13 thoughts on “IDF Investigates Commander in al-Samouni Gaza Massacre – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There is a saying in the Israeli Army – “if the is doubt, there is no doubt”. In my days it was interpreted as, if the wrong caused by an action might be greater then the good, then you don’t take said action. But that was in the days before “the life of our babies (soldiers) is more important then the life of their babies (babies)”. One needs only to read ‘Torat HaMelech’ to understand where these moral values come from. Why a decision that might take the life of a hundred innocents is taken, instead of letting the company of trained and armed Givaati fighters sort things out with the RPG\ woodchip-touting terrorist\men. Indeed, the most moral army in the world. Wrong morals though.

  2. ed mad x
    you are twisting the meaning of the saying completely.
    “if there is a doubt there is no doubt ” if there is a doubt that they are armed they will be treated as armed. ‘Torat Hamelech’ has nothing to do with anything, as the IDF doesn’t get his approval from bunch of religious nut jobs.
    a very well decorated american war hero, who would have been prosecuted if he was alive these days for committing war crimes stated ““The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.””
    and that is the simple truth. so don’t twist the entire idea.
    and yes the life of your soldiers is far more important then the life of the bad gays, no one directed that specific attack at their infants, not even according to the story of Amira Hass.

  3. Very true, Kobi, in a time of war, it is very hard, and there is little time, to second guess. The death of innocents is always tragic. However, based on the results, it appears to be certain that the events that caused the Gaza War could have been stopped by Hamas.

  4. Richard, it’s very noble of you demanding accountability from the safe guard of your home in lake whatever.
    this is war, and war has sometimes tragic consequences. should israel be held responsible – Yes no doubt about it, should any action taken against anyone ? NO. even according to the story in haaretz that was not a deliberate act.

    1. To be a war crime it doesn’t have to be a deliberate act. This is an act of such gross incompetence & ineptitude w. such horrific consequences as to deserve severe punishment. If Israel & the IDF can’t mete it out then the ICC will have to do so.

  5. “This is an act of such gross incompetence & ineptitude”

    and you say that out of your vast experience as a huevo scratcher ?
    you never held a rifle in your hands, you were never put in combat situation when you have lots of information passing in front of your eyes and every decision you make have horrible consequences, you lack the intelligence in this case, to pass judgment.
    and as for opinions ? they are just like a butt hole, we all have at least one.

    1. you never held a rifle in your hands

      Not true, actually. But I have never served in the military, out of principle I might add.

      I’m afraid it is Ilan Malka who lacked both military intelligence & mental intelligence. My intelligence isn’t at issue here except for you. And you claim is misplaced because as usual you blame the messenger instead of the real culprit, which is your own military commander who engaged in, if not murder, then certainly negligent homicide.

      Watch the disgusting, sleazy language. It only reflects on you, bud. I don’t appreciate my comment threads being graced by the anatomical reference you introduced.

      1. Richard,
        AriJay was quoting from an old American war movie (if my memory serves me well 12 oclock high) and i guess what he meant to say was that opinions are insignificant, we all have them whether or not we have the tools and knowledge to base our opinions on.
        he’s absolutely right, you don’t have the credibility to pass judgment on the ilan malka’s performance. and if you will bother reading some of the wiki-leaks documents, IDF is doing much better then your own country man.

        1. The first thing that came to mind when I read info obtained from the leaks and watched a video leaked in April was “Ya gonna get Goldstone’d!”

          1. Are you kidding ? as the old saying goes
            “what the Rabbi can do the student can not”
            regular world hypocrisy nothing new in that department.

          2. The U.S. military doesn’t do a very good job of prosecuting its malefactors, but it does a whole lot better than the IDF, which usually doesn’t even bother. That’s why it’s unlikely there will ever be a Goldstone Report issued against the U.S. It’s too bad in a way. Undoubtedly, we’ve engaged in criminal acts, but done a terrible job holding anyone accountable. If the UN threatened such an investigation it would bring more accountability fr. our military.

        2. If you think 12 O’Clock High used the phrase “butt hole” in its script you don’t know anything about classic American films. But I imagine our resident cinephile John Dickerson should be able to resolve this…

        3. The murder of Palestinian innocents isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. And if it was merely my opinion you can be damn sure the IDF wouldn’t be considering bringing up a brigade commander on charges. So sorry guys, this one falls flat as well. I have a lot more credibility than the IDF investigators who cleared him & the Ramat Kal who lobbied strenuously that he be cleared.

          I’m not making any claims on behalf of the U.S. military which has killed more than its share of civilians. But in case you hadn’t noticed the subject of this blog isn’t the U.S., French, German, Burmese or Sudanese military, but Israel (& secondarily its Arab neighbors).

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