7 thoughts on “IDF Declares Opposition to Zionism, Support for Palestinians ‘Revolutionary’ and Illegal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. One may want to add the arrest of Eva Nováková, ISM’s media coordinator, in a similar raid in February this year.

    Unfortunately she was put on a plane to her native Czech Republic so fast there wasn’t even time for an appeal. Within only hours after her 3:00 am arrest in downtown Ramallah by the IDF and the infamous Oz Unit she was out of the country.

  2. Nice shirt that non-violent activist (on the right) has. That wouldn’t be a gun on it would it? AK-47 I believe.

    Just like the ones Ghandi used to have.

    (And it doesn’t look ratty to me)

    1. That’s interesting. Are you claiming there’s no diff. bet. wearing a T-shirt w. a gun on it & using a gun? If so, you might want to report that to the ISM or IDF. Wear a T-shirt, go to jail. Is that the way you think Israeli justice should work?

      1. You put the caption ‘peace activists’ under the photo.

        Care to name another non-ISM peace activist wearing a shirt with a gun on it-unless the gun has a line through it.

  3. I suppose the next step will be to make Israeli citizens culpable for similar views, which would then truly symbolize the death of Israeli democracy, which now is only on life-support.

    The “naqba law” has just passed its first reading in the Knesset. Does anyone think it won’t pass the 2nd or 3rd reading?

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