14 thoughts on “Dershowitz’ Climate of Incitement: Pro-Israel Hooligans Vandalize Michael Lerner’s Home – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It might be a tad too presumptuous of me, But to me, Arianna Huffington fits the term PEP (Progressive Except on Palestine) nearly to the t. She pretty much takes the Israeli government narrative at face value, so why shouldn’t she be chummy with Dershowitz?

    Somewhat similar to your last paragraph, what was your opinion on Max Blumenthal’s “Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem” video being pulled off HuffPo?

  2. Before I write the following, I want to emphasize how much I respect the courage you have to write with so much conviction in defense of justice at a risk to your reputation and security. I find some of your articles riveting, this one being one of them, and this is what attracted me to your site and to sometimes add my two cents here.

    I was very moved by what you wrote here and I’m glad you’re challenging Arianna to do the right thing in regards to Dershowitz.

    “What the police do not understand is that for these rightist Jews “their brand of Zionism” IS a religion.”

    Their brand of Zionism? Richard, I suspect one day you too will have a crisis of conscience like Avrum Burg had. There is only one brand of Zionism; that’s the sad fact, and you are witnessing its effects. Zionism is an ideology that encourages: racism (ethnic cleansing), injustice, paranoia and yes, “hate” to name a few consequences.

    I won’t elaborate further because the most convincing argument against Zionism will be made by you alone and maybe, just maybe this blog is your conscience purging itself every day. Maybe you’re actually making the most convincing argument of all.

    Whatever is your motivation for the course you’ve taken with this, or how you perceive it at this moment, I’m just glad you’re making the process public as it happens, even if that’s not how you see it. It’s just so much more convincing. I know, I’m presuming, but hopeful that your experience will awaken others.

    Think on this: If Palestinians had been responsible for this act of hate (you’re right, it’s hate), this incident would be plastered all over the MSM. Something’s wrong with this picture, don’t you think?

    1. Thanks for the respect you’ve offered for the path I’m following. I think you show you truly understand much of my motivation both for writing this blog & for the way I articulate my ideas.

      I have what some might find a radical or unconventional definition of Zionism that is quite different than than put forward by classic Zionists. It’s too complicated to go into every detail here, but suffice to say my Zionism is critical, progressive, accepts limitations, & embraces peace. Further, & in case anyone attempts to label my views as “out there,” my defintion of Zionism dates back to the very beginning of the movement & thinkers like Ahad HaAm, Martin Buber, Judah Magnes & others.

      1. Okay, I will have to explore this further when I have time, but in the meantime forgive me for having to question you again at this time.

        I find it troubling that you drew a parallel between Lerner’s situation and Kahane’s murder. In my opinion, this attack on Lerner is a hate crime BUT let’s not forget that Kahane was a racist who spawned followers like Baruch Goldstein, a mass murder follower of the type of right-wing extremism you’re condemning here. You can’t equate the murder of Kahane with the attack on Lerner. To parallel Lerner and Kahane in ANY way actually hurts my sensibility.

        I’m not saying that what happened to Kahane was right, NO! It was a violent crime, but at the same time there was a karmic aspect to it.

        Let me explain the “karmic” aspect. Let’s say that Kahane inspired a bunch of other “Goldsteins” in future to commit a bunch of other mass murders? Hitler may never have committed murder directly but in my opinion, he was a mass murderer and I think, what if someone could see the future, and stopped him from possessing the minds of those who did the deeds for him later? Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and the analogy is far-fetched but karma works in mysterious and humbling ways.

        The thing is this: It is more powerful to destroy the idea which motivates the man than to “stop short” and attack or criticize only the man by pinning the label of extremism on him when he will merely continue to find an even wider audience and allow his idea to spread. So in order to do this you cannot just reason that he just has another “brand” of Zionism than yours which you qualify as “extreme”. Isn’t this a kind of denial? Maybe it’s not the brand, maybe it’s Zionism itself that drives the man to leave his humanity behind. Maybe Dershowitz is thinking that your brand of Zionism and his are alike but that you’re unwilling to go the distance and get your hands dirty and do what it takes to protect the idea that you and he share regardless of the brand.

      2. Thanks, Richard, for explaining to me your definition of Zionism. There certainly is a difference between classical Zionism and what is expressed today.

        Actually, I learned a new expression from Joe Mowrey’s blog www,theplainlanguagereview.com/ or http://www.palestinetruthcoalition.com. Are you familiar with it? Rather than Zionism, he uses Israelism, which, for me, has a stronger tang and better expresses what I mean when using Zionism (I forwarded you a copy of my exchange with him).

        I thank Kalea, too, for your long, interesting contribution.

      3. I think you’re talking about the distinction between cultural Zionism and political Zionism. As I understand it, the people you mention are cultural Zionists–they envisaged Palestine being a homeland for Jewish people and Jewish culture without turning it into a Jewish state that would take away political rights from Arabs. Political Zionism, which is what most people think of nowadays when the word “Zionism” is used, is the type that envisioned a Jewish state and at the expense of the Arabs if necessary.

  3. in regards to why dershowitz is allowed to post on huffington, they take articles from both sides regarding the israeli/palestinian situation

    they also allow free voice to those who wish to respond to the articles

    1. they take articles from both sides regarding the israeli/palestinian situation

      Not exactly. I stopped publishing there when they refused to publish 2 articles I wrote criticizing the IDF w/o any explanation.

  4. RE: “He’s [Dershowitz is] this generation’s Roy Cohn, a scummy, truculent, trash-talking hater.” – R.S.
    MY COMMENT: Equating Alan Dershowitz with Roy Cohn is terribly unfair….to Roy Cohn! (lol)
    Seriously though, that incredible, nightmarish, Maplethorpe portrait of Cohn is downright eerie. It makes him look like ‘evil personified’ (perhaps with the thick end of a bull whip stuck up its…).

    P.S. I’m very concerned about the safety of Rabbi Lerner, Naomi Klein, Uri Avnery and so many others.
    JUST ONE ‘FOR INSTANCE’, FROM WIKIPEDIA: (excerpts) The Jewish Defense Organization (JDO) is a militant Jewish organization in the United States…
    Mark “Mordechai” Levy is the founder and leader of the JDO, and the only JDO member to receive substantial notice in the press. He spends much of his time promoting the JDO’s Camp Jabotinsky, which provides self-defense and gun training for young Jews at a facility in the Catskills. Levy is an avid follower of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, after whom the camp is named, and often repeats Jabotinsky’s motto: “Better to know how to shoot and not need to, than to need to and not know how.”[25]….
    SOURCE – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Defense_Organization

  5. RE: “Alan Dershowitz singled Rabbi Michael Lerner out for special opprobrium…” – R.S.
    FROM MONDOWEISS: Yediot* says that Netanyahu offered the job of Israel’s UN ambassador to Alan Dershowitz, who turned him down. Presumably because he was more effective being Israel’s unofficial ambassador to Harvard/the Establishment and doesn’t want to be outed as a dual loyalty case? (Michael Oren had to give up his American citizenship when he agreed to serve Netanyahu). Yediot:
    “He is considered one of the world’s most famous lawyers. He was the one who got OJ Simpson acquitted from charges of murdering his ex-wife. He is an ardent supporter of Israel. Now it turns out that Netanyahu and Lieberman courted him enthusiastically, offering him the position of Israel’s UN ambassador.”
    * SEE COTERET – http://coteret.com/2010/05/04/yediot-dershowitz-rejected-bibis-offer-to-serve-as-israels-ambassador-to-un/

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