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  1. Rest assured Pooya Dayanim does not represent Iranian-Americans, Iranian Jews, Iranians, or any other extrapolation. His innaccurate and published remarks illustrate that he has failed to rehabilitate as the California Bar Association had asked. He exudes an appearance of impropriety when he publishes lies about the Iranian Jewish community in Iran, on Iranian.com. He should not be a member of this noble profession and, further, should not act under the color and authority of a licensed attorney when doing so, if he has. His purported association with a well known terrorist group, the Mujahedin-e Khalq, also makes him a national security risk. In all likelihood, they were the culprits behind Alireza Pahlavi’s apparent suicide on Tuesday. The Iranian community, 150+ million worldwide, are globally united against the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq), who helped to depose the Shah and are now under a new name, the National Council of Resistance [Out]side Iran (the NCRI). The State Department and Republicans of America should know they are a grave danger to Americans as well. They killed their own countrymen (sided with Saddam and worse) and will turn on America when given the chance. Maryam Rajavi and Masoud Rajavi are opportunists, Islamo-Marxist terrorists and leaders of a cult of this type. The FBI should and must look into Dai and Pooya to see if this association is true. America First — ALWAYS! What country do these jokers think they live in at the moment? Israel? Enough is enough.

    1. Fr. what I know I wouldn’t say that Dayanim is a member of MKO or there’s any formal relationship. It’s more like a relationship of convenience. Since Israeli intelligence is close to MKO, then Dayanim is as well.

      1. Why cant AIPAC act like a domestic lobby with concerns about Americans rather than one that screws Americans for Israeli interests?

    2. Material support [which definition has recently been awarded broad latitude] to terrorist groups is punishable under U.S. law. The MEK is a terrorist organization and all who associate with it should be arrested immediately, given that peace activists in the U.S. have recently been rounded up and accused of providing material support to terrorist organizations even though it was done innocently through third parties whom the activists had no clue they even knew a member of a terrorist group, [ex, Hamas] which makes this is a much flimsier excuse for indictment than indicting a ham sandwich.

      SO, if we apply the above standard to this case it appears there is fire where there is smoke, but because Israelis and Jewish Iranians are involved the DOUBLE-STANDARD laws come into play and take precedence.

    3. I don’t know diddly s..t about Dayanim or his intrigues with Iranian terrorist groups. But please spare me the “America First” crap. America Firsters are the ones who have been causing all the trouble in this country for the past fifty years. If the U.S. is becoming an authoritarian state, it is the fault of America First mentality.

      Aren’t you also jumping to reckless conclusions by accusing anyone of complicity in Alireza’s apparent suicide?

      1. Let’s see how it pans out. They’ll try to blame the IRI, who was not threatened nor had reach in the US. America first means isolation as Washington wanted, not America first in the Middle East. We should be selling products, not looting or buying them by subcontracting the empire building process. Empires, as any reading of history will show, simply collapse. America revolted against an Empire, and our forefathers never wished us to become one. JFK famously said Pax Americana by force of weapons and imperialism is not a way to achievement. Look at what they did to him. I care not to step on everyone’s toes as everyone, like Americans I know and myself, are not into creating blowback and a nation run by security paranoia and commercial superficialities.

      2. Gene, and everyone else, please also stop putting me into categories. I don’t toe any party line, I don’t do cookie cutter arguments, I’m not interested in any -isms or particular forms of government that can’t check their power over individuals’ lives, I’m not left or right, center, up or down, Monarchist or Islamist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Pagan, aethist, nor agnostic. I’m real and human. I tolerate all individuals. I wish for a positive trajectory in the world that excludes human suffering. I don’t believe in a utopia, but I believe we can try to have one if everyone listens to reason. I don’t look at this world through the regular prisms. I revere people like Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Jesus (as a human), John Lennon, Albert Einstein (not a pacifist, but a realist), and anyone who stands for human progression and lack of malice.

        Also, Gene, please calm down. Those “America Firsters” hijacked a good thing just like any other radical. Everything is good, but only in moderation.

      3. Persian Advocate’s point is entirely valid. Would you prefer Iranian-Americans whose primary allegiance was to Israel & the Mossad? He’s make the entirely reasonable pt. that Americans should hold America’s interests first & not those of another nation whether it be Iran or Israel.

        1. Both PA and Richard miss my point. I am not categorizing you, PA, only trying to calm YOU down. And teach you not to throw around names like America Firsters who have been a major detriment to American society. They are the type whence grow all the right-wing nuts from Christian evangelicals to Tea Partiers, and allow the neocons to push their Project for the American Century agenda on the rest of the world. Gung ho American jingoism is not a good thing.

