8 thoughts on “Bibi on Barring Chomsky: ‘I Read it in the News Today, Oh Boy’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. the decision not to allow Noam Chomsky to enter Israel

    And we all thought he was going to Ramallah/Beir Zeit. Who knew?

  2. Richard, your: “Israel should have no right to determine who enters Palestinian territory via the Allenby Bridge. This should be controlled by the PA.” … But that’s exactly the POINT, isn’t it? Israel is after all the occupying power– in the WB as in Gaza. And one of the many ways it manifests that role is by exercising control over all borders of both territories. It also, scandalously, exercises control over both territories’ population registers, determining who can legally reside in them.

    This is occupation. It has continued for nearly 43 years– far, far longer than any other military occupation since the time the term was first defined in international law. It is time for the occupation to END. And just saying the bridge should be controlled “by the PA” is quite insufficient. The bridge like all other crossing points and borders for Palestine should be controlled by a sovereign Palestinian government. The PA is not such a body. It exists only as a subcontractor for the continuing Israeli occupation, as spelled out in the Oslo accords. (Like the “Judenrats” in the German-controlled ghettoes of eastern Europe.)

    1. Because they were making decisions about who should enter PALESTINIAN territory. And because Chomsky was not going to enter Israeli territory. And because the Interior Ministry specifically told Chomsky that were he speaking at an Israeli university they would’ve allowed him to enter. Next silly question?

      1. to get into palestinian territory, chomsky first had to cross into israel…just like the clown from spain

        not sure why the israeli government is going through all these machinations over whether chomsky really was allowed in

        they have banned both finkelstein and falk

        1. Since when is the Allenby Bridge or any part of the West Bank “Israel?” Now, if you want to concede that Israel should annex the W. Bank, then it would be “Israel,” at least according to Israel’s definition. But till it does that the West Bank is not Israel.

      2. May I add, that even if he were entering into Israeli Territory, the idea of barring him is scary at best. As an Israeli I feel shame that this country is feeling so self-righteous that it can just bar (harmless) people from visiting.

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