8 thoughts on “Barak Does a ‘Peres,’ Advocates Labor Joining Rightist Coalition – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Labor doesn’t have a defining concept, agenda or even clear association anymore.

    The party is functionally dead. Its only voice is as an inconsistent “speed limiter”. (Inconsistent in the sense that it alternately supports conciliation and war, also in other domestic policy ways that I’ve read less of. It is more distinct in domestic policy from Likud’s free market orientation.)

    The tragedy is that there is no liberal Zionist party remaining. No Meretz, no greens, nobody.

  2. I found this disturbing. Do you?


    Iran TV: We’ve test-fired new long-range missile
    By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent and Reuters
    Tags: Israel News, Iran

    Iran has test fired a new long-range missile, the state Press TV reported on Sunday.

    Iran often stages war games or tests weapons to show its determination to counter any attack by foes including Israel and the United States, which accuse the Islamic Republic of seeking to develop nuclear bombs. Tehran denies the charge.

  3. Meanwhile we know that Netanyahu is no longer interested in doing a deal with Barak.

    As far as Lieberman is concerned: an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post said this morning that well, yes, as Foreign Minister he might not be very welcome in West European capitals but then, on the other hand, he could concentrate on the former Russian republics and Russia itself.

    And, says the editorialist, with Western Europe things might not be as bad as all that. They got accustomed to Sharon as well, though he had a pretty rough image to start with.

    Yes, but things have changed. Israel’s overall image has deteriorated since Sharon first became prominent.

    What the Jerusalem Post did not mention in great detail was the protest demonstration in Swedish Malmo yesterday when the Sweden-Israel Davis Cup match was played. The Australian ABC mentioned that about seven thousand people participated. The BBC talks about “thousands” but the Post mainly mentioned the few hundred rock throwers.

  4. I think Netanyahu still wants Labor in, but he understand now what everybody knew on the first day after the election: that he can only get Barak on his own, not the party. so he stops asking.

    about the anti-israeli sentiment in Europe, it is sad to say that the only thing that matters is the WH, and we had mixed signals from there.

  5. No one found the prospect that Iran has a missile capable of reaching Israel, and announced quantity of enriched uranium sufficient for a nuclear bomb, disturbing?

    1. Iran won’t use the bomb unless it’s attacked. I believe it’s just a deterrent. Israel has more nukes than anyone barring Russia and the US, nobody’s going to attack it.

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