          Richard takes the first opportunity to criticize me for what he thinks is my anti-Americanism and/or anti-Zionism. I am neither. Like PA, and you, I am for justice and freedom. If America and Zionism suffocate those two categories, and they do today,I am against them.

          1. I didn’t say you were anti-American nor did I at all refer to you being anti Zionist. I wish you’d be more careful in characterizing what others say about you & yr views. I only criticized yr statement that PA’s conviction that Iranian Americans should be loyal to America should be characterized as “America Firstism.” It’s not.

          2. Richard, be careful not to use broad labels. The Iranian-American community is very much loyal to the country of its citizenry, but also to its culture. This should be the same for American Jews, particularly those who aren’t even substantially connected to Israel in any way. It seems as if AIPAC’s agenda is Israel’s rather than Americans who are also of Israeli origin. That is f*cked up, and every American who finds out would agree.

            For others, check out http://niaccouncil.org/ to see what a REAL Domestic Lobby looks like. AIPAC continues to have undue influence on foreign policy, including America’s complicity in aiding the occupation and settlements — both illegal activities on the international scale. No lobby should be able to promote illegal activities, it is against the very spirit of American law.

  2. And then there’s the little matter of the article that appeared in a Lebanese paper, ad-Diyar, that Ms Rozen so conveniently refers to, and which spread like wildfire in the Lebanese press, that Asgari allegedly appeared 8 MONTHS AGO before the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s Investigative Committee to testify against Hezbollah in the case of Hariri’s assassination.

    Why has no one challenged this allegation by demanding they mention the source of the information or demanding from the U.N. which created the Tribunal to provide a silent videotape of Asgari testifying before the Committee, since Iran specifically asked the U.N. to look into his fate and the U.N. has an obligation to respond truthfully to this request?

    Someone needs to explore this angle in depth.

  3. You’re right Kalea. No doubt people already are inquiring, and something will come out of it sooner or later. Very interesting!

  4. Richard, this is so funny it is unbelievable.

    Here are the facts:

    1. Brigadier General Ali-Reza Asgari (1 November 1952) was an Iranian general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, [1] deputy defense minister, and cabinet member of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami

    2. In the 1980s Asgari was commander of the Revolutionary Guard in Lebanon

    3. Asgari had been “pushed aside” from his ministerial role after President Ahmadinejad, a former rival, came in to power in 2005

    4. Asgari disappeared in Turkey in early 2007

    5. On March 8 2007 The Washington Post said that Asgari was willingly cooperating with Western intelligence officials, and was providing information on Hezbollah and its Iranian connections

    6. On March 12 the German Minister of Defense, Franz Josef Jung, was asked about the disappearance during a visit to Ankara, Turkey. Jung answered, “I cannot say anything on this issue.”[32]

    7. According to The Sunday Telegraph, Asgari’s defection was part of a CIA program called “the Brain Drain”, which began in 2005 and later netted Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri.[33]

    Asgari’s history shows he lost his sit of power hence, he has a great reason to defect.

    The US has some history (as demonstrated with Shahram Amiri) with being involved in the defection of Iranian officials.

    Your assertion that he died comes via a middle man whom you trust, but you don’t know who is sources are. You do have sources in Israel who used you as a way to void gag orders before.

    You ripped to shreds the reputation of both Ebrahimi and Dayanim, but I have few remarks about it:

    1. Even though Ebrahimi was the one who apparently published the UNHCR document, you don’t know if he was the one who circulated it, you can only assume.

    2. Their claims does not really matter as they have no official capacity in the matter.

    Israel response

    1. Officially Israel didn’t provide any response and they will not, neither did the Germans nor the Americans, and Israel will not act any differently; asserting blame from that fact is ridiculous.

    2. Y. Melman who is known for having great connection within the Israeli intelligence agencies, denied Asgari was ever in Israel, gave a hint as for the identity of prisoner X. (and Israeli who was arrested for espionage)

    Based on all of the above, it seems that you are headed in the wrong direction, for a matter of fact, I think that someone is using you to flash some news and see what will be coming out of the pipe.

    This modus operandi aka flashing news and seeing what comes off the other end of the pipe is a common behavior of intelligence agencies, there is a lot of disinformation going around, and you have a role in it.

    1. Much of what you listed as “facts” are anything but. They are assertions (starting fr. #5), some of which are backed w. no evidence whatsoever except that provided by Ebrahimi, who we’ve seen is a fraud & liar.

      Asgari’s history shows he lost his sit of power hence, he has a great reason to defect.

      Nonsense. Show us a single other high level IRG figure who has defected for any reason. If you can’t yr argument falls like a house of cards.

      Amiri’s case is a single one & it failed pretty miserably didn’t it?

      You do have sources in Israel who used you as a way to void gag orders before.

