24 thoughts on “Alan Dershowitz Accuses Rabbis Supporting Goldstone of Being ‘Anti-Israel,’ Pro-Hamas, Guilty of ‘Blood Libel’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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          1. you dont know who christine chinkin is?

            I don’t believe anyone should have to do a Google search in order to understand a comment. If you can’t include that info in yr argument then don’t bother. And I’m serious. This isn’t a game. I show my readers the respect of making an argument, explaining it & supporting it. You do the same.

          2. Dear Uncle Joe,

            I do know who Professor Christine Chinkin is: she is a respected UK international lawyer. The Chatham House meeting addressed, and answered, criticisms made of her participation in the GOldstone Commission.

  1. Dershowitz is so over the top and shameless it’s really a wonder anybody can take him seriously.

    But regarding this:

    In fact, I’ll pay Dershowitz real money if he can produce any statement by any of them that is truly “anti-Israel.”

    It is an unfortunate fact that Dershowitz would find support for that by citing J Street, since three of the rabbis who signed the letter also supported the Berkeley divestment bill, which of course J Street characterized as “anti-Israel”.

    So I’m glad you responded to this, but when Dershowitz attacks J Street and Jeremy Ben-Ami gets upset about name-calling, it doesn’t exactly tear me apart.

    1. RE: “Dershowitz is so over the top and shameless it’s really a wonder anybody can take him seriously…” – Seth

      With friends like these . . ., by Cecelie Surasky, MONDOWEISS, 04/16/10

      Overheard at UC Berkeley while people were waiting to get into the room for the divestment vote:

      Student: “So, is Alan Dershowitz going to be here?”
      Akiva Tor, Israeli Consul General: “I hope not.”

      SOURCE – http://mondoweiss.net/2010/04/with-friends-like-these-3.html

  2. …waiting for a prominent rabbi to declare that it is better to suffer martyrdom than to allow Goldstone to attend that bar mitzvah…

  3. i agree, dershowitz should never have called the individuals who signed the letter bigoted

    naive, misguided, foolish….that would be ok

    but not bigoted

      1. no?

        lets see

        how did that meet and greet that gotleib had with achmadinijad go….i see he still hasnt changed his views on the holocaust

        i stand by my statement

        naive, misguided and foolish

        1. It sure would be nice if you would explain what you’re talking about.

          Unfortunately, Dersh actually makes money off being an idiot. This is a sad reflection on the state of affairs overall.

  4. A great analysis, Richard, and a devastating one for the Harvard prof. One of your fine points is his abuse of the timeline. From his AIPAC speech in March 2010 I recall another illogic use of time.

    His line of talking was this. Dershowitz, at the AIPAC conference, wants to rebuke the next headlines (italics from his speech, all bolds added): “United States tells Israel, “You are undermining America, endangering troops.” “Israel is empowering al-Qaeda, Petraeus warns.” “Petraeus: Israel’s intransigence could cost American lives.”
    Then he claims: “There is absolutely no relationship between Israel’s actions and the safety of American troops, none.”
    His proof: (1/3): [W]hat was Israel doing in November, December, January [2000]: They were offering peace to the Palestinians at Camp David and Taba. Osama Bin Laden was planning the destruction of the World Trade Center.
    His proof: (2/3): In 2005, Israel leaves Gaza […] and at the same time there was a slight increase against American troops in Iraq.
    His proof (3/3): During Operation Cast Lead and the Jerusalem building recently announcement there’s been no significant escalation of violence against American troops in Iraq.
    Let’s, for now, accept his description of facts, and allow into the case the 1/3 proof although 9/11 was not against US troops, and allow in the 2/2 proof although he uses a flipped situation. The illogic reasoning is: he argues that while Israel did something, nothing extra happened to the US interests. But he explicitly excludes any effectafter the action. He has proved nothing, he has disproved nothing. Still I will not claim his reward. Did Norman Finkelstein got his?

  5. Its sad. Goldstone is a good man and history will judge him well. He seems part of a growing struggle. Its not fair to the boy. This site is very good and also Haaretz.

  6. Thank God there are still some honest people like Dershowitz who is not ashamed that he is Jewish.
    Goldstone has always been anti Israel as he tries to appease the Anti semites. That is why Israel correctly wouldn’t participate in hi kangaroo court.

    History will Judge Goldstone for the one sided sham report where the victim was blamed because they chose to defend their people against fanatical terrorists.

    1. Growing up I thought being Jewish meant going to synagogue on Saturday, having a bar mitzvah and doing charitable work. Then I go out into the world and find it really means aerial bombings on civilian homes and shooting unarmed demonstrators. Any decent person would be ashamed of being Jewish given that revelation. I’d like to think I was right the first time around, though.

  7. As a defense lawyer arguing a case, Dersh ought to understand the importance of chronology in explaining events of a case.

    Yes as opposed to anyone else lol… who really can’t tell time well
    the ol backhanded patronizing put down…

    Here’s another bald-faced lie:
    Virtually every credible academic who has studied the report has determined its findings to be unfounded and false.
    Another characteristic of Dershian rhetoric is to make a patently overblown claim providing no proof whatsoever.

    I have heard that same EXACT statement stated COUNTLESS times by Finkelstein. While spinning his “story” about the “good guys” and “bad guys”…
    Actually wait wait…. he actually said –
    “No serious academic”…
    OK so I guess that’s a clear difference in posturing between anti and pro zionist progressives.

    You are all the same – self important aggrandizing windbags yelling who ‘scored’ the most points….
    to try and proclaim “your victory” and beat your chest…

    Clue in – NO ONE really cares nearly 1/100th as much about who won each nitpicking ridiculous point.

    Yeah Dershowitz is ridiculous particularly with his closing which you missed entirely…. where he in classic style states –
    “your grandson deserves better”..

    Talk about patronizing ad nauseum statement…
    Thing is I have seen and read you and Finkelstein make the same type of patronizing ad nauseum statements…

    The best favor you all could do Israel, the Palestinians and the world is lock you, finkelstein and dershowitz in a room and drop you on a deserted island… then 20 years later you can tell us all which one won the argument still going on…. I won no I won!!!
    That’s exactly what you sound like….

    1. Well, gee you managed to say almost nothing intelligible & took 100 or more words to do it. Congrats.

      And if you use my name or a variation on my name to try to post a comment here again it will be yr last.

  8. As a South African who is also a member of the Sandton shul I am curious to know if anyone can answer the following: Was Goldstone ever told he may not attend the Bar-Mitzvah?

    1. Not as far as I know. But he was clearly threatened with raucous protests on the Shabbat of the bar mitzvah by the S.A. Zionist Federation. They basically promised him a circus atmosphere replete w. lots of nastiness. He felt discretion was the better part of valor. To me, what happened is like the diff. between a voluntary & forced resignation. Goldstone’s decision not to attend was forced upon him.

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