11 thoughts on “Settler Rabbi Who Endorses Goyicide Receives $300,000 in State Funding – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yitzhak Ginsburg, who was co-editor of an anthology glorifying the ‘saintly’ Baruch Goldstein, seems to have been an earlier head of this school. Incidentally, I read somewhere that he was imprisoned for his editorial efforts.
    If so the same Israeli law that got him caught should apply to this present luminary who has raised Teitel on a pedestal. But sadly the will to enforce it seems to be lacking.

    The tax dollars supporting these institutions ultimately come from American pockets. But, more importantly, the spiritual climate in which these characters are thriving seems to owe much to America’s Jewish ‘madrasahs’ as Michael Lopez-Calderon (who taught at one) called them. Goldstein, Ginsburg and others were taught to hate there.

  2. The fact that we Americans support this stuff with our tax dollars makes me sick to my stomach. Is it ironic that goyisch America (at least 97% of the population) supports groups that harbor such a deep blistering hatred of Gentiles? If right-wing Israelis and their right-wing Jewish American enablers possess so much hostility toward non-Jews, why do they insist on being totally dependent on the rest of us?

    Israel is an American welfare case, we give them 3 billion gentile-tainted dollars a year, carte blanche on our military hardware, Israel gets Germany to build them nuclear submarines and a big nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (at the Germans’ expense, labor and expertise, of course). Where does the aiding and abetting of Israeli militarism end?

    There needs to be a more open discourse in America about these very disturbing issues. This rabbi’s racism is fundamentally genocidal in its assumptions and implications (and all non-Jews are really implicated here, not just Palestinians and other Arab nations, though obviously they’re the brunt of Israeli aggression). This is absolutely disgusting. It’s hard for me to see how Rabbi Shapira’s thinking is different, in the fundamentals, from previous hardcore racial nationalisms and supremacist thinking, and we’ve seen where those have led.

  3. A correction regarding Israeli naval construction is in order. Germany does not build nuclear submarines for Israel. The German-built Dolphin class are conventionally powered. They are, however, likely capable of deploying nuclear weapons (cruise missiles.)
    Also, Germany has no capability of building aircraft carriers, nuclear or otherwise. You might have been misled by the inept reporting of a certain German correspondent who mistook a small conventional warship carrying helicopters for a bona fide aircraft carrier.

    But in principle you are correct. Western countries (with US and Germany as the main culprits) simply don’t put their money where their big mouths are. They condemn Israeli aggression while enabling it. And they alienate the Muslim world while professing to reach out to it. One dollar spent on arming Israel is probably equal to 10 dollars directly funneled into Al Qaeda recruiting.
    This hypocrisy is going to cost us dearly, especially when coupled with the blindness of people to the causes of something like 9/11.

    1. Koshiro, thanks for the correction, duly noted. That’s what I get for not verifying my facts before posting and shooting from the hip from half-baked memory and some quick, glancing reading somewhere in the bowels of the web a while back. When I think about it, your correction makes a good deal more sense, as well as being accurate.

      Also, to clarify any ambiguity in the parentheses in my above comment, I mean that at least 97% of Americans are not Jewish, and thus the irony that our country supports groups that so deeply hate Gentiles, NOT that 97% of Americans support our country’s one-sided, biased Israel policies. The percentage of Americans who support a one-sided, heavily biased American approach toward Israel (like we currently have) is relatively small. And this is notable considering how deeply skewed our media coverage is toward Israel, and how the Holocaust is ideologically framed to directly feed into Americans’ perceptions of and understanding of Israel.

  4. For Rabbi Yitshak Shapira : Every Palestinian child or infant is consonat threat and deadly enemy for you and for your racist zionist apartheid terrorist regeim , i am assuring you that and all your fanatic settlers over our home land Palestine . Just go home to your countries , let us live in our homeland in peace .

    1. Such replies make me extremely uncomfortable because they presume to replace one injustice with another. Not to mention that they betray a simplistic, wholly pejorative understanding of the term “Zionist.” There is much wrong with some brands of Zionism. But Zionism is a large movement whose followers believe many diff. & sometimes mutually contradictory things. Presuming Zionism is one thing is like presuming that Islam or Christianity or being American are one thing.

  5. I just have a funny idea. Slightly rephrase this with non-Judaism-specific vocabulary – like “unbeliever” for “gentile” or “universal laws” instead of “Noahide laws” and post it into a right-winger discussion forum explaining that this was uttered by a prominent cleric.
    Count the “those damn Muslims”-type replies you’ll get. Then have fun by revealing – an a manner as innocent and faux-surprised as possible – the truth.

    1. @Koshiro:

      I did something similar on U.S. Inauguration Day 2004. I distributed parts of a 1933 Hitler speech, translated into English. 95% of people commented on “what good [Christian] morals” the mystery politician had, and hoped said person was elected. A few [supporters] even thought the speech was a Bush speech. Only a select few saw through the gag/ruse.

  6. With regards to the cartoon, I think there may be an inconsistency. In general, it is the settler rabbis who have knitted kippas. Haredim, or black hat rabbis as less involved with the issue of religious zionism. Therefore, the rabbis in the cartoon should have knitted kippas and more modern garb.

  7. I didn’t read for a long time such anti jewish incitements. Oh, well. Gentiles don’t need to advocate peace with Israel because they will be on your side, guys.

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