      I resent & object to yr terminology & won’t accept yr using such terms. Not at all. NO ONE “uses” me least of all you or any source. Don’t try to play me (referring to some private correspondence), don’t try to manipulate me, don’t try to psyche me out. Mark my words well. Others before have tried this & they’ve ended up on the trash heap where they belong.

      Even though Ebrahimi was the one who apparently published the UNHCR document, you don’t know if he was the one who circulated it

      Not sure what you mean. If you mean I’m not sure who “fabricated” the document that’s true. But the Mossad could easily have done so. As for “circulating” it Ebrahimi himself did that by placing it on his Flickr pg. where it was acessible to all.

      I don’t recall Melman giving any hint that Prisoner X was an Israeli arrested for espionage. But if he did & you can provide a link, I’d be very interested to read it. I have heard this rumor before but have no idea how or whether to credit it.

      there is a lot of disinformation going around, and you have a role in it.

      As do you. You are but one of a large number of Israelis who’ve written me privately boasting either explicitly or implicitly of excellent Israeli intelligence connections. In yr case implicitly. So you’re playing me as much as anyone else is. Keep that in mind.

  5. Ilan’s points are all spin and wholly inaccurate. He exemplifies the exact content of this blog: there is a campaign of misinformation here to discredit Richard and cause undue ambiguity over this story. With respect to the numbered points above:
    1-4: will have to fact check, but they prove nothing new
    5- the Washingon Post has no inside source to substantiate Asgari’s defection claim. Why would he leave a wife and children behind to plea for his return in tears so authentically and in such a public way? This is a dead man you’re smearing… That’s disgusting.
    6- proves nothing.
    7- you have named Shahram Amiri, who similarly to Asgari, claims he was abducted and tortured. He strangely escaped. But now, his story makes more sense. Thank for the connection! Here he is explaining how he was forced to make a fake video of his defection (one in which you can see him visibly reading a script): http://m.youtube.com/watch?v%3DYhiow35bkWw&tbs=vid:1&ved=0CCIQtwIwAzgK&usg=AFQjCNHi5D6ovFFvUtj3cnXVCJuCPDR4Jg



    The whole of your argument shows YOUR modus operandi along with Israel’s

  6. I have to share my experiences with Iranian Jews in Los Angeles. I grew up in Orange County with Jewish and Iranian friends, neighbors on both sides were Iranian, one Jewish, one Catholic. Never had a problem with Jewish or Iranian people they were my friends and neighbors.

    Then I went to uni in LA and needed dental work, looked for a “Middle Eastern” looking name for a dentist since my last dentist was Middle Eastern ended up with a dentist that became irate when he found out I was Palestinian and from Iraq. I should have left at this point but I was young, naive and rather zealous in my evangelical faith and wanted to show him some love and grace.

    This dentist:

    1. after drilling my teeth refused to use composite fillings and filled my mouth with amalgam/ silver/ mercury even though i already had composite

    2. a few months after this procedure i was diagnosed with mutually exclusive symptoms of ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease which are associated with mercury poisoning from the fillings i had

    3. years later i had an enlarged thyroid that was thought to be cancerous, on the same side of my neck where all the silver fillings coincided

    Another experience I had was when I was studying in the main library at UCLA and had an available seat next to me in a crowded study area. I offered the seat to another student who was looking for a place to sit. In conversation he asked me where I was from and I answered Palestinian fro Iraq, he replied with “so I have two reasons to hate you” in a very serious and derogatory tone. Suddenly I understood the horrible experience I had with the dentist.

    I am not saying all Iranian-Jews in Los Angeles are horrible people, but my experience was one that revealed brainwashing to hate me and I will avoid business with them in the future. I’ve only shared a bit of all what happened with these two men, but those were my 2 of 2 experiences with Iranian Jews in LA and as anyone can see there is a strong sentiment of justified hate from those two men which left with the belief that this sentiment is definitive of the Iranian Jewish community in Los Angeles. I would love to be proved wrong, but I won’t be placing my body in the line of their fire/ anger anymore each year I discover more mercury poisoning related problems in my health/ organs.


    1. That is very awful and I feel empathy for you, Rana. The truth is that the racism is a modus operandi mainstream Zionist culture. As an Iranian-American, nearly all the stigmatization of our community comes from the propaganda programs of Israel and its lobbies. I wouldn’t differentiate between the pages of Mein Kampf and much of what I read about Iranians brought to you by lobbies and card carrying members thereof (AIPAC and J Street). Dershowitz is as least as foaming at the mouth as Das Führer in my opinion. Godwin’s “law” be damned, you act like a bigot and racist you shall be interpreted in my humble opinion to be one, especially when you print articles in that vein publically.

      When mainstream zionists threaten to kill people for differences of opinion? Stalin. When they ran over Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer? Townsmen Square.

