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  1. So you could say that all the rockets and then the subsequent military operation brought some sense, or temporary sense to at least one person.


    Israel would be okay with a status quo, living in a fortress of a bubble of prosperity as long as the rockets ended. Israeli’s would happily live w/o any peace agreement expanding settlements.That would be an unbearable untenable status quo for Palestinians.

    Ask why Netanyahu is and has been ahead in polls.

    Both publics support military action.

    Ask why the Palestinians of Gaza are very much behind Hamas when they are suffering so. Ask why they are training their littlest kids to be martyrs.

    Both populations want this. Both populations have radicalized even more- not less- in their sentiments. Both populations see themselves as victims.

    Where are the local peace movements? Did you read the news about Hamas murders of “suspected collaborators”?

    Abbas is a collaborator.

    How is it possible to take any side in this? Both sides on operating on the same primitive level. As David Grossman ( picture floating above) would ( or actually did say in his book “Death as a Way of Life”) this is a dance of death.

    No wonder any person outside of this, especially in a leadership position would take pause and hesitate to get involved or think very hard about how or what to do.

    Many of the principles do not want interference either.

    I am becoming immune to the numbers and the pictures- and I am not like that normally- on the contrary.

    We have tickets to go to Israel shortly- a long postponed visit to family and friends. Last time we were there we were pinned down to one place- hardly anyone was out and about except out of necessity- that was 2003. We would not go if we did not have loved ones to see. Definitely not.

  2. People like Suzanne are a dime a dozen.

    They know so little about history and this conflict specifically that they blame both sides equally.

    This happens in personal day-to-day stuff too. ‘Both of you are wrong, make up.’

    Hamas was willing to sign a renewed truce. They had very reasonable demands.

    Israel broke it in the first place.

    Last time I checked, Gaza has been blockaded all this time. You think people like living in a dungeon?

    It’s repulsive how Zionists are so fucking narcissistic. These rockets have killed 15 people in 8 years. Injured 500 in 8 years.

    In one day, Israel killed upwards of 300 and injured another 1000+.

    Last time I checked, it was mostly police officers/trainees. NOT Hamas security. 51 children are dead. More are injured.

    This has never been a symmetrical conflict.

    Never. It never will be either. Israelis live better. They get more money and military support. They have a better PR campaign and the mainstream press in the US is completely biased.

    The Palestinians have no hope. All these protests are pointless. No one gives a damn about international outrage.

    Israel killed 1000 Lebanese civilians 2 years ago. Did anything change? No.

    So go enjoy yourself in Israel. Your sanctimony will help you fit in, I’m sure.

  3. My first donation of 2009 is to donate to your blog — without which I would be “stunningly superficial” on the Middle East. Joe Scarborough (who described his views as Zionist) was called “stunningly superficial” on his knowledge of the Israeli/Palestinian situation by Zbigniew Brzezinski (former National Security Advisor to Pres. Carter).
    This incident on “Morning with Joe” (MSNBC-TV) was the only time I have seen a newscaster criticized for their lack of information on this subject which is so important each and every American. Any of us who read your blog, Tikun Olam, could have conducted a better discussion with Zig than Joe did. Thank you for helping us to understand this explosive region.

  4. “The mayor of Netivot follows the mayor of Sderot, and also reflects a growing readiness of people to break ranks in these areas.”
    sigh…would that the Governor of New York State and the mayor of New York State could learn from such principled people.

    Both Michael Bloomberg and David Patterson have come out four-square behind Israel.

  5. @LD

    I have not left yet. I agree with some of what you say b/c I know both sides ( and history). Since your hot head totally misunderstands what I wrote and the feeling behind it, which was neutral and numb to disgusted ( which should be understandable), and you can count me as one who are a”dime a dozen”, that tells me that you are in no position to say anything meaningful about a resolution and would rather enjoy your adrenalin rush. Keep thinking you are helping some cause as you spit.

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