3 thoughts on “Israel to PA: Rescind Appeal to Criminal Court or Else – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Realistically, what would be the consequences of ICC war crimes investigations against Israelis, given that America vetoes everything that would require some sort of culpability for Israel at the UN? Also, Israel will stonewall every aspect of an ICC investigation and go in to anti-semitism overdrive mode. I sincerely doubt we will see justice for Palestinians any time soon.

    “The PA has reached the point where it has to decide whether it is working with us or against us.” Instead, I think what Israel may be trying to do is to widen the rift between Fatah and Hamas. How would Gaza’s citizens react if Fatah watered down their suffering? How would Hamas react? The two parties would never reconcile their differences and therefore Israel would be absolved of the peace process.

  2. In a Haaretz article reads

    The document also said the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is Washington’s top priority, and it will therefore not support any move that would impede peace talks. Since adoption of the PA resolution would almost certainly cause Israel to refuse to resume negotiations, the United States can be counted on to fight it, the Foreign Ministry official said.


    So the obvious “conclusion” is that Israel will not negotiate if PA doesn’t stop demanding the inspection of Israeli war crimes and so PA can say in future that it is not negotiating if also the Israeli war crimes are not inspected. Hilarious. The US peace process top priorities are obviously now
    * enlarging settlements – YES
    * inspecting Israeli war crimes – NO
    * inspecting Palestinian war crimes – YES

    This Middle Eastern decades long farce is getting more crazier day after day.

  3. Nothing but good old Mafia tactics: intimidation and blackmail of victims, witnesses, investigators, uninvolved but outraged neighbours (see Israel’s treatment of Israeli Arab protesters during Cast Lead), even the US Congress and government, where they can’t be bought, that is. Render ineffective the Goldstone report and we’ll give you your health care reform.

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