      And if one doesn’t like these associations, then stop causing other people to opine that way about you. (Persian Advocate’s “Law”)

  7. Could this be the reason that Prisoner X died:

    “Dan Yakir, chief legal counsel for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, the country’s oldest human rights group, said: “There is no information on whether this person has been charged, whether he has been tried or whether he has been convicted.”

    In a letter to the Israeli attorney general last week which has yet to receive a response, Mr Yakir protested the secrecy surrounding Mr X’s detention.
    “It is insupportable that, in a democratic country, authorities can arrest people in complete secrecy and disappear them from public view without the public even knowing such an arrest took place,” he wrote.”

    Because of the article first published in Yediot Ahronot “Quoting unidentified officials within the Israeli penitentiary service, it disclosed that Mr X was being held in Unit 15, a wing of Ayalon prison that contains a single cell.”

    It went on to describe his situation. Thus, Richard, you are not responsible for Prisoner X’s fate, since Yediot Ahronot broke the Prisoner X story and it was quickly taken down by the IDF precisely to avoid what I quoted above from a Telegraph article I’m linking.

    If indeed Prisoner X was murdered and I feel as you do, that he was, it would no doubt be because human rights groups started questioning and demanding an explanation. This would in turn lead to others demanding visitation of the prisoner. So it seems logical to conclude that with that impending, imminent threat, they got rid of him and avoided what might be a scandal or worse.

    If indeed, he were a spy, why on earth would Israeli authorities feel threatened that his identity might be revealed! The Telegraph article uses the example of Marcus Klinberg to state that Israel has tried and sentenced a man to prison in secret in the past. But if indeed, this were a similar case, the public would understand that the man was a traitor and got what he deserved. Case closed.

    BUT, this is not the case here. They felt genuinely threatened by the possibility that his identity might be exposed no doubt because of the explosive implications the truth about his identity might have.

    There is nothing out of the ordinary in The Telegraph article except for the fact that it mentions the “espionage” angle.


    HOWEVER, I came across an interview on an Iranian news site with Amir Farshad Ebrahimi where he describes the “Rescue Committee” he is associated with. I get the impression that this “rescue committee” is merely a front for mis-information and that its members are perhaps intelligence agents working with him perhaps to “rescue defectors/dissidents” but they appear also to be there to disseminate false information and/or timely information through Ebrahimi to the press.

    He’s trying to spin the fact that Shahram Amiri was not “who he pretended to be”. I find the Amiri story fascinating because it almost feels like Amiri was used as a cover for what happened to Asgari. Whatever Ebrahimi says, we must think and suspect the OPPOSITE. Is he covering for Amiri with this false spin???

    “During his time in the US, Amiri appeared to have made three videos – one saying he had decided to continue his studies in the US, another saying he was being held captive and a third claiming to be on the run from the CIA. In the one in which he states that he’s doing fine and wished to continue his education in the U.S. he “strangely” states: “I am not involved in weapons research and have no experience and knowledge in this field.”

    Okay, notice how that line is meant to protect him. U.S. officials stated he made the other two seemingly contradictory tapes also as protection, in other words, to be able to return to Iran without suffering repercussions, in other words to “fool” Iranian authorities into thinking he was captured, tortured etc. because it’s been put in the press that his family was being threatened. But at the same time Ebrahimi tried to say he was useless and turned on them. Why the contradiction here?

    Now, suddenly: “Iranbriefing.net – run by a US-based group that normally reports on political prisoners and the activities of Iran’s revolutionary guard – said the scientist, Shahram Amiri, had been interrogated intensively for three months in Tehran before spending two months in solitary confinement, where his treatment left him hospitalised for a week.”

    WHY NOW? WHY ARE WE FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS NOW? If someone knew this was going on for three months WHY was it put out there by this group NOWWW?

    Something is very wrong with this picture, please help me figure it out. I started this by trying to connect the Asgari case with Amiri. A pattern and link between these two is being created somehow.


    I started this with: “Could this be the reason that Prisoner X died?” and the fact that the truth was about to be exposed and one thing led to the other.

    The timing of this “information” on Amiri’s fate in Iran these months seems so convenient, but why?

  8. Richard, this is somewhat OT but I thought you would find GQ’s Ronen Bergman’s detailed description of the fumbled Dubai hit job and Meir Dagan’s Mossad of interest. This quote is emblematic of the crippling Israeli hubris:

    “As one very senior German intelligence expert told me: “The Israelis’ problem has always been that they underestimate everyone—the Arabs, the Iranians, Hamas. They are always the smartest and think they can hoodwink everyone all the time. A little more respect for the other side—even if you think he is a dumb Arab or a German without imagination—and a little more modesty would have saved us all from this embarrassing entanglement.”


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