29 thoughts on “Banning Palestinian Students from Israeli Universities – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It couldn’t be said better, so I will repeat your words,
    “This is the insanity of Occupation. It beggars common sense and human decency and turns all of us into paupers.”

    Please tell me what happened to the 6 Palestinians to whom Israel would not give visas to study in the US after they won Fullbright scholarships. I know that Sec. of State Rice personally apppealed to Israel to let them go. Did Israel give them visas or did they say “No!” to the US Secretary of State?

  2. I am not aware of any country that says its universities are required to let all non-citizens who want to study in that country to do so. We are talking here about citizens of the Palestinian Authority. not Israel Arabs who are citizens of Israel.

    1. Do you mean to say that Israel has the right to close down West Bank universities practically at will & destroy all Gaza universities (during the last war), but then can wash its hands of any Palestinians who wish to study at its institutions? BTW, most universities around the world brag about students who wish to study at their school from abroad. Most universities do NOT restrict students of one particular ethnicity fr. studying on their campuses. Most places I know would call that racism though I am sure you wouldn’t.

      1. Most universities around the world, or to be precise, ALL of them, are not in the situation Israel is. You have suicide bombers taking advantage of hospital appointments in order to try and blow up the emergency room. A young women with leg braces using said braces as an excuse not to go thru a metal detector at a checkpoint, and then blowing herself up and killing herself and the soldiers who tried to help her, and various other examples of sheer hatred and insanity. Knowing all this, and saying that Israel is being too strict and not being fair to the poor angels is naive, to say the very least.
        As for the Gaza Universities being destroyed, here is a suggestion: Stop using them as launching points, and as storage area’s for munitions. So long as this is the case, the resulting destruction lies squarely on the shoulders of those that put the institution to such use.

        1. Man, this is such narischkeit I don’t know where to begin. First, you don’t provide any sources for any of yr claims and in case you don’t get it we don’t automatically credit anything you say as true w/o proof. I’ve never heard of either of the incidents you claim happened so you’ll have to provide a source before we can even begin to take yr claim seriously.

          As for sheer hatred and insanity, I’d say this defense ministry policy comes pretty close to fitting that phrase, not that you’d understand this given that you’re little more than a propagandist for Arab hatred.

          Stop using them as launching points, and as storage area’s for munitions.

          Could you provide the least proof from a credible media source (not CAMERA, MEMRI or Debka Files) that this is the case. And are you also claiming that the American School in Gaza was a storehouse for Hamas munitions? IT was destroyed as well.

          I don’t see it as my job in life to refute right wing trolls like you. So I reserve the right in future to publish or not publish any future gems you post here. But I tire very quickly of the garbage people like you attempt to publish here. Consider yrself put on notice.

          1. Grow up. The policy is more then reasonable considering what they are dealing with.

            As for sources, while I didn’t notice any sources when Israel was being bashed (I guess your standards are pretty ah, flexible, eh?), I will be happy to provide you with some. I have no problem explaining the obvious to people who pretend not to know.

            Schools being used as launching points? I guess this would be an example:


            Please don’t bother to say that this happened before operation “Cast Lead” and that by that time they were using it as a soup kitchen to feed the homeless. That wouldn’t pass the giggle test.

            The checkpoint incident? January 14, 2004. Is BBC good enough for you? If not, just google Reem al-Raiyshi. Or you can pretend that this never happened, if you want.


            But you already know all this, don’t you?

            You reserve the right not to post things that point out that you are wrong? No problem. I have no intention of arguing with anti-Israel fanatics who whine “Troll!! Troll!!” when an inconvenient fact or two pop up.

          2. You’re offering YouTube videos posted by the IDF press office as evidence of anything!!?? Don’t make me laugh. I said proof fr. a “credible source.” The IDF press office is even less credible than Debka or MEMRI.

            Your video purports to claim that the UN school housed Hamas munitions. But that wasn’t my original challenge to you. That was, why were all Gaza universities destroyed? Were they all wareshouse for Hamas? Can you prove it?

            As for yr terror incidents, let’s leave aside that the incident you mention happened five years ago. Let’s instead ask what proof you have that any Palestinian student has engaged in terror during their studies at Israeli universities or after they complete those studies? I’m waiting. Or are you arguing that because one Palestinian blew themselves up and harmed Israelis that this somehow translates into the necessity to prevent gifted Palestinian students from studying at Israeli institutions?

            You reserve the right not to post things that point out that you are wrong?

            No. I published yr execrable comment didn’t I? Why would I do so if I wasn’t willing to publish comments claiming I was wrong. What I don’t do is allow propagandists to monopolize the comment threads here. You have plenty of other right wing pro-Israel clubhouses on the web where you can gather.

            I have no intention of arguing with anti-Israel fanatics

            You’ve just violated one of the cardinal comment rules of this site. So I put you on notice–the next violation causes you to lose yr comment privileges. I’m actually PRO-Israel. You’re the one who is anti-Israel because yr views will harm Israel far more than mine.

          3. Interesting. Any proof provided by Israel, as justification for it’s actions, is not credible, according to you. The IDF has a clip showing missiles fired? Not credible, since it is the IDF. I suppose that if a Hamas spokesperson were to admit on CNN that they fired from schools, you would then claim that it must have been a mossad plant.

            As for your claim that “one Palestinian blew themselves up and harmed Israelis”, I not even sure as to how one can respond to that. Are all the other suicide bombers figments of the imagination? Not credible because they were reported by Israel?

            As for you being Pro-Israel, you have just proven the saying that “With friends like you, who needs enemies? You have no idea what my views are, no idea what my beliefs are. You have no idea what my opinion regarding the Occupied Territories are, Jerusalem, the settlers or anything else. You have no idea what my background is, if I have been in Israel, if I have been to the OT, if I have even speak Hebrew, or anything else. And, no doubt, you don’t want to know. Otherwise you could simply… ask. All you want to do is accuse me, based on absolutely zero knowledge, of being a “right wing troll” (first time I have ever been accused of being right wing), whose views, which you have no idea of what they are, will harm Israel.

            This is the sloppiest, most unprofessional leaping to conclusions I have ever seen. If this is your normal standard, please don’t even bother to respond. Just remove the thread. On the other hand, you can always ask, I will be happy to answer, and who knows? You might find that we agree more often or not. And if not, the world will still continue to turn…

            In any case, I have no intention of getting into a personal argument. If you next response is yet another personal attack, it will be ignored.

            No doubt you’ll survive.

          4. You evince extreme hostility to Palestinians, refuse to make distinctions between students yearning for a better life and terrorists, proffer evidence of Hamas terrorism from the video lab of the IDF press office, and yet you would have us believe that you’re a good liberal. Don’t make me laugh. And regardless of any other views you may have, if you ARE someone who doesn’t vote or support Likud, then you’re PEP (progressive except Palestinians). Those who are PEP are almost as noxious as those who are out and out Likudniks.

            I evaluate people based on their views as they express them here. You’ve expressed yr views clearly enough for me to make a judgment of their quality & substance. You’ll have to live with it I’m afraid. If you wanted to be judged by diff. standards it’s on you to express views that are more balanced, fair and tolerant.

  3. Bar Kochba,

    Israel has a clear moral, and, arguably. legal obligation to provide for higher education for Palestinian students in the West Bank and Gaza. That is because those territories are under military Occupation for over 40 years, and during those years, Israel has not either provided for, or allowed, the growth of higher education in many disciplines in those areas. That Palestinians are citizens of a barely functioning “Palestinian Authority” which neither has the wherewithall nor the ability to provide such education proves the point — Israel wants to have control over the Territories without having responsibility for its residents.

    As for Gaza, which you will argued, is no longer under occupation — well, you know that Israel prevents Gazans from studying in Israel or abroad, and they do this as part of the siege against Hamas — once again in violation of Israel’s responsibility for the welfare of the residents, under the Geneva Convention.

    The truth is that it is in Israel’s interest to keep education and skilled employment to a minimum among Palestinians so that Palestinians will either form a workforce of unskilled labor, or, preferably, become terrorists. The last thing that Israel want is an educated Palestinian population will actually be effective spokespeople for a Palestinian state. This is part of the general harassment of the Palestinian population which is part of Zionism’s lifeblood. My former neighbors in the Jewish Quarter were shocked to find out that there were Palestinian doctors, lawyers, and scientists. They assumed that they were only street cleaners or terrorists.

  4. “…the army’s non-security related criteria..” Not related to security? Then why is the army involved?

  5. This is akin to what Nazi Germany did to Jewish students/academicians. This is shameful and dispictable. Once again, the behavior of Israel and minions are proving that Zionism=Nazism.

    1. I have no problem with everything in yr comment leading up to the last two words. Those two words are a violation of my comment rules. Pls. read them and attempt to adhere to them. The Israeli defense ministry does not represent all of Zionism.

      1. Sorry for breaking posting rules. Didn’t know certain political terms are censored.
        Doesn’t leave much room for free and open debate, now does it?

  6. And besides, Bar Kochba, you’re misrepresenting the case. It’s not that the Supreme Court has negated a (non-existing) requirement for Israeli universities to let all non-citizens study there. Quite the opposite, it has negated the universities’ prerogative to pick their students according to intellectual qualifications.

  7. I believe the education we all recieve from the occupiers may be all we need to build a better world. And one day we shall all share the opportunity that follow the path of truth and peace.

    Thoughts and words are not lost observing the inequality, hatred, and injustice that is clearly portrayed in their behavior. My heart breaks for them because they are blind to the truth, but my heart is crushed for those that suffer at the hands of imposters claiming to belong to the household of a mighty, just, and peacful Creator while showing NONE of HIS qualities or characteristics.

    peace to all my brothers and sisters as we share in this journey of life.

  8. What so happeneth to those who do not follow the path of truth and peace?

    Given that everyone tends to have their own idea of “truth” and only some of those will be likely to agree on “the path of truth.”

    Peace shared is indeed peace. But those that have not peace: shall we blame them? Kill them? Make them no more?

    1. Margaret,

      I sense a tone of sarcasm in you reply. “What so happeneth” are you waxing King James or what? What have I done to deserve such an attitude?

      There is One Creator and ‘truth and peace’ are a result of right choices in relation to HIS word.

      “peace shared is indeed peace” Yes, it is just as attempting to repress and reject every form of expression can NEVER lead to a mutual trust or relationship.

      What right does one group of people have to limit the dreams and aspirations of another? First we hear that they are not allowed to live where they want. Then we hear that those that do live there must swear an ‘oath of allegiance’? Next they make it a crime to speak the truth; that Israel MUST be refered to as a “Jewish state” when in fact then president, Harry Truman, refused to acknowledge it as a “Jewish state” but called it “the state of Israel”.

      “Education” is something we all need and destroying those opportunities diminishes ALL of us. Just as silencing the voice of reason leaves us with only unreasonableness and insanity.

      1. James B.
        It was a spontaneous response, not meant as sarcasm and not intended to be unkind, mimicry, if you will. An assumption of the same tone, not pleasing perhaps, because not spoken by the same voice. Which I think may relate to the questions asked, and not directly answered, that I can see.

        I agree with much of what you say, and may be not understanding that to which it appears I may disagree. Does everyone have the same understanding of that One God, or of HIS word? Because of the divisions that occur among people, it would seem the answer is negative; people do not agree.

        So the question for me is, if there is no universal understanding of the One God or HIS word, how can one one assert there is one set of “right choices” and what happens to those who don’t agree with your definition of the right choices?

        1. Margaret,

          Thank you for clarifying your response and politeness. I am sure we both know that simple words can act as landmines, especially on the internet.

          “what happens to those who don’t agree with your definition of the right choices?”

          I am not the judge of that person. As much as it is within my power it is my responsiblity to treat all people with respect and the measure of compassion and understanding that I desire myself. I do not have the desire to exert revenge or punishment. Looking at the bloody history of religion, by what measure would I exact it?

          ‘Hate’ and ‘hateful actions’ are bricks used to build walls that hold the ‘hater’ within a cage from which there is no escape. The walls are used to keep those surrounded captive, not protect them from what might lie beyond.

          If we ‘take up a sword’ or whatever implement of destruction that might prove useful we immediately sentence ourselves to destroying whatever hope might exist for meaningful dialogue. We will always be faced with the challenge of those that strike the first blow but victory in not found in crushing ones enemies. Victory comes in the form of rewards for having been found to be obedient to the instructions of our Father.

          We may not have a “universal understanding’ of who He is but if we look at the universe and believe it was created, it has the fingerprints of a singular entity of unimaginable wisdom and ‘it’ is responsible for all life which leads me to believe that ‘He’ cares deeply for every facet of that existence.

          As a parent of five wonderful children I don’t always have to ‘punish’ them when they make ‘bad choices’. Explaining to them the hurt they have caused or showing them how that choice resulted in consequences (intended or not) many times helps them alter their perception of how they veiw other people, their choices, and how to maintain lines of communication rather than ‘burning bridges’.

          All these things are part of instruction and education focused on a positive outcome. Such are, I am sure, many of the desires of the children and people being denied the ability to pursue an education in order to ‘better their world’, and I think we both agree that that world has become a living hell.

          Again thank you for your courtesy and I hope that I have answered the question you posed to me.

          1. Thank you for your thoughtful and considerate answer!

            Do you believe that US military policy can be changed to eliminate lethal activity that appears to result in greater hostility against the US?

          2. I didn’t see a reply button under your response so I just put it under mine.

            The question you asked is a very difficult one to answer and I’m not sure that it would be possible within the framework of this post, nor would it be staying within the context of the original post.

            As long as America is sympathetic the militaristic goals of Israel rather than the needs of human beings nothing will ever change. As long AIPAC’s has more influence on politicians than the ‘voice’ of the American population, nothing will ever change. As long as America sends endless streams of military hardware and finances to support Israel’s stance there will be no hope of ever seeing peace in the region.

            As long as we insist on forcing the square peg in the round hole we shall always come up with the same solution. New horizons call for new ideas. New ideas demand a new consciousness. When we get there the REAL changes will become undeniable and we will see the buds of peace spring forth.

  9. If I may offer a suggestion, Joe: if you have come across something that you see as similar between the policies of WWII Germany and Israel, consider carefully who took what actions. Then, because of the circumstances, proof it by finding the same characteristic activity displayed by another governments, particularly one considered notable in the historical record of our times. Unfortunately, there are plenty of similarities to be found. Secondly, rather than using the emotive word “Nazi”, stick to specific actors, rather than generalizing.

    If you do that, you will be able to comment on sites that enforce standards. Moreover, your comments will have impact on the viewer.

    It’s a treacherous path one must follow to refrain from scapegoating anyone, for any reason. Remember: Not only are there forms of Zionism that do not support Israel; there are Israeli Jews who do not support the current military policies of the state, or the inequality those policies defend.

  10. I suggest you put more effort in reading what I wrote, rather then jumping to conclusions. I pointed out a simple fact: The situation in Israel is one that other universities/countries, are not familiar with. I gave two examples of what I mean, and ALL this means is that there are security concerns that Israel must take, beyond what other people, with zero experience and knowledge, might consider reasonable.

    Are the examples made up? No, unfortunately they are not. Are they representative of all Palestinians? Of course not. Based on personal experience, the majority are not violent. I might be of the opinion that they could do more, be more active against the violent factions, but on the other hand I also understand that they have their lives, and those of their loved ones to consider. Not an enviable situation to be in. My general view is that a minority, on both sides, screws things up for everyone. But ignoring this minority, at least when it pertains to the Palestinians, as you do, is dishonest.

    I’ll state a few facts on the topic, since you can’t be bothered to ask, and prefer making every wrong conclusion possible. As I mentioned before, very unprofessional and sloppy, but that is your problem, not mine.

    Education – The best thing Israel could do is make sure every possible Palestinian is educated. An educated population can think, can ask question, and tends to use brains rather then emotion. They won’t accept “Because I said so” from their leaders so readily.

    Education in Israel – If possible, why not? Security concerns can be addressed. Some, for legitimate reasons won’t be allowed in, and for good reasons. But the vast majority should. Besides the fact that education is a good thing, if one were to be cynical, one would say that if they are educated in Israel, the security services will at least be aware of what they are learning….

    My ‘extreme” hostility to Palestinians – Rubbish. I have extreme hostility to murdering scum, whether they are Palestinians, Jews, or green men from Mars. Regarding Palestinians in general, I don’t have any particular hostility or love. Most of the ones I met I got along with, the ones I haven’t met I have no opinion one way or the other.
    Distinction between students and terrorists – Please show where I said that they are one and the same. If you bother to read what I wrote, I simply pointed out that there are security issues, and why. I gave no example of a student terrorist, no matter how you try to twist things around.

    Political views – Sure as hell aren’t Likud. Last time I could vote in Israel it was Shinui (Tommy Lapid). If I could have voted this time, I probably would have checked out Kadima, but I am not definite about it. As for what I would have you believe, I really don’t care. Don’t take it too hard.

    Two states or one? – I see no other choice but two states. I can go into this much more if you wish, but that would entail a discussion rather then you attacking for misguided reasons.

    As for judging people by what they write, good way to act. I also do this, and frankly, judging by the articles you choose to post, i.e., anything that can put Israel into a bad light, and nothing negative about the Palestinians (at least as far as 2009 is concerned, according to the archives), your views are clear, and so is your “honesty” when you claim to be Pro-Israel. No problem, it’s your website. But as long as this is the way you act, it’s quite funny that you would suggest that anyone else “express views that are more balanced, fair and tolerant”.

    1. The situation in Israel is one that other universities/countries, are not familiar with.

      This has nothing to do with the issue of university security & either you know this or should. There has been one terror attack on an Israeli university in the past decade of which I’m aware. The defense ministry is not seeking to bar Palestinians from Israeli universities because it perceives them to be a terror threat to the university because there have been no cases of Palestinians university students engaging in acts of terror at Israeli universities.

      The best thing Israel could do is make sure every possible Palestinian is educated.

      Yet you support the Israeli defense ministry preventing the very thing you claim to believe should happen. You have a major problem, my friend.

      nothing negative about the Palestinians…your views are clear

      Not to you. You’re not reading enough. There is criticism of Palestinians, Hamas & others (yes, even in 2009). But why is this a game of balance? I don’t need to prove my bona fides with you or anyone else. I’ve been a progressive Zionist since 1967. The fact that you impute anti-Israel fanaticism to me only shows how little you know about Zionist views to which you’re either alien or hostile.

      so is your “honesty” when you claim to be Pro-Israel.

      You have once again violated two provisions of my comment rules. Calling me dishonest and anti-Israel are serious violations. Since this is your 2nd violation (and you were warned earlier & apparently didn’t bother to read the rules) you’ve lost your privileges.

  11. As a Palestinian, I support Israel;s bar on Palestinians studying in Israel. Why would any self respecting Palestinians want to study in Israel? Would Jews flock to Nazi institutes for higher education? Israeli “universities” are pretty crummy anyhow

    1. You are one strange dude. First, you’ve taken the name of a murdered Tanzim commander. Second, your e mail address purports to be based in England out of the Institute for Cancer Research, but your IP is based in Georgia. I for one, don’t know who the hell you are & I doubt you’re who or what you claim. My hunch is you’re a right-wing pro-Israel troll.

      But if you ARE who you say you are, then I find it interesting that a Palestinian living in the U.S. (or England) would criticize a Palestinian for trying to get a good education in Israel. If you know anything about the educational opportunities for graduate study in Palestine, they’re quite slim if they exist at all. Studying in Israel is a reasonable alternative.

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