2 thoughts on “Jewish Council for Public Affairs ‘Stalks’ Naim Ateek – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The email Richard is quoting from was intended for Rob Jacobs. I accidently sent it to Richard Silverstein. (See the comment in brackets below.)

    I post the email in its entirety for the record.

    Beginning of Email:


    I recently saw your comments on Richard Silverstein’s blog (your email was included in the email I get as a result of subscribing to the post). [As it turned out, it was Richard’s email. Doh!]

    Did Richard appear on KUOW and mention CAMERA?

    I was kind of blind-sided by this controversy.

    Naim Ateek has kind of fallen off of my radar to a certain extent, largely because people have figured out how to respond to them and it’s no longer necessary for me to teach them how to sing. They know the song by now and don’t need me to lead them.

    It was kind of surprising to see that CAMERA played such a central role in the Seattle Federation’s response to Ateek’s appearences.

    I didn’t even know he was appearing in the Puget Sound region!

    (I got my undergraduate degree at UPS in Tacoma and my masters at Western in Bellingham.)

    If you know the date and time that Richard Silverstein appeared on KUOW, could you give me a sense.

    Also, is there any coverage of the controversy in the local press?

    Whatever info you can give me, I’d appreciate.

    Dexter Van Zile


    Richard was kind enough to forward the email to Rob on my behalf. Thank you Richard!

    1. I got my undergraduate degree at UPS in Tacoma and my masters at Western in Bellingham.

      University of Puget Sound and Western Washington State…that goes a long way toward explaining yr intellectual mediocrity. And yr attempts at snark & hyper politesse are beyond lame.

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