4 thoughts on “Jerome Slater’s New Blog – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I have heard of Professor Slater and as an area resident I can verify that he is very well regarded at the University of Buffalo. I look forward to reading his blogs. Richard, thanks for sharing this wonderful news.

  2. Hmm I thought that’s what this blog aspired to? Or are you suggesting that you don’t command a deep knowledge of sources? Or perhaps a certain polemical quality to your writing?

    1. I’m leaving,

      Fella, you should try to be a man of yr word. I can see yrs is worth about as much as a roll of toilet paper. O well, so you lied. You’re back like a bad penny.

      Thanks for the snark. It shows your true colors. Jerry has been a political science professor for 40 yrs or so, published in the world’s finest publications in his field, not to mention books I’m sure, gone head to head with Michael Walzer. So no, I don’t have that background since I’ve only been blogging for 7 yrs.

      And yes, when it comes to people like you who are deeply polemical, I’ll match you word for word & then some.

      I never claimed my blog was the same as Jerry Slater’s or should be. The reason why I want academics blogging is to lend gravitas to our side. I do not have a PhD in political science or any field related to the I-P conflict (though I have an MA in Hebrew literature). Thus, I write a diff. sort of blog than Jerry or Jerry Haber or Mark LeVine or Bernard Avishai or any other academics who blog on this subject. The more diff. types of progressive blogs there are on the IP conflict the more successful our peacemaking will be.

      1. Professor Slater is also one of a group of courageous academics who speak truth to power about many subjects, including Israel-Palestine, with courage and deep knowledge. He will bring to the blogosphere a wonderful sophistication and credibility, and provide readers with much-needed analysis of issues as they occur. He is very well respected and admired at UB, and I am so pleased to know he will be blogging; he raises the bar for everyone on the net.

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