20 thoughts on “Gaza: Kill a Terrorist, Let 1,000 Terrorists ‘Bloom’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is total nonsense. It appears that you don’t have a clue as to what is going on here in Israel. Also, your conclusion is built on misconceptions and foolish “well-meaning” Kumbaya mentality. Both losers.

  2. “For every Rayyan Israel kills, 1,000 will take his place.” Are you advocating this? You should consider that it is more like ly that, “For every Rayyan Israel kills, there will be 1,000 fewer terrorists.”

  3. tzvee, nobody is advocating this. You are so defensive. You have only to put yourself in the shoes of a Palestinian to realize they are now in the same position as the European Jews were to the Nazis. Israel is losing every shred of its claim to the land.

    There is plenty of blame to go around here, starting with the British in 1946, and now you must take some too, not just bluster in anger that all this is justified somehow. It isn’t. There are ways to bring true peace, but you use your anger to justify any horror. It is obvious that a large percentage of Israelis agree with you. Be aware that you are being manipulated: you actually don’t want peace, but revenge.

    The Nazis are long gone, but WWII will not be over until there is peace in Israel. Is the Jewish wound still so deep that you, as an individual, can justify this?

  4. I am sorry but the nazis are not long gone-as far as it concerns the land in which I live (Germany). One of their main issues against the Jewish people is Israel΄s atrocities. They try to show which “enemy” their grandfathers “fought”. Sad but true, they present thesis like that.

  5. “There is only one sane, reasonable resolution of this conflict: Israel must lift the 18 month siege of Gaza and allow the return to normal life. Hamas must end the rocket barrages against Israeli civilians. It is simple, yet at the same time impossible because neither side appears willing to concede.”

    It is simple.

    How do you expect BOTH of the parties to begin that dance?

    US pressure (not likely until a couple weeks)? European pressure (not likely)? Pressure from the Arab world (not likely given the anger on the street)?

    Anger is a temporary feeling, physiologically temporary. Hate is its imprint into permanence.

    We don’t know the future. We’ve ALL guessed wrong, even noting historical repetitions that seem to add up to predictability.

    Dogs give in and move on. Its been stated often that dogs are therefore more civilized than humans in ways.

  6. PKlein, let’s not get out of proportion. Yes, there is a handful of dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semites here and elsewhere who present Israel’s actions as an excuse for racism. They’re very much a fringe group, and far outnumbered in the public discourse by their mirror images – those who use the actions of a handful of Muslim fanatics as excuse for anti-Islam/anti-Arab racism.

  7. It bloggles the mind that Israel does not realize that they are creating far more terrorists than they can ever kill. Unfortunately, by using United States money and weapons Israel is creating far more terrorists for the US than we can ever hope to kill.

  8. There will always be people everywhere who hate Jews, blacks, Arabs, or somebody else in their own unreasoning way, but you certainly don’t put these people in charge of government and deciding policy.

    I am reminded that Golda Meir, when asked about the Palestinian problem, replied “There are no Palestinians.” This was in the ’60s.

    Whom then is Israel fighting? To whom and for what is Israel selling its soul?

  9. @itwasntme

    Israel isn’t selling anything. It is about time it stood up to Hamas and it is. Where were all the humanists when the Holocaust happened? Nowhere to be found!

  10. “Where were all the humanists when the Holocaust happened? Nowhere to be found!”

    You have absolutely nothing to substantiate this. I remember this one famous humanist pastor’s poem. I believe the humanists had all been sent to the camps alongside the Jews.

  11. @Heller

    As a student of Jewish history and Holocaust and now the Israel-Palestine conflict.
    Israel is a settler state.Herzl’s dream of a homeland for Jewish should not have meant the occupation of millions of arab peoples.
    The people of Palestine are paying now in blood for the shameful atrocities committed by Europeans and Russians by wars and pogroms and anti-Semitic laws which was major driving force for Jewish people wanting to leave Eastern European lands.

  12. Nonsense. Same old tired Nazi and fascist propaganda. Look around the net and you will see that you all use the exact same rhetoric with no originality. Think for yourselves. Knee jerk anti-Israel barbs are useless and foolish. It is usually an indication of a sense of helplessness and the need to be loved. WE love you in spite of your hate filled lies.

  13. Richard,

    thanks for your response. But I don’t share your particular way you see the world from the comfort of your home in the States. Sorry, but we are fighting Iran as Hamas is only a proxy. Stop for one second and listen to the Arab world. There is almost silence about Israel. The only response is about civilian casualties, that are very unfortunate, but no support for Hamas. You need to be a little less of an ideologue and see the “reality” on the ground.

  14. @steve:

    no support for Hamas

    No support for Hamas fr. the Arab world?? What about the demonstrations throughout the Arab world including Cairo, Beirut, etc. Talk about “reality.” Yours is seen through rose colored pro-Israel glasses.

    DO NOT use terms like Nazi & fascist in this blog unless you are referring to Nazi Germany or to specifically fascist individuals or movements. If you fling propaganda phraseology around like that you’re violating the comment rules.

  15. @steve: It is a violation of my comment rules to call progressives “Nazi” or “fascist.” Don’t do it. If you want to argue, do so using real arguments based in fact & not empty slogans. Argue with arguments, not propaganda.

  16. I feel saddened that there may be no peace for a long time,it is sad for the children of both Israel and Palestine.
    The Israel killed the leader of hamas in holiest of all the islamic months,its not spurned on the Arabs but all of the islamic world.
    For they have made Rayyan a matyr for the fight against Israeli occupation of palestine.Thus the Israelis have not killed hamas,but given it a greater cause to exist!
    Therefore the murder of Rayyan was not a great day for the world not even for Israel!

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