4 thoughts on “After Qom, Where Do We Go from Here? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. none of this will end well

    and it’s mainly because we allow ourselves to accept the premise of these discussions, set by the US and Israel

    these two countries, which commit human rights abuses regularly (just as Iran, but both the US/Israel do so on a much larger scale)

  2. Roger Cohen left out the most important reason that sanctions are a bad idea, which is that the ones who bear the burden of sanctions are the people, particularly the women and children. I hoped someone would have learned this from the Iraq experience.

    But more to the point, this whole thing is just another case of trumped-up hysteria. The Iranian government told the IAEA about the facility days before Obama did the big reveal (and what a calcucated PR move THAT was!), and has already agreed to inspections, so why are we putting on a big show of trying to pressure Iran into allowing IAEA inspections – other than the standard political theatre ploy?

    As far as I can determine, Iran did not cross any “red lines” so far, and there is just no justification for all this mass hysteria.

  3. Richard, Well done. A couple of suggestions:

    Pres. Obama made the announcement of the secret Qom Iranian enrichment facility not at the UN, but at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh. Suggest you correct that in your post.

    Re the counter-conference you’re planning in Seattle: if you havne’t done so already, why not reach out to APN (Americans for Peace Now) and J Street/Brit Tzedek and perhaps NIAC (National Iranian American Council) to co-sponsor the conference, as they are among the leading org’s that agree? This might be a good program for the new Brit Tzedek-J Street field operation.


  4. The option that should really be on the table is a comprehensive peace settlement that makes the Middle East a nuclear weapons-free zone.

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