7 thoughts on “Anatomy of Settler Land Theft – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. And I wish you no ill, but have happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas and a enlightening new year. I hope though that you will keep an open mind and heart especially to those who suffer of radical Islamist terrorism and hatred including good Muslims, which I am one of them. They kill us all for an insane ideology, but you don’t seem to get it, sadly. Indeed, time to stop the lies which you are propounding in the name of ‘justice’.

    Long live democracy and freedom.

  2. Probably Palestinians are descended from ancient Jews and Samaritans who turned Christian when Constantine told them to, 4th century AD. Many turned Muslim a few centuries after the Arab conquest.

    I have found the idea that Palestinians are Canaanites or Philistines only among the less critical Christian Zionists. It is mostly an excuse for being hostile to them for not fitting in with the Dispensational Future History.

    Zhu Bajie

  3. Me, being rather cynical about this business, thinks they just use the morals of their government, and of Israeli society.


    Beautiful villa in Jerusalem? Owned by an Arab? Duh.

    Use a, ehm, not very moral law to say that the owner is not the owner anymore, wait a while, say you payed the Arab some money for the loss, wait ’till he dies, resell the property to a Jew, and then force the inhabitant to pay rent to the jewish owner instead of the current arab owner.

    The only difficulty in this scam is that it houses the Belgian consulate in Jerusalem.

    Don’t know whether the Belgians have the guts to say !@#$ to these thieves, but since it’s diplomatic I doubt it.

    And if it weren’t a consulate you’d never have heard of it.

    These actions are clearly not of some outcasts but are longstanding Israeli policies embedded in law, and supported and enforced by all major political parties and governments alike.

    It was good work from AP, sure. But for the cynical amongst us what they describe is just a cheap ripoff of the policies of Israel. Better to describe them, and to condemn the real thievery which is currently headed by Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann. And his associate in this case, the “businessman” David Sofer.

    Links for the example:



  4. @StopSilversteinBile/Lies: Oh please, you are a “good Muslim.” Do us the favor of stopping this charade. No real Muslim would call themselves a “good Muslim” in the sense of being a “well-behaved Muslim” as you have done. You’re as much a Muslim as I’m the pope.

  5. before the jews flooded into palestine (i won’t recognize israel as a nation), they are residing somewhere on the earth, right? they have their home and job already at the “somewhere”, wherever it might be. so why go and stole someone’s home and force the owner out? i still cant get the answer to this, other than the “God-given-right” theory? oh, and if it because of the holocaust, why did palestinians had to suffer then? they had no role whatsoever in that.

    1. The Jews who came to Israel just after WWII did not have a home or a “somewhere” as you say. There is no justice in the suffering inflicted on the Palestinians. But the survivors of the Holocaust suffered immensely too.

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