4 thoughts on “Israeli Government in Disarray, Coalition Talks Stall, Ceasefire Negotiator Fired – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think your accurate in describing the disarray, but Netanyahu is between a harder rock and hard place than you describe.

    The Torah parties have historically refused to associate with Leiberman. In the days prior to the election, Shas leaders declared that Leiberman was a demon, in that intensity.

  2. At the moment I’m reading Avi Shlaims book “The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World “. I’ve reached the point at the eve of the 1956 Sinai War. After reading your account today I’m struck by the thought that, as far as Israel is concerned, nothing seems to change.

  3. Amos Gilad, by the way, is a despicable fellow on his own right. Akiva Eldar has a piece about some of this guy’s activities and lies. I also remember how in the days prior to the Iraq invasion he was pontificating about how Saddam “kept astounding quantities of chemical weapons aimed at half the world. He apparently also has biological weapons and is engaged in building nuclear weapons.”. He never had to take responsibility for his lies and it is frustrating to see men of his ilk reach top positions.

  4. Amnesty International accused Israel and Hamas of both misusing foreign supplied weapons to kill civilians. This is not a brilliant tactical move on Amnesty’s part, but another misguided attempt to project impartiality by being even handed. It is the kind of device which suckered the EU into aligning itself with the US to support effective sanctions against Palestinians for voting Hamas whilst continuing to offer Israel more trade etc.. I predict that this kind of misguided effort will have a similar effect. We will end up taking zero effective action against Israel and applying yet further sanctions on Palestinians. Hamas has already offered Israel an agreement not to target civilians which Israel has, wisely from its own perspective, declined to respond to (http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Sky-News-Archive/Article/20080641311184), since “accidentally” attacking civilians is a vital part of Israel’s ability to maintain its subjugation of Palestinians (http://www.shovrimshtika.org/testimonies_e.asp?cat=19).

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