3 thoughts on “Support the Shministim – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. B”H
    Incitement to treason is a very old left wing political strategy.
    Russian communists financed by the German government already had much success using it to gain power while sabotaging the Russian war effort.
    Likewise currently the left wing groups such as Peace Now a subversive group
    financed by foreign powers:
    employ the same tactics
    indoctrinating young idealistic Israeli kids.

  2. I signed the petition and made a modest monetary contribution several weeks ago. I wish that I had possessed their moxie when I was their age!

  3. @Ariel: This is yr most despicable comment yet. But I congratulate you. You’ve just become little better than the Russian Putinites who criminalize foreign NGOs in Russia for attempting to get Russia to honor democratic principles. Putin’s stooges use precisely the same language “financied by foreign powers” to make it appear that the NGOs are attempting to eat away from within at pure Russian values and governance. THis line of propaganda accusing Peace Now of “incitement,” “treason,” and linking it to Communists is despicable.

    I’ve grown quite tired to this narischkeit. It really does belong in yr Chabad world & not in mine. Several times I’ve considered banning you but not done so because I don’t believe in doing so unless a flagrant list of abuses has happened. But accusing Peace Now of being in the sway of a foreign power has just done it for me.

    BTW, Peace Now is “indoctrinating young idealistic Israeli kids” in the values of Israel as a western democracy. I understand this is terribly threatening to you since you wish Israel to be an authoritarian Arabrein theocracy. But your views are not mine & not those of 98% of my readers nor those of the vast majority of world Jewry. So I bid you fond farewell.

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