17 thoughts on “Justice Goldstone Disinvited from Grandson’s Bar Mitzvah by South African Jewry – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Medawar suspects that this breaches South African law and the Constitution.

    If a similar thing were done in England, blackmail charges could be brought, exactly as they are against animal rights extremists. The going rate for a politically or racially motivated blackmail conviction is twelve years. Although, I can’t see this sort of thing happening in Highgate or North Ilford in any case.

  2. All decent South Africans should picket this joke of a Bar Mitsvah, from which a man who played an important role in the abolishment of Apartheid has been banned!

    Too bad for the grandson perhaps, but I do not understand anyhow why he -and the rest of his family- wants to go through with this as it is now.

  3. It is heartbreaking that it has come to this. I’m especially saddened to see so clearly illustrated the depth of the denial of Zionist Jews of the crimes that have been committed against the Palestinian people. This is deeply disturbing and unsettling.

    Until the denial ends, the apartheid and the oppression will continue. People who do not recognize their crimes will not stop committing them.

    Judge Goldstone is a good man. To publicly insult and personally hurt him this way is an inexcusable sin.

  4. This case is a perfect illustration of the immorality of the methods used by Israel’s lobby against their perceived foes. Disgraceful.


    MY COMMENT: Words fail me!

    Richard J. Goldstone: Integrity Personified
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  6. Justice Goldstone is a great person who protects human rights. He is a white person who contributed to the collapse of the South African white apartheid and a Jewish person who contributes to bring the Israeli war criminals to justice what may lead to the collapse of the Isareli Apartheid regime. In his work justice Goldstone protects not only human rights, but also the good name of Judaism. He expressed the right values of Judaism, when war criminals make their crimes on behalf of Judaism. HEZAK V-EMACH, Justice Goldstone, a Human Rights Hero.

  7. A bar mitzvah can be celebrated privately even within own’s own house (or just about anywhere else) on just about any Saturday on or after the boy’s 13th birthday if there are 10 (male, depending) Jews present along with a Torah (rabbi optional, cantor optional, wine or grape juice not optional).

    If the boy’s family wanted Richard Goldstone at the grandson’s bar mitzvah, they could have him there.

    I think there are family issues here.

  8. I cannot help but think that the bar mitzvah boy will, someday, be ashamed of his family for the disrespect shown to his grandfather, and for his own role, and his parents’ role, in it.

    Courage and deep moral sense is, apparently, not genetic.

  9. There is enough antisemites in the world. We dont need jewish antisemites. All of of you including the the writer should be ashamed.

    1. Any reading of the Goldstone report would show that the charge of antisemitism (or the equally ridiculous charge that he ignored Hamas violations) is utterly absurd. The report is a prosecutor’s brief. The charges still have to be proven in court (against all sides). But the evidence against IDF is well documented and damning.

      All sides ignore the report because it is so … inconvenient. But it is really the best chance of reducing violence against civilian populations. Carried to its logical conclusions, funders of that violence (state funders as well as private) would be punished. Rich guys and dumb leaders would risk jail. Much more powerful deterrent than use of force.

  10. Goldstone acquitted four white police officers who broke into a white woman’s home to “prevent” her from committing the “crime” of having relations with a black man. He could have overturned the acquittal on the grounds of simple tresspass; he did not.

    There are many other stories of this man’s support for Apartheid. He went out of his way to publicly support “the gallows” for crimes committed by Blacks, saying that “fury is a legitimate response.”

    Now, THIS MAN, is going to sit in judgment of Israel for responding to thousands of bombs dropped on Sderot (and other places) by Palestinian terrorists? What a joke.

    1. A zoch in vey. More bulls(&t fr. the hasbara crowd. Look, Shaun just brought this crap here. It didn’t work for him. It’s not gonna work for you. YOu’re not a lawyer, not a judge. You don’t know shit fr. shinola in terms of the cases or precedents of S.A. law.

      Goldstone did not support apartheid & in fact made the first judicial ruling which broke down apartheid. Or did you forget that? Or forget the courage it took to go against a white gov’t & it’s full police & military force? Yeah, you “forgot” that. Conveniently. And did you forget that S.A. had capital punishment when he was a judge there? And did you forget that judges have to uphold the rule of the law, even if they disagree w. it unless they can find a precedent allowing them to overturn it? Forgot that too, didn’t you? Forgot a lot, didn’t you? Did you remember anything?

      The “joke’s” on you I’m afraid. And we’re all laughing–but at you, not Goldstone.

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