6 thoughts on “Israeli Media Learn Precisely Wrong Lessons on Wikileaks Disclosures About Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yossi spent about as much time thinking about that article as he did about stealing your scoop, Mr. Silverstein. It’s sad.

    The complexity of actually launching a nuclear attack should be of concern to the Yossimeister as well, but he doesn’t even wax poetic about that because it would show the futility of his wolf cry.

    Assuming the Iranians get the bomb, that is, they kick out all of the inspectors, break all of the seals, and make an overt move to streamline enrichment for the next 6-12 months and either somehow miraculously import a huge rocket (delivery system) without the watching world seeing or create one using a piece of gum, a 9 iron, and pine needles like a Shirazi McGyver. Never mind that Israel will just sit on its thumbs as Iran proceeds to do this.

    When they do finally build that 20-30 year old piece of junk it will be detonated over Tehran (or where it launches from) by anyone that cares to defend Israel from a nuclear attack (read: THE WORLD).

    Now this delivery system, not an ICBM, but some junk that Iran can manage to create (like the ones Yossi Melman, I’m sure, was crying will reach Moscow and Europe (oh no!!!!)) isn’t even a threat. How do we know this? Well it was only about a year ago (July 2009) when Kim Jung-Il threatened to nuke Pear Harbor, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates pretty much replied, “Go right ahead, try us.” The US was ready for the Taepong-2, so why is Israel afraid of the Kotak-o-Chak-101 (I named mine “beating and slaps 101” lol…sorry I call creative liberties on that…)? Iron dome wasn’t expensive enough?

        1. He did actually write something very gracious in Haaretz about my work regarding Anat Kamm. But you’re right, recognition & credit are the currency of the realm when it comes to the credibility & reputation of blogs & journalism. Every little bit helps.

  2. It is worth noting thar these so called Arab leaders are thugs, tyrants, and American Puppets. They represent only their own self interest which is to stay on power against the wishes of the vast majority of their people. Given their complete dependence on the US, who would expect otherwise? The sooner these medieval royal families and assorted parasites are removed the better.

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