21 thoughts on “Israeli 9/11 Victim’s Family: Islamic Center ‘Like Bringing Pig in Holy Place’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. I see. You write that “most Israelis simply don’t judge a man in his hour of sorrow.” Which implies that a man who is suffering is allowed to call Muslims pigs? Why would that be OK with you? Would a suffering Muslim whose child was killed by the IDF be allowed to call Jews pigs? You see yr problem? No, I didn’t think you would. You’ll find some way to weasel out of this one I reckon.

      1. Oh that’s an easy one. When the idf kills children its in self defense, so they have no right to be mad at us, unless they r terrorists, which they are.

        /end sarcasm

        What elad surly means is
        רוב הישראלים פשוט גזענים.
        I c how he could get confused.

      2. “Most Israeli simply don’t judge a man in his hour of sorrow”.

        We’re not in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. That was NINE YEARS ago, and Israel has already made a couple of local 9/11’s since then – Libanon 2006 and Gaza 2008-2009 – so if I understand Elad rightly, Arabs are in their right to ‘blame it on the Jews’.

        1. Exactly. And such a high level of anger after 9 years indicates that the family needs counseling to help them deal with their loss. People such as these are easy prey for hatemongering opportunists like Geller.

          The US needs to put 9/11 in the past and move on. This obsession is not good for a society as a whole. Other countries suffering huge losses of life due to terrorism have continued with grace and pragmatism, but it seems only America can’t, or won’t, let go of its revenge fantasy, to the detriment of millions of innocent Muslims all around the world.

          1. Jerry Haber at Magnes Zionist had a very good article a few weeks ago on the implication of right-wing American Jewish Zionists in the creation of Islamophobia, and he states clearly: It’s all about Israel.

      3. I agree with the entire post, but to be fair, nobody called Muslims pigs. What she meant is that erecting a Muslim building next to Ground Zero is analogous, on a scale of ‘heresy’, to literally bringing a pig to a holy place.

        Not that it makes things any more agreeable.

        1. “erecting a Muslim building next to Ground Zero is analogous, on a scale of ‘heresy, to literally bringing a pig to a holy place”

          Another example that comes to my mind is erecting Yad Vashem on the outskirts of what happened to be the Palestinian village of Deîr Yassin, and I don’t think it’s necessary to explain to anyone what happened to the inhabitants and the village.


          1. I remember well my sense of disorientation, of something uncanny, when I first read about where yad vashem was built. Since then, of course, we have a “museum of tolerance ” built on top of the oldest Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem, so this surreal juxtaposition is par for the course. It’s like something in a Fellini movie, or Orwell. It would be difficult to make this up if it weren’t true.

  1. I have no sympathy for anyone who conflates 9/11 with one billion Muslims. Notice that we never hear of Christians murdering 6 million Jews, which has far more validity. Indeed, we rarely even hear Germans etc but rather signify right down to the political party: Nazi. All arguments against the Cordoba House are either ignorant beyond belief, or pure ethnic, religious or racial hatred.

      1. I just heard that one of my friends in Gaza lost 3 relatives today, 3 young men who were shelled by the IOF while they were tending sheep.

        I don’t think I need anyone to give me a definition of terrorism.

          1. Both Haaretz and YNet repeated the IOF lie that the 91 year old man, and his companions aged 18 and 19 were attempting to launch grenades at the Israelis. As always, Israel is only “defending itself.”


          2. # Mary)
            Like the 1O-years old girl who was lost in the buffer zone on her way to school some years ago, and who was killed in the back by numerous bullets while she was running away in total fear, and whose murderer has just been relaxed.

            According to the IDF, “there are no civilians in wartime”. Except when it’s Israelis being killed, of course, like the 4 Taliban-Talmudniks in the Hebron Hills.


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