20 thoughts on “Tikun Olam Nominated for Brass Crescent Award – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard
    Mazel tov !
    As in the Olympic Games, the important is not to win but to participate. And good recovery.

    Now I’m possibly doing a mistake, exposing my ignorance:
    On the brasscrescent-blog, you’re presented as “one of the new blogs run by the liberal Jewish magazine Tikkun, Richard Silverstein . . ”
    I didn’t know there was a relation whatsoever between the magazine Tikkun, run by Michael Lerner and Tikun Olam. And secondly, this blog is one of the first on the net on this topic, isn’t it ?
    Did I miss something ?

  2. Mabrouk, Richard! I think they goofed, though, they’re associating you with Tikkun magazine. Hope you win, inshaAllah!

  3. I missed reading you these past couple of days; I was concerned. Glad you’re back with this good news. Congratulations! Will do my part; your win would be well-deserved!

  4. Well, Richard, I do think your blog is “most respectful of Islam and seeks genuine dialgoue with Muslims” and hence i”ll vote for you.

  5. To the Ass Attempting to Spoof Syd Nestel’s Identity: Don’t be a friggin’ moron, would you. I’m not so stupid as not to know how Syd Nestel spells his name (something you apparently are too stupid to know). And I also know his real e mail address and that the one you’re using is bogus. And I also know his blog URL which you didn’t even bother to insert in yr comment. And I also know that the real Syd would never promote the website you’re promoting. You’re playing an imbecilic game promoting anti-Zionist websites & then attempting to get people like Syd associated with them.

    I find this behavior repulsive and way beyond devious. The only thing I wonder is whether this is your idiotic idea alone or part of some larger disinformation plot. Next time you try bullshit like this I’ll try to find out if you’re Canadian & rpt. you to the RCMP for investigation. Unlike our FBI, they tend to take such online mischief much more seriously.

  6. Hi Richard. It is against my principles to vote: “If voting meant anything, it would be illegal.” But I did vote for you in this contest, and it was confirmed. I do hope it means something in this case.


  7. i voted for you

    would be a shame if greenwald beat you out

    and if you have a real virus in computer, let me suggest you running combofix

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