19 thoughts on “Settlers Torch Another West Bank Mosque – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Carpets in the mosque and about a dozen copies of the Koran, the Muslim holy book, were burnt, witnesses said


    an entire mosque being burnt down…no

    why didnt haaretz get an interview with the police?

    a few years back, there was a rash of fires in synagogues here in los angeles….everyone cried antisemitism….

    turned out to be a crazy homeless guy

    this is why one waits to hear the entire story

    1. They did speak to the police and the only statement they gave is they were “investigating.” Fat chance. The IDF had the perpetrators on the scene & doubtless w. the incendiary device in their possession. What a joke & you’re the chief jester cheering it all on.

      Ah, we should feel somehow relieved that they only burned the holiest book in all Islam, but not the entire building. Are you kidding? Go ahead and burn a Torah scroll or Tanach or Chumash and let’s see how your local Jewish community reacts.

      I didn’t say the mosque burned down. I said it was “torched” which it was.

      1. I believe that there really might be a serious investigation.

        I can not stand the attempt to trivialize this terrible act by speaking about “a few prayer rugs” or waiting for the chance that it was not a settler…

        I am afraid that the very chance it was one of us is a big enough disgrace..and not reacting is an additional disgrace.

        Today, Tuesda at 14:00 there will be a closed meeting in the village that will include of a number of Rabbis and public figures with the head of the Civil Authority and the Palestinian Minister of Interior.

        At 16:00 there will be a demonstration of Settlers and Palestinians at the Gush Etzion junction) and new Quran books will be presented to the village.

        Another joint group of local Palestinians and settlers were told not to make a private visit in the village since tensions may still be a bit high..but hopefully this will happen soon

        1. Myron, thank you for what you are doing. These acts are disgraceful and it is hard to make recompense, but I hope your acts of reconciliation will be accepted. I think you & I both agree from what I know of you that this sort of crime will continue occurring until we can finally end the Occupation & create a Palestinian state with sovereign Palestinian control so that such incidents are not tolerated from those who decide to remain in Palestine.

  2. These settlers have an acute sensibility of “my people” when it comes to their view toward humans they perceive as “others”, whether Arab, Palestinian, or Muslim.

    1. You post a 10 year old video and fail to explain its relevance.

      It’s not a possibility at all. All the major news sources, including Al Jazeera, are reporting on this fire.

      Are you by any chance a settler?

  3. For the settlers, like other fanatics, those who disagree with them are not human. They get away with it because every Israeli government since 1967 needs their votes. Meanwhile the list of those who think Israel must take at least some responsibility for the lack of peace in Palestine just grows and grows. And the Israeli government just can’t figure out why.

  4. @ Marry,
    the relevance ? that it’s not impossible that this all thing is fabricated.
    I’m sure you heard about Muhamad Dura, the kid that was shoot to death In Gaza, we all heard that it was the fault of the IDF, but how many of you heard about the law suite that was filled in a French court and proved that the footage showed to all of us using the world media was fabricated ?

    all i am saying is this is a media war, and don’t jump into conclusions, and no i am not a settler, like you i reside in the US.

    1. Well most radical settlers seem to be Americans so residing in the USA is no guaranty of not being, supporting or having the spirit of a settler.

      Israel has so many cameras, drones and other intelligence gathering tools everywhere (especially in the neighbourhood of the settlements) in the West bank that it is impossible that IDF can’t/haven’t recorded the moves of the settlers. Of course they know every settlers nightly price tag excursions, when the car left and who were in the car. But for propaganda reasons IDF will not reveal the guilty, they only “inspect”.

      As the story in several different medias in this latest torching told that the locals were fighting on the scene with settler assailants. So if your Pallywood staging theory is right then Pallywood has numerous Jewish assistants they can call for these “filming events”.

      By the way Analyzer do your remember the story how a Jewish student activist complained about swastikas in their dormitory. The complaining ended when the video of a hidden security camera showed the complainer (a Jewish girl) painting the symbols to get a start for “discussion”.

    2. that it’s not impossible that this all thing is fabricated.

      This comment is so stupid I almost think it could be fabricated by someone parodying the stupidity of the pro-Israelist crowd. You saw an AP photo of the damage & an article in Haaretz. If you continue making such noxious, stupid comments, again, you’ll be moderated. I’m going to save you fr. putting yr worst foot forward by refusing to publish inanities like this if I have to moderate you.

      Mohammed al-Dura is OFF TOPIC & yr characterization of the case is wrong & another comment rule violation. So you are now moderated. Once this happens, the very next comment rule violation will cause you to lose yr privileges here.

      1. But wait, wouldn’t the Jewish student who faked a hate crime also be off topic? I’m always nervous writing here because I never know when the rules will or will not be applied…

          1. Terribly sorry. I didn’t see your OFF TOPIC before writing. I just jumped on my laptop without reading to the end. Won’t happen again.

    3. # Analyser)
      I simply can’t let you say that about the Muhammad al-Durra affair. This is plain lying and nothing else.

      I live in France, and I have followed this story very closely for many years, concerning the highly estimated French-Israeli journalist Charles Enderlin who showed the killing of the boy in the first place. The Palestinian photographer of ‘France 2′ and Endelin have been to court so many times because of this affair, and they have won every time.

      Philippe Karsenty, a French-Israeli right-winger directing a “media watch’ agency, has made it his his mission in life to denigrate Endelin but he has not managed.
      I would like to give you a link, but it seems that every link in English is by Media Watch, Jihadwatch and so on.

      Muhammed al-Durra was killed by Israeli bullets, and even the Israeli army doesn’t make so much mess about this story.
      Charles Endelin has been through 10 years of living hell, he and his family still receive death treaths, his kids have been ostracized in school by other pupils and the teaching-staff, he’s had bodyguards for years. These days, exacly 10 years after the killing of Muhammed al-Durra, Enderlin is publishing a book on the whole story “Un enfant est mort” [A child is dead].

      He is one of the most honnest journalist I’ve ever come across in the MSM, his books on Camp David and Barak’s ‘generous offer’ and Israeli ‘kitchen-politics’ in general are all best-sellers.
      An article on the affair (in French, I’m sorry) by another great French Jewish journalist, Dominique Vidal:

      Shame on you.

      1. Two other articles on the same topic. I’m sorry to insiste, but I’m fed of with this right-winged propaganda about Muhammed al-Durra. Some of the most extremist nutcases say that he never died, that the whole thing was comedy, that he sttod up and left the scene, and is living well in Gaza !

        An article from another estimated Frecnh journalist, Pierre Haski, from last week:

        And an article from ‘Le Monde’:

        1. I’m not drunk, I wrote too quickly and didn’t correct before submitting: ‘insist’, ‘fed up’ ‘stood up’, ‘French’. Sorry.

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