2 thoughts on “Overseas Media Begins Reporting Kamm Case – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,
    My take of the story is, that IF (I repeat IF) Uri Blau is really hiding and/or is afraid of being persecuted, it is not likely for the reason you named. More likely is that Anat Kam might claim the Blau made her giving him the documents and promised in return a job by the Schocken group. Such an accusation might be part of the deal that she is trying to make with the Shin Beth.
    Blau has been publishing reports for years that the army did not like. Here is an older example: http://www.harpers.org/archive/2002/04/0079129 .
    I know from my own experience in Switzerland on a very different case (nothing to do with security but with banking secrecy), I was interrogated by the Zurich DA and was asked not only about my source but also if I incited my informer/s to commit a crime.

    1. My question is: if Blau is staying away fr. Israel for fear of prosecution does he fear that the Shin Bet wants to make an example of him & throw the book at him? It seems to me that if the only reason the Shin Bet wants to talk to him is to clarify that he did not incite her to commit the crime, that he could return & prove this fairly easily. But if he is afraid that the Shin Bet is undertaking a witch hunt against him in which Anat Kam may play a part, then this is a much more serious problem.

      I have heard from a knowledgeable source btw that Kam took the IDF documents well before she decided what to do with them & that when she took them she was not in touch with any reporter. That only happened later. So that would let Blau off the hook. Again, this is unconfirmed speculation. But it does come from a trustworthy source claiming some knowledge of the facts of the case.

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