11 thoughts on “Video: GOD-TV’s Nakba Against Bedouin Negev Village – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wow, these lunatics, I am speechless. We should all write to GOD TV and demand some answers from them.

    Great blog post though, well done!

    1. Here to gloat are you?

      Why would they get hot and bothered? It’s not like they have something to hide? Aren’t they interested in having God’s word go viral? Isn’t part of their Christian duty to spread the Gospel around? Well seems like Richard and Max just did them a big favor. Free publicity; free exposure.

      Of course, if what they’re doing is wronnnng. If what they’re doing is inhuman and goes against Christian principles; then all they have to worry about is a bit of lightening.

      I suggest they stay away from open spaces and “trees”. Who knows when the weather may suddenly change and lightening strikes. Would that the Bedouin had such luck on their side!

      1. youtube/google cares little about fair use….they care about not being sued

        so if someone claims copyright infringement…down you go

        that even includes if the vid is already up on youtube, and you take parts of it to use for your own

        i take it that godtv didnt like how you used their vid

        and seriously…can you blame them?

  2. How wonderful! God TV celebrates God’s bigotry and dispossession of the Palestinian people as a first step in “His” Plan. And I’m sure they look forward to the dispossession of the Jewish people when the end times revelation manifests. All in order to convince themselves that their childhood fantasies can come true. When will people grow up and actually begin to think for themselves?

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