4 thoughts on “Congressional Delegation Skeptical Netanyahu Can Advance Peace Process – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I join you in thanksgiving, include in that gratitude for all those who in their love for God are united with others, rather than divided from them.

  2. I had never seen Ackerman in action but watched today, a propos of your post, on YouTube how he got stuck during a congressional hearing into the members of the SEC a propos of the Madoff affair. That man has a fiery tongue ! I expected Linda Thomsen, the socalled Enforcement Director of the Commission, to burst into tears at any moment. She didn’t but apparently had the decency to resign next day.

    I hope that Ackerman has used the same capacity for being outraged and yet in command of his rhetoric on the Israeli public figures he dealt with. I understand that a few months ago he already spoke of ‘settler pogroms’ (that is pogroms by settlers not on settlers) that he deemed to be part of the ‘destructive dynamic’ that governs the PI conflict.

    That is a refreshingly honest term. I am looking forward to more candid statements from him.

  3. RE: “I’ll bet there are some very nervous Israeli diplomats in Washington D.C. and New York wondering what the hell is going on with Gary.”

    MY COMMENT: Surely they are familiar with the concept of ‘tough love’.

  4. The decisive actor in this game is Obama and until he does something substantive and soon, Ackerman and others who have gone out on limb for his policies will pay the price if the prez falters. Speechifying is a wonderful thing, but is worthless blather without action.

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