9 thoughts on “Israeli Extreme-Right Threatens British Boycott – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It’s not just boycotting British goods–it’s boycotting companies that operate in Britain. That’s a heck of a lot of companies. In fact, this would logically entail boycotting Israeli companies that export to Britain. The whole thing is about as well-thought out as the last Lebanon war.

  2. The hysteria amuses me; I just shake my head in wonder that so many nutcases are in the Knesset. Well, that does explain a lot of things, such as the approval of millions of dollars worth of aid to settlers. Everything is an existential threat to them, including the labeling of products. And the urge to retaliate against any perceived aggression is so overwrought that oh, gosh, they’re going to label British goods so that Israelis can choose not to buy them, too! Do they really think that Israelis will boycott British companies, when British goods permeate the consumer market there?

  3. I love the wording here, “differentiate between Jewish and Palestinian produce that originates exactly from the same area.” Just one more indication that while Israelis whinge about no one accepting their existence, they won’t let anyone do that minus the occupied territories. And I’m pretty sure when Palestinian produce was (is?) sold in Israel, buyers know who made it.

    The purple prose could use some work, although I’ll grant “dark shadow” could be a literary device that sounds less silly in Hebrew.

    1. Ah well, so much more toffees, Jaguars, Newcastle Brown ale and Fawlty Towers for the rest of us. I tried to get the limeys to airmail me a newspaper-encased order of fish and chips direct from London all piping hot and ready to eat once, but it didn’t work (I’m on the West Coast of the US).

      RB, maybe you could boycott that ultimate British “product” the English language, now THAT would be impressive. Granted, it would be more challenging for you to make inane comments on English language blogs under said scenario. We’ll keep James Bond, thank you, you can have Moshe Goldstein Mossad agent extraordinaire (coming to a theatre near you, or maybe not… )

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