working is usually a geographical problem. They all worked for me.

            It would be very comforting to see a link showing condemnation of the attacks on the Copts from an official Muslim Brotherhood spokesman.

          2. # Shmuel)
            Even if the two last links don’t work in my area – antisemitic France – I can still see that they are about the attack on the Coptic Church in Alexandria. So 5 of your 6 links are on the SAME attack. Multiplying links on the same incident do not multiply the incidents – even a non-scientific mind as mine can understand that !

            If you google “Muslim Brotherhood + condemnation + attack + Coptic Church” you’ll get an official condemnation. I’ve done your homework, but I guess you don’t really care whether the Ikhwan condemned the attack or not:
            There’s a link to their website.
            By the way, if you read the comment that I’ve posted further down the file: according to al-Arabiyya, the former Minister of Interior, Habib al-Adly, is involved in the attack to stir division between the different communities in order to present the regime as the sole guarantor of stability.
            Being a former Brit, you probably know the colonial ‘divide and rule’-politics which the Empire perfected in India.
            tahya al-thawra al-‘arabiyya (Long live the Arab revolution)

          3. Deir Yassin;
            Interesting that you talk about “tahya al-thawra al-’arabiyya (Long live the Arab revolution)

            Isn’t that a racist comment, wanting a revolution based on ethnic origin? Surely the revolution should be open to all races and not racially exclusive?
            And how do you define Arab? By patralinial or matralinial lineage? And how can I become an Arab should I want to become one? Is membership by birth or a geographical connexion? Are the Bedouin, Druze or Copts part of the revolution?

            Please tell me more about how the Arab people\race\ethnic group is expected to revolt and against whom? And what is the outcome meant to achieve? Is there ultimately to be one great “Arab” empire exclusively for “Arabs”?

          4. When I said ‘tahya al-thawra al-arabiyya’, I was in fact referring to Egypt and Tunisia though the revolts will hopefully spread to ALL of the Arab countries, including Palestine.
            And I was referring to breaking the chains of oppression in which Arab dictators have held their own people, though of course helped, encouraged and financed by Western, including Israeli, interests.
            I wasn’t even thinking of the Zionist-Arab antagonistic relationship, though what’s happening in the Arab world will of course influence the interrelations with the Jewish state. January 14th 2011 changed for ever the course of history in the Arab world.
            ‘Arab’ has nothing to do with ‘race’ – which is a social construction – neither with genetics. You do know that, don’t you ? And I don’t consider the Arabs as an ethnic group either but as peopleS having Arabic as their native tongue, and made up of various ethnic groups.
            And when I said ‘long live the Arab revolution’ I might have taken a shortcut but it’s the common denominator of the countries called ‘Arab’. Do you feel excluded ? You think the Israeli Jews want to join the revolution ? So let’s go for
            ‘tahya al-thawra al-sha’abiyya (wal-ishtirâkiyya)’.

    2. “It’s well documented that the Muslims have been attacking the Coptic Christians for quite some time now”.

      Well documented is maybe too much; I’ve regularly heard people accusing the Mossad ! but news on the topic. Hopefully the MSM will spread the news as they did after the attack in Alexandria.

      “Al-Arabiyya publishes amazing news:
      ‘the former Minister of Interior, responsible for years of the repression, arrests and torture in Egypt, Habib al-Adly, is suspected of being behind the attack on the Coptic Church in Alexandria on the 31st of December.
      “According to British diplomatic sources, the former Minister of Interior established, – years ago, an organization run by 22 officials who used former Islamic radicals, drog dealers and security firms in order to lead acts of sabotage across the country in case the regime was in difficulty”

      Concerning the Copts, the regime wanted to stir division between Muslims and Christians in order to present itself as the guarantor of stability.
      Since the beginning of the uprising – and with the police off the streets – no attack against Christians places of worship has occurred.
      * Alain Gresh, former director of ‘Le Monde Diplomatique’ grew up in Egypt, as son of a Russian Jew and a Coptic step-father. His biological father is the Egyptian Jewish Communist Henri Curiel.

      After the false claim of arson in a non-existing synagogue in El-Hamma in Tunisia, rumours spread by right wing Zionists based in Paris and published by Haaretz, a Tunisian Jew, Gilles-Jacob Lellouche, wrote a long commentary in ‘Libération’ stating the same and accusing the Sephardic Zionists in France of stirring intercommunity hate too.

      Arab dictators and the Zionist agenda go along just fine.

  4. The Bible (OT) can relate to a time that is even older that Man. Yet, in all the millennia that has since passed, certain lessons still seem hard to learn.

    The Egyptians and the Tunisians have certainly boldly gone down a path that many others have had to take before them. Rather too many, if truth be told. The amount of pain, anger and sheer frustration that the technique embodies seems a constant reminder of mankind’s inability to do these things in any other fashion. Why is it that same old script has to be followed so slavishly on each and every occasion. How is it that things get to such a state in the first place?

    More often than not, the arrangement takes on the appearance of a pyramid scheme; a few guys at the top raking in most of the benefits while those a little way down the slope get just enough to convince them to keep the structure in place. As for the rest, they have to make do with whatever’s left over at the end.
    Usually, that turns out to be quite a small slice of what, at the time, was always reckoned to have been a very big pie.

    The pyramid generally remains intact only because everyone is willing to accept the situation at face value, not delve too deeply into the whys and wherefores of what is actually supporting it.

    When that support is no longer forthcoming, when the masses have rebelled and taken to the streets, then it’s customary for the big boys to vacate the premises in somewhat of a hurry. When the dust has finally settled, they’re long gone and everyone else is left to pick up the pieces. That is, if they can find any.

    A very old story, of course, and one that has been repeated often enough down the centuries.

    But where oh where, I wonder, are the new stories?
    Is this all that there is? And will it always be thus?

    Or is it just that none of us can be bothered to come up with anything better?

  5. This is an incredibly positive sign ! You can discern certain trends by looking at the right pieces of the global geo-political hologram. Misinterpretation of the zeitgeist has been a feature of most leaders thinking in the past. As I have maintained for a long time now how we perceive a situation can determine what unfolds. Of course putting on rose coloured glasses can be dangerous. We must be vigilant about the possibility of evil, whether it is in a pub on a Saturday evening or a nation going through change. There are ways to shift the dynamic in a situation for the better. The presence, oversight and involvement of certain people can create order, stability, benevolence and expansiveness. G-d always leaves a few tzaddiks/angels down here on terra firma to hold the very fabric of the universe together. The more angels the better…

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