9 thoughts on “On This Day of Rededication of Holy Temple, Settlers Desecrate Palestinian Mosque – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Livni’s words are the equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s famous statement when she called the Israeli refusal to stop the settlements “unhelpful.”

    I hold the Israeli government responsible for settler violence. They created the climate for it, and fed it well. All those years of allowing illegal construction on illegally occupied land, knowing that someday it was all going to hit the fan, and what did Israel do to stop the construction all these years? Nothing. They turned a blind eye, even collaborated in the crime by building roads for settlers and providing utility services and water, and let’s not forget the wall that snaked through and sliced off more land for greedy Israelis.

    Since Netanyahu was elected, it’s worse than ever; the lunatics are running the asylum. He will do nothing about this, may possibly make a few tepid statements (Livni did, but where is Bibi denouncing this behavior?) tut-tutting at the not-niceness of this heinous act, may even mouth a few platitudes about bringing the perpetrators to justice. But as always, the Palestinians will see no justice.

    The settlers have taken over, they’re running the show and nothing will be done.

  2. Coincidentally, just yesterday I came across a discussion of Simone Weil’s writing on “uprootedness”. The author, Nissim Rejwan, is an Iraqi Jewish intellectual and writer who immigrated to Israel in the ’50’s. Among other topics, in the ’50’s and ’60’s he wrote critical pieces about Israeli society.

    I quote Simone Weil as saying that uprootedness is dangerous because it is a malady that tends to be self-propagating. “For people who are really uprooted there remain only two possible sorts of behaviour; either to fall into a spiritual lethargy resembling death, like the majority of the slaves in the days of the Roman Empire, or to hurl themselves into some form of activity necessarily designed to uproot, often by the most violent methods, those who are not yet uprooted, or only partly so.

    He goes on to quote Weil as stating that the Hebrews

    were escaped slaves, and they either exterminated or reduced to servitude all the peoples of Palestine.

    Seems appropriate to apply Weil’s thoughts on uprootedness to the modern-day Jewish State.

  3. RE: “To let the defilers go free would give Israel a black eye. That’s all that the country and its people care about.

    MY COMMENT: Ditto for AIPAC, ZOA, AJC, ADL, CUFI, Cheney, Dershowitz, Kirk, Hatch, Boenher, Chambliss, Hagee, Voight, Schumer, Berman, Harmon etc.

    Title: The Moslems have been vandalizing Jewish sites for decades
    Name: Michael A. Shoemaker
    City: Eugene State: Oregon, USA

    It`s good to finally see some justice in Israel; but a shame that the government isn`t meting it out. When were the perpetrators arrested, who daily vandalized the Temple Mount and Joseph`s tomb? Justice is a sham in Israel! Three cheers for the settlers!

    SOURCE (COMMENT #34) – http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1134455.h

  5. I wish i could say that this horrendous act was the topic of discussion on my settlement.

    The silence is as heartbreaking as the act itself.

    1. i have just been called by a friend, asking him to join him and other settlers, to travel to Kfar Yasuf to be together with the Palestinians there and to decry the attack.

      I can’t go..(work and my car is in the garage:-(

      He told me that there have been denunciations by settler leadership but without more aggressive display of disdain for this violence i fear the message will not get across.

      So i am happy that this initiative was taken.

      1. If you want to do something impressive, limit your water consumption to about one third or one fourth of what you’re currently consuming, pump the rest into tanks and deliver it to Palestinians, all at your own expense.

        Otherwise: As long as you’re perfectly happy with occupation and oppression as long as it doesn’t become “too ugly”, don’t expect any respect from me.

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