4 thoughts on “Bibi’s Office Sprang a Leak: Did It Involve Exposing Name of New Shabak Chief? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I wonder if the Shabat are as good with leaks as Anglian Water are proving, or if their performance is a bit more like Northern Ireland Water?

  2. Respectfully, here is my take of the situation:

    A face saving shift in US policy has occurred whereby Israel is being pressured through back door channels to finally make good on its announcements to engage in a peace process, stop shouting about an Iranian threat that doesn’t exist (btw, Iran just invited several European diplomats to tour its nuclear facilities, but it was hidden somewhere under the Crossword puzzle, maybe even as a clue thereof lol), and to end its occupation and settlement policies once and for all. Barak is playing ball as well — anything to stay in the favored light, anything! Livni and Clinton are spearheading this policy shift.

    Why? The truth still remains that Israel will not exist under the current trajectory because of the demographic trends that it cannot artificially control (despite trying, via war and death, mass starvation and/or “depleted” radioactive uranium). Israel’s identity will be hard to maintain when Israeli Jews are a minority, particularly before the world that has put up with sinister policies for a very, very long time.

    I’ll leave it at that. I think this is why Netanyahu has recently become a target of mainstream media and is now paranoid that his staff are working against him. He sounds very much like another poorly skilled, lying Middle Eastern dictator: Saddam Hussein.

  3. Richard, what Tal said “not published nor will it be” overrule the possibility it is Y. the identity is revealed after he gets appointed. so you would have to continue your search.

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