19 thoughts on “Israelis Demonstrate Against Mavi Marmara Attack, Gaza Siege – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. RE: “the sickness we face” – Santomauro
      MY REPLY: Thanks for the link. Excellent article!

      RE: “America is a nation uniquely built not on blood, race or consanguinity…” – Charles “Chucky” Krauthammer waxing poetic on the virtues of “democratic globalism”
      MY COMMENT: Is he insane or just oblivious to “American History”? When he refers to the “nation” of America, he can’t possibly mean the United States, can he? I know he “grew up*” in Canada, but does he actually think that the U.S. was not built on “blood, race or consanguinity”? I’ve never heard such preposterous poppycock in my entire life**! What a delusional buffoon!

      * I’m using the phrase ‘grew up’ very, very, very loosely!
      **Well, maybe from “Pricky Dick” and the Cu_tessas Cheney…and John “Perfect Red Heifer” Hagee…and Brit “Lord and Saviour” Hume…and Herr Ailes…and Murdoch The Malefactor, of course (to name just a few)

      P.S. Urban Dictionary: cu_tessa
      A person who is beyond bitchy, who holds themselves above reproach or comparison. Combination of cu_t and countess.

      P.P.S. G-d bless Howard Zinn!

  1. well, i guess israel is a bit more democratic than you think

    consider what would have happened had such a demonstration occurred in iran

      1. That’s so typical of the Israeli right: They always compare themselves to the world’s worst regimes in order to look decent. If you lower your standards enough, anyone can look decent.

  2. I seemingly slowly start to understand what you mean by “make the world a better place” – ‘Destroy Israel and everything will be fianlly good’. Don’t you agree?
    Thank you very much. Maybe fianlly write an honest article about a new ‘final solution’?

    1. I seemingly slowly start to understand what you mean

      If your understanding of me proceeded any slower your mind would work about as slowly as a tortoise moves.

      Violating the comment rules w. comparisons of my writing to Nazism has richly earned you comment moderation. The next time you violate the rules you’re gone.

    2. I can speak only for myself, but for me the guiding principle is something like the following:

      Make the political elites and the citizens of Israel understand that their state cannot trample on the rights and the lives of anyone they want just in order to prevent the possibility of terrorist attacks. Similarly, they cannot simply jail anyone who may be suspected to be engaged in criminal activity and to impose curfew on those neighborhoods where such activity flourishes — even though “regular” crime regularly kills more Israelis than politically-motivated terrorism. There are such things as individual rights, the presumption of innocence, due process of law, etc. And ultimately, if we want to live in a democratic state which respects human rights, it is better to learn to live with some tolerable level of terrorism and crime than to attempt to eradicate them totally using extreme means.

      I say all the above from the viewpoint of my interests as an Israeli. I accept that non-Israelis may have different interests; part of my view is the necessity to recognize and respect the interests — and certainly the rights — of other people.

  3. “10,000 Israelis” Funny, I was in the area and it seems significantly less than 10 thousand Israelis showed up to demonstrate… Even Haaretz reports about 6 thousand. Check you facts Richard or you may have to disqualify yourself…

    1. A leader of the Israeli peace movement who was there & has attended hundreds of these demonstrations & prides himself on accurately counting participants wrote me the number was 10-15K. You were “in the area” (what does that mean?) & he was actually there. I’ve got my facts down fine thank you. I think I’d rather disqualify you.

  4. so there was a large demonstration against the state and its policies…with no violence and no reprisals

    but richard will continue to question whether israel is a true democracy


    1. Yr hasbara is unbelievable. YOu think the fact that the Israeli police allowed a demonstration indicates Israel has a thriving democracy? This is pathetic? By whose standards are you judging what is a democracy? Iran? No. Korea? Russia? C’mon. Can’t you do any better than that?

      You seem to be forgetting the smoke bomb & physical assault on Uri Avnery by rightists at this same demo.

      1. are you saying that the right wing counter protesters were organized by the government?

        and im judging israel by all other democracies…which allow for the freedom of assembly by its citizens.

        and im really getting tired of you calling me a hasbarist…basically cuz those guys do a terrible job at promoting israel

        oh…thought you might enjoy some other pictures of the protest….of some israelis who really know what it means to have lived under a repressive regime

        [ed., link deleted per comment rules]

        1. are you saying that the right wing counter protesters were organized by the government?

          I am saying that the right wing protestors and the government have identical views.

          im really getting tired of you calling me a hasbarist

          Come up with some original thinking instead of tired Israeli talking pts & no one here will call you that. Until you do–if the shoe fits you’ll have to wear it.

          The link is pure snark, deeply insulting and off topic. You may think you’re the epigone of wit. But you’re not. If you pull stunts like that again you put yrself right on the edge. Don’t test me. I will pull the trigger on you.

    2. I’ve been a social worker for 12 years. Seen parents behave perfectly when social workers were watching. Seen them fuck up big time when social workers weren’t. Does this make them good parents? Or should they just always behave, without the world watching them?

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