7 thoughts on “Judge Who Approved Kam Gag Order Perverted Justice in 2003 Palestinian IDF Shooting – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. So very true…

      “… and specifically Einat Ron, and how she got to be where she sits today as an honored member of the nation’s legal justice system.”
      At least we now know how she did NOT get the job… 🙂

  1. RE: “It seems that just as Einat Ron was covering up the IDF’s mess in 2003, she continues to cover up in 2010.” – R.S.

    MY COMMENT: I’m in a particularly nasty mood today because my internet connectivity has been annoyingly on and off for several hours. Consequently, I’ll take it out on her and point out that with her looks, she might well not have any alternative to constantly kissing the ‘rear ends’ of the authorities. I know that’s a horrible thing to say, but someone’s gotta pay for the crappy service I get from my ISP. And I just don’t get much satisfaction from calling my ISP’s 800 “tech support” number and chewing out some kid in India!

    1. That’s okay Dickerson, she does bear a passing resemblance to Jabba the Hut. Though I don’t accept the whole external ugliness–inner corruption classical template, it works in this case.

      The reckless, random nature in which the IDF shoots Palestinians, including children, who obviously harbor no threat to anybody, kids playing soccer like Khalil al Mughrabi, above, should make the blood of any sentient human being run cold. Stories like this ought to be plastered all over our media, but alas no, our media has better things to do, like laying the ‘justifying’ groundwork for an attack on Iran.

      Congratulations, Richard, on breaking the Anat Kam gag order story. Move over Washington Post (yuck!) and NY Times, your blog is where it’s at.

  2. GAG order….definition meaning anything that comes from or to Judge Ron…..

    As for your question concerning how she ever was hired for the bench in a civil court …only guessing but perhaps the same personnel office which failed to dismiss Dr.Yehuda Hiss at Abu Kabir Forensics.
    Today JPost, Haaretz and JTA reported Israeli police busted a cell of organ traffickers including a retired Brig General, 62, and 2 lawyers amongst others. Scams offering $100K for kidneys removed in ?Moldava, Azerbaijan, Ecuador and Philippines and return but in fact most received little to nothing except “some disability” for their sacrificed organs.
    Chopped liver anyone?

  3. Don’t put the system of the U.S.A. on the pedestal,U.S.A. Is also a corrupt democracy.In the U.S. people only get impeached over sex scandals